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THE MJ-12 AFFAIR: Facts, Questions, Comments

Robert Hastings March 1, 1989

FACTS ----- First, it has been established that "Falcon", one of the principle sources of the MJ-12 material, is Richard C. Doty, formerly attached to District 17 Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sgt. Doty retired from the U.S. Air Force on October 1, 1988. How do I know that Doty is "Falcon"? During a recent telephone conversation, Linda Moulton Howe told me that when Sgt. Doty invited her to his office at Kirtland AFB in early April 1983, and showed her a purportedly authentic U.S. Government document on UFOs, he identified himself as code-name "Falcon" and stated that it was Bill Moore who had given him that name.

Also, in early December 1988, a ranking member of the production team responsible for the "UFO Cover Up? -- Live" television documentary confirmed that Doty is "Falcon". This same individual also identified the second MJ-12 source who appeared on the program, "Condor", as Robert Collins who was, until recently, a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Like Doty, he was stationed at KAFB when he left the service late last year. Both Doty and Collins deny any involvement in the MJ-12 affair. However, Linda Howe has issued a sworn affidavit, agreeing to testify under penalty of perjury, relating to the events during the course of her meeting with Richard "Falcon" Doty at KAFB in 1983 (Enclosures A and B). Thus far, Doty has *not* issued a sworn affidavit, or agreed to testify under penalty of perjury, to re-enforce his denial that the events of his meeting with Howe occured as she has described them. For the moment, I will not identify the "UFO Coverup? -- Live" source who identified Doty as "Falcon" and Collins as "Condor". I do, however, encourage others to independently attempt to secure confirmation of the statements that he has already made. At least two producers connected with the documentary know the facts.

QUESTIONS --------- Now that "Falcon" and "Condor" have been identified, it seems prudent to examine the past activities of Richard Doty and Bob Collins to see whether those activities tend to add to, or detract from, the credibility of the MJ-12 scenario that they have so vigorously promoted within the ufological community. That is, do their actions reflect a genuine attempt to release authentic above top secret information to the public or, on the other hand, suggest a disinformation campaign designed to confuse and mislead? Let's begin with Doty. Sgt. Richard Charles Doty first received widespread attention after he wrote the now well-known AFOSI Complaint Form relating to UFO sightings near Kirtland AFB in 1980 (Enclosure C). This document, typed and signed by Doty, takes on new significance in the light of an incident known as the "Weitzel Hoax". Briefly summarized, this odd tale unfolded as follows: In 1981, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization received an anonymous letter from an individual who claimed to be a USAF airman assigned to the 1550th Aircrew Training and Testing Wing at Kirtland AFB (Enclosure D). The writer further claimed to have had a rather dramatic UFO sighting, together with a Craig Weitzel and others. The letter relates that Weitzel reported the sighting to a "Mr. Dody" (sic) at Kirtland AFB OSI. Researcher Benton Jamison located and contacted Weitzel in 1985 (Enclosure E). Weitzel stated that he did indeed report a UFO sighting to Sgt. Richard Doty in 1980, but that the actual incident in no way resembled the CEIII experience described in the anonymous letter. Weitzel also denies that he was subsequently contacted by a mysterious individual who demanded that he turn over any photographs that he might have taken of the UFO, as the letter claims.

So, it would appear that the writer of the anonymous letter, whomever he was, took a real event and greatly embellished it for some reason. And why is this letter so significant as regards questions about Sgt. Richard Doty's credibility as a source for allegedly secret government documents? Simply because careful analysis of the anonymous letter reveals that it was almost certainly typed on the same typewriter used by Doty to complete the 1980 OSI Complaint Form. Enclosure F is a report by researcher Brad Sparks which address typeface irregularities and stylistic traits that are identical in both the anonymous airman's letter and Sgt. Doty's report. Actually, Spark's typeface analysis is incomplete. In addition to the irregular "u" that he identifies, it can be seen that the letters "gh", as in the word "sighting", are jammed together in identical fashion in both the letter and the report. Lower case "o" is also jammed against various letters that follow it in the "Weitzel" letter and Doty's Complaint Form.

