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Welcome to my classical midi website, which is now celebrating over 25 year's online. I Would suggest when playing Midi files, that you download the free "Coolsoft Virtualmidisynth to play these Classical midi music files. I hope you enjoy the music and infomation provided by some very talented sequencers, I thank all who have donated Classical Midi Music pieces to my Website and also to the people who kindly sent me Classical Composers Bio's.

Please note all pieces of mine on this site, I have in Noteworthy Composer Format.
Please click the composers icons at the top of page to go to various parts of my Classical Music Website.


      Website Updates Below

Added Bio/Music of Cornelius Gurlitt and more music of Frederick Rosse, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Zoltan Kodaly to my website.

20th May 2024.


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