A professionally-conducted analysis of these flaws should be able to determine, with a reasonable degree of certainty, whether an "anonymous airman" used Doty's typewriter to compose his overdrawn tale. If this fact can be established then two obvious questions arise: 1) How and why did the unidentified airman from the 1550th Aircrew Training and Testing Wing gain access to Sgt. Doty's writer at OSI? 2) On the other hand, did Doty himself type the letter and, therefore, attempt to perpetrate a hoax for some unknown reason? Because it has been established that Richard Doty is "Falcon", the chief source for the MJ-12 material, it now seems imperative thoroughly investigate this incident to resolve these unanswered questions. The second question, in particular, is of obvious importance. Perhaps the Fund For UFO Research, which has recently solicited contributions to further investigate the MJ-12 affair, would consider funding an expert typographical analysis of both the anonymous letter and Doty's Complaint Form to determine whether or not there is a link between the two.

Even more disturbing than the implications of the "Weitzel Hoax" is an incident that raises the strongest doubts about Richard Doty's credibility as a source of information and documents relating to the U.S. Government's involvement with UFOs. Infor- mation about this incident comes from Dr. Bruce Maccabee and links Doty to the so-called Ellsworth AFB hoax. According to Maccabee, Bill Moore has acknowledged that Richard Doty confessed to forging the document that describes the alleged events connected with the Ellsworth case (Enclosure G). Doty apparently claims that the UFO incident there actually occurred, just as described in the document, and that he only wanted to bring it to the public attention. He, therefore, proceeded to type the "document" himself, incorporating the "facts" that he claimed to know to be true, and then released the bogus report to various researchers. Enclosure H is an expose written by Bob Pratt, and published in the January 1984 issues of the *MUFON Journal*, describing his investigation of this hoax. If it can be established, beyond any doubt, that Richard Doty forged the Ellsworth AFB document, what would that say about his credibility as a chief source for the MJ-12 material, under the guise of "Falcon"?

MORE QUESTIONS -------------- In addition to the serious questions raised by the "Weitzel" letter and the Ellsworth AFB hoax, there also exist fundamental discrepancies between information provided by "Falcon" and the "facts" contained in the so-called Eisenhower briefing paper. The Briefing Document (Enclosure I) was purportedly written by alleged MJ-12 member Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, in November 1952, for presentation to then President Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower. Among other things, it states that two UFOs had crashed, one in July 1947, near Roswell, New Mexico; the other in December 1950, on the Texas-Mexico border. Linda Howe states, however, that when Sgt. Doty invited her to his office at Kirtland AFB OSI, in April 1983, he provided her with information that contradicts this version of events. Howe states that Doty confirmed the existence of a secret government group called MJ-12 and then opened a desk drawer and produced a document entitled "Briefing Paper for the President for the President of the United States". (*Not* the Eisenhower document). Howe states that she was allowed to look through the alleged "Briefing Paper" but told not to take notes. She states that a part of the document was a catalog of crashed UFO cases, including one near Aztec, New Mexico in 1948 (or '49).

Now, if the *Eisenhower* briefing paper is genuine and was indeed presented to Ike in November 1952, why was no mention of the Aztec crash contained in it? Is it plausible that the soon-to-be president would be let in on a secret of paramount importance --that of alien visitation-- but not be given this important information? Why would he be told about two UFO crashes but not about a third? Why would the Aztec crash, if it did occur, be any less significant than the other two cases mentioned in the briefing paper? In short, if the briefing paper that Sgt. Doty showed to Linda Howe was genuine, what does that say about the accuracy (and authenticity) of the Eisenhower document? If, on the other hand the former was bogus and was meant to mislead Howe for some reason, what does that say about Richard "Falcon" Doty's reliability as a source for MJ-12 material as a whole? At the risk of being redundant, may I again point out that Linda Howe has sworn out an affidavit indicating a willingness to testify under penalty of perjury, as to the truthfulness of her statement relating to her meeting with "Falcon" at Kirtland OSI. About Robert "Bob" Collins, I know very little. I have established at the time of his departure from the U.S. Air Force, he was assigned to the Plasma Physics group at Sandia National Laboratory located at Kirtland AFB. Linda Howe states that in November 1987, Collins was "frantically" trying to get her to meet with him in Albuquerque. At that meeting, also attended by John Lear, Collins showed the two some MJ-12 documents, primarily relating to a live alien allegedly held captive by the U.S. Government. According to Howe, Collins stated that he had worked "behind the scenes" with Bill Moore for years.

MOORE QUESTIONS --------------- So, how does Mr. Moore fit into the MJ-12 jigsaw puzzle? On the face of it, he appears to be just a UFO researcher who has been approached by questionable government sources. I have information, however, that raises doubts about his public image as merely a "civilian" researcher. Indeed, it appears as if he may be working (or have worked) for one of the U.S. intelligence agencies. I base this statement on the following information: In December 1985, I read an article by Barry Greenwood about an allegedly ultra-secret government group called "MJ-12". The article was based on information provided by researcher Lee Graham. In March 1986, I met with Mr. Graham at his home, in the hope that he would elaborate on the information contained in Greenwood's article. I found Graham to be open, honest, and sincere. While I do not agree with many of his conclusions regarding MJ-12, I know that he is definitely not the "kook" or "space cadet" that some have branded him. On the contrary, his statements to me that evening were logical and down-to-earth. I simply disagree with some of his premises. As we talked, Lee provided me with copies of some of the "documents" that have come to be associated with the MJ-12 affair, including the "Project Snowbird" paper and the "Project Aquarius" TWX. When I asked who had given him the documents, he would only say that the person worked for the government, as an intelligence operative or information conduit.

Over the next fifteen months I called Graham several times, to ask whether there had been any developments regarding the MJ-12 material. Perhaps the most noteworthy event during that period was the visit to Graham by two agents from the Defense Investigative Services (DIS). The agents were apparently sent to find out why Graham, who holds a "Q" security clearance, was in possession of alleged secret government documents that had not been properly declassified. In early June, 1987, I called Lee again. This was shortly before Bill Moore's press conference in Burbank, during which he intended to unveil the "Eisenhower briefing paper" and other MJ-12 material. During this call, without any prompting from me, Graham revealed that the person who had given him the documents was in fact Bill Moore. I was puzzled. Graham had previously said, on several occasions, that he had gotten the documents from an individual who worked for the U.S. Government, presumably in an intelligence capacity. As far as I knew, Bill Moore did not work for the government in *any* capacity. I asked Graham to explain this discrepancy. He unhesitatingly replied that when Moore first approached him with the documents he (Moore) showed him some kind of government ID card, with Bill Moore's picture on it but an alias typed beneath it. According to Graham, Moore indicated that he was working for the U.S. Government for the purpose of releasing sensitive UFO-related documents to the public.

I began to take notes. So incredulous was I about all of this that I asked Lee to repeat his statements, which he did. I then asked him which agency Moore claimed to work for. He responded that Bill Moore's ID badge was identical to the badge shown him by the two DIS agents. When I was skeptically retorted, "You mean to tell me that Moore's badge looked like the DIS badges?", he replied, "No, it was identical to them." Graham went on to state that Moore claimed that he (Moore) had been "flagged" in U.S. intelligence agencies' computer files so that other operatives would not stumble over and inadvertently expose his operations. Lee went on to say that he had once been introduced to Moore's "superior" whom Moore would only identify as "Richard". At the conclusion of this rather baffling phone conversation with Graham, I specifically asked him whether there was anything that we had discussed that I should not repeat. He answered, "No", and indicated that he would send me materials relating to his investigation by the DIS, Bill Moore's first approach to him, and other, related matters. A week later, I received the items that Graham had promised and found that references to Moore, by name, had been censored by Lee. By this time, however, I had already spoken to Barry Greenwood, Peter Gersten, Bob Todd, and others about the details of Moore's approach to Graham. Apparently word got back to Moore about these conversations because I later heard that he had vehemently denied that he was a government operative and claimed that he was only playing a "joke" on a gullible Lee Graham. The "government ID", according to Moore, was a laminated MUFON card.

Enclosure J is a letter, dated May 8, 1986, that Graham sent to the DIS in which he discusses Moore's first approach to him. Graham mentions that when he was interviewed by the two DIS agents, he told them about Moore and his ID card. Graham then goes on to ask why Moore had not been interrogated about his possession of allegedly secret government documents, copies of which he had given to Graham. (One might also ask why Moore had not been questioned about his impersonating a government agent, if in fact his ID card was bogus as he now claims.) Enclosure K is a second letter from Graham to the DIS, dated October 19, 1986, exactly seven months after Lee was interviewed by the two DIS agents. In it, Graham again mentions that Moore has not been interrogated by the DIS over this lengthy period. He concludes that it is because Moore does indeed work for the U.S. Government, just as he had been told by Moore himself.

Graham has a point. If Moore was only "joking" when he showed Lee the bogus ID card (an ID that looked so authentic that Graham calls it "identical") to a DIS badge) one would think that Moore would have been questioned by the DIS about this potentially serious matter. If Moore was impersonating a government intelligence operative as he disseminated "documents", then surely an intelligence agency would be interested in pursuing the matter. And yet, according to Lee Graham, seven months after he had told the DIS about Moore and his badge, no one had apparently approached Moore about this incident. Why? One might reasonably postulate that this apparent lack of follow-up by the DIS suggests that Moore does (or did) work for the U.S. Government, just as he claimed to Lee Graham. If this turns out to be true, however, given the highly questionable track record of one of Moore's chief sources, "Falcon", one must ask whether information, or disinformation, that he has been disseminating in this regard, one might also ask why did Moore not immediately dis-associate himself from Richard Doty once he had discoveredthat he had forged the Ellsworth AFB document? Instead, Moore later presented Richard "Falcon" Doty on national television as a reliable intelligence source of information about UFOs. Why? Another serious issue involving Bill Moore that needs to be reviewed concerns the so-called "Project Aquarius" document (Enclosure L). This paper contains the first reference to "MJ-12" to be widely circulated within the ufological community.

On the face of it, the Project Aquarius document is a teletype message, sent by AFOSI Headquarters to Kirtland AFB OSI, dealing with analyses of UFO photographs and films taken by Dr. Paul Bennewitz. However, AFOSI HQ denies that it sent the message and calls it a forgery. It now appears that, in this case, AFOSI is telling the truth. In a letter to attorney Peter Gersten, dated April 4, 1983, D. Hall states that Bill Moore privately admitted that it was *he* who did a "cut and paste job" and then "retyped" the document (Enclosure M). If this is true, why would Moore do such a thing? If a genuine message was sent to Kirtland AFB OSI, dealing with Bennewitz' photos, MJ-12, and the rest, why didn't Moore disseminate it in its original form? Wouldn't the "retyped" version of if, if discovered to be such, raise doubts about the credibility of the information contained in it? If Moore did "retype" the document, can he now produce the original to substantiate the accuracy of the information contained in "his" version? If so, it will be interesting to see whether the "original" document will be confirmed as authentic by AFOSI Headquarters. I should point out that I possess additional information about the Project Aquarius document that I intend to withold until Moore has produced (or failed to produce) the "original".

A RESPONSE TO BILL MOORE'S OPEN LETTER -------------------------------------- Just as I was concluding this missive, I received a copy of Bill Moore's open letter to those who would question his activities. In response to his criticisms and pleas, I would like to make the following points:

First, Moore states that he is not a "forger", a "hoaxer", a "fabricator", or a "counterfeiter". Whether he is any of those things, I will leave to others to decide. I would ask, however, if he could suggest an appropriate word to describe his actions when he did a cut/paste/retype job on the Aquarius document? If Moore believed that he was "the only one on the right track", as Doty flattered him, then that's his problem. If, however, he has engaged in the altering of government documents before releasing them to an unsuspecting public, then that becomes a problem for all of us. The credibility of *any* document, even when released via the Freedom of Information Act, will come into question in the minds of many once it has been learned that a "leading ufologist" has tampered with this or that document. And yet, Moore has the absolute nerve to rail against those who would question his "methods".

Second, Moore feigns self-righteous indignation when he denies that he is "some sort of government agent". But clearly, he has only himself to blame for this "rumor". *If* the ID badge that he showed Lee Graham was fake, and *if* he was lying when he claimed to be an intelligence operative, does he now have any right to bemoan the fact that his escapade has finally come to light? I, for one, do not believe for an instant Moore's laminated MUFON card story. That explanation smacks of the ridiculous "red herring" about there being *two* Dotys that Moore offered up when the "Falcon"/Doty connection was first suggested publicly by Barry Greenwood in 1987. While I am sure that there are *plenty* of Richard Dotys in this world, only *one* is the MJ-12 source "Falcon".

Third, Moore calls efforts by researchers to learn the identity of his MJ-12 sources "inappropriate" and states that for "obvious reasons" his response to these inquiries will be "no comment". This posture, of course, also conveniently shields from scrutiny the fact that his "primary" source for the MJ-12 material, Richard Doty, has apparently acknowledged forging the Ellsworth AFB document -- a fact that Moore himself knew *at least* as early as March, 1988. In view of this revelation, the attempt by Moore to project the appearance that he is merely protecting a confidential government source rings hollow. Indeed, it seems likely that his desire to avoid embarrassment and well-deserved recriminations is a chief motive for his "no comment" stance.

SUMMARY ------- So, what does the MJ-12 affair add up to? I agree with Bill Moore it would be premature at this time to draw conclusions. It would not, however, be premature to carefully consider the following facts:

1) A handful of "documents" have mysteriously surfaced relating to an allegedly ultra-secret UFO policy group, code-name "MJ-12". No government agency will confirm the papers' authenticity and the National Archives has noted several discrepancies about one of them, the so-called "Cutler memo" (Enclosures N and O).

2) Another of the documents, the "Project Aquarius" message, has been discovered to be fake, in the sense that it has been altered by Bill Moore before being released to the public. As I write, there is no publicly available evidence that the original document Moore "retyped" was itself authentic.

3) The primary source for orally-transmitted MJ-12 material, code-name "Falcon", has been determined to be Richard C. Doty. According to Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Bill Moore has acknowledged that Doty confessed to forging the Ellsworth AFB document. Further, Doty's typewriter at Kirtland AFB OSI has been implicated in the "Weitzel" hoax, and he has provided infor- mation to Linda Howe that contradicts the "facts" contained in the Eisenhower briefing paper.

4) The primary researcher involved in the MJ-12 affair, Bill Moore, has, by his own account, faked a government ID card and passed himself off as an intelligence operative to at least one individual for a period of over two years. Whether Moore showed Lee Graham a laminated MUFON card, as he now claims, or a genuine government badge, of some type remains open to question.

At the beginning of this letter, I asked whether the actions of those involved with the MJ-12 affair tended to suggest a genuine release of authentic UFO-related information to the public or, on the other hand, a disinformation campaign ( or for that matter, a simple hoax). I hope that those who are truly committed to finding the answer to this question will now renew their efforts. Hard questions must be put to Moore. Evasive answers and self-serving pronouncements from him should no longer be tolerated. I trust that those who have acted in good faith, including Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman, will be among his toughest questioners.

I may reached at: 6200 Eubank Boulevard NE Apt. 833 Albuquerque, NM 87111 (505) 291-9335 signed: R. Hastings


George Knapp, producer/host Robert Lazar, guest

George Knapp: Hello, and welcome to On the Record.

Knapp: What did they tell you you were going to be doing? Or DID they tell you? Lazar: No, they really didn't tell me until the very end. They said a high-technology job, something that I'd be very interested in. Knapp: Okay, so you get hired. And what happens? Do you fly up there? Lazar: Fly up there. First day was reading briefings and that sort of thing. And it became evident to me pretty quickly the level of technology they were dealing with: gravitational propulsion and things that science has really only barely touched on. Knapp: We'll get into the things that you saw in a couple of minutes. But it's been about a little more than three weeks since your identity was made public. We had you on another program a couple of months ago -- using an assumed name and having you in silhouette -- but since your identity has been made public and since this information has been made public, what's it been like? What's been the response from people that see you on the street? Lazar: The response has been almost all favorable. In fact, everyone that I've run into has been very supportive, very interested. I guess there's just two or three letters -- Knapp: -- from people that don't believe you? Lazar: Yeah. Essentially. Knapp: Responses from other media outlets as well? Lazar: Yeah. Knapp: They want to interview you? What do they want? Lazar: Essentially everything, yes. Radio interviews, TV interviews. A lot of people want to dig back into my background and re-trace everything. Knapp: Many of the people who have been calling -- calling us as well -- were under the impression that either you've gone underground or you've been silenced or we've been silenced by dark and sinister forces. Anything like that happen to you so far? Lazar: That's ridiculous. People are always going over the deep end on that. And no one's told me -- other than originally -- not to say anything. And I'm sure no one's come forward to you. Knapp: But in the beginning, they told you to keep quiet about this. Lazar: Oh yeah! It's the most secret program in the United States. Knapp: In what way did they try to make sure you kept your mouth shut? Lazar: Everything up to death threats. I mean CONSTANT reminders of it, signing away my constututional rights for fair trial and that sort of thing. Knapp: And since this thing, your phone's been tapped, you believe? Lazar: Yeah, I believe. I have a tap detector, and occasionally after I pick up the phone, a little red light goes on.

Knapp: The reason you came forward with the information to begin with? Is it related to the fact that they were bothering you? Lazar: Yeah, it was essentially to stop that. What had happened was, I sent in a request for my birth certificate, and as it turned out it wasn't there anymore, that I wasn't born at the hospital! And that kind of got me wondering what's going on. I put in a request for some other information, previous jobs, and that was also gone, and I thought something had to be done before I disappeared. Knapp: The same thing -- it was Los Alamos? They've never heard of you? Lazar: Yeah. Knapp: Anything happened since the reports have aired? Lazar: They let me know that they were around by doing stupid, childish little things. But nothing serious, no. Knapp: You were worried about your LIFE though for a while there, weren't you? Lazar: That was one of the reasons to come on and let everything out on the air; it's a little of insurance. Knapp: Are you worried any more? Do you get the feeling you're over the hump? Lazar: To some degree, yeah. Knapp: Do you find that most people really believe you or that they just want more information? Lazar: I think alot of people believe what I said, but the majority I think do just want more information, too. It's an in-depth subject. Knapp: Let's look at some of the technology you saw. When did you first get the idea, what's the first thing you saw that made you convinced that it's not from here? Lazar: The first thing was HANDS-on experience with the anti-matter reactor. Knapp: Explain what that is and how it works and what it does. Lazar: It's a plate about 18 inches in diameter with a sphere on top. Knapp: We have a tape of a model that a friend of yours made. You can narrate along. There it is. Lazar: Inside that tower is a chip of Element 115 they just put in there. That's a super-heavy element. The lid goes on top. And as far as any other of the workings of it, I really don't know, you know, [such as] what's inside the bottom of it . . . 115 sets up a gravitational field around the top. That little wave guide you saw being put on the top: it essentially siphons off the gravity wave, and that's later amplified in the lower portion of the craft. But just in general, the whole technology is virtually unknown. Knapp: Now we saw the model. We saw the pictures of it there. It looks really, really simple, almost too simple to actually do anything. Lazar: Right. Knapp: Working parts? Lazar: None detectable. Essentially, what the job was was to back- engineer everthing, where you have a finished product and to step backwards and find out how it was made or how it could be made with earthly materials. There hasn't been very much progress.

Knapp: How long do you think they've had this technology up there? Lazar: It seems like quite a while, but I really don't know. Knapp: What could you do with an anti-matter generator? What does it do? Lazar: It converts anti-matter . . . It DOESN'T convert anti-matter! There's an annihilation reaction. It's an extremely powerful reaction, a hundred percent conversion of matter to energy, unlike a fission or fusion reaction which is somewhere around eight-tenths of one percent conversion of matter to energy. Knapp: How does it work? What starts the reaction going? Lazar: Really, once the 115 is put in, the reaction is initiated. Knapp: Automatic. Lazar: Right. Knapp: I don't understand. I mean, there's no button to push or anything? Lazar: No, there's no button to push or anything. Apparently, the 115 under bombardment with protons lets out an anti-matter particle. This anti-matter particle will react with any matter whatsoever, which I imagine there is some target system inside the reactor. This, in turn, releases heat, and somewhere within that system there is a one-hundred-percent- efficient thermionic generator, essentially a heat-to-electrical generator. Knapp: How is this anti-matter reactor connected to gravity generation that you were talking about earlier? Lazar: Well, that reactor serves two purposes; it provides a tremendous amount of electrical power, which is almost a by-product. The gravitational wave gets formed at the sphere, and that's through some action of the 115, and the exact action I don't think anyone really knows. The wave guide siphons off that gravity wave, and that's channeled above the top of the disk to the lower part where there are three gravity amplifiers, which amplify and direct that gravity wave. Knapp: In essence creating their own gravitational field. Lazar: Their own gravitational field. Knapp: You're fairly convinced that science on earth doesn't have this technology right now? We have it now at S-4, I guess, but we didn't create it? Lazar: Right.

Knapp: Why not? Why couldn't we? Lazar: The technology's not even -- We don't even know what gravity IS! Knapp: Well, what is it? What have you learned about what gravity is? Lazar: Gravity is a wave. There are many different theories, wave included. It's been theorized that gravity is also particles, gravitons, which is also incorrect. But gravity is a wave. The basic wave they can actually tap off of an element: why that is I' m not exactly sure. Knapp: So you can produce your own gravity. What does that mean? What does that allow you to do? Lazar: It allows you to do virtually anything. Gravity distorts time and space. By doing that, now you're into a different mode of travel, where instead of traveling in a linear method -- going from Point A to B -- now you can distort time and space to where you essentially bring the mountain to Mohammad; you almost bring your destination to you without moving. And since you're distorting time, all this takes place in between moments of time. It's such a far-fetched concept! Knapp: Of course, what the UFO skeptics say is, yeah, there's life out there elsewhere in the universe; it can never come here; it's just too darn far. With the kind of technology you're talking about, it makes such considerations irrelevant about distance and time and things like that. Lazar: Exactly, because when you are distorting time, there's no longer a normal reference of time. And that's what producing your own gravity does. Knapp: You can go forward or backward in time? Is that's what you're saying? Lazar: No, not essentially. It would be easier with a model. On the bottom side of the disk are the three gravity generators. When they want to travel to a distant point, the disk turns on its side. The three gravity generators produce a gravitational beam. What they do is they converge the three gravity generators onto a point and use that as a focal point; and they bring them up to power and PULL that point towards the disk. The disk itself will attach ONTO that point and snap back -- AS THEY RELEASE SPACE BACK TO THAT POINT! Now all this happens in the distortion of time, so time is not incrementing. So the SPEED is essentially infinite. Knapp: We'll get into the disks in a moment. But the first time you saw the anti-matter reactor in operation or a demonstration -- you had a couple of demonstrations -- tell me about that. Lazar: The first time I saw it in operation, we just put -- a friend I worked with, Barry -- put the fuel in the reactor, put the lid on as, as was shown there. Immediately, a gravitational field developed, and he said, "Feel it!" And it felt like you bring two like poles of a magnet together; you can do that with your hand. And it was FASCINATING to do that, impossible, except on something with great mass! And obviously this is just a . . . And it was a REPULSION field. In fact, we kind of fooled around with it for a little while. And we threw golf balls off it. And it was just a really unique thing. Knapp: And you had other demonstrations to show you that this is pretty wild stuff, right? Lazar: Yeah, they did. They were able to channel the field off in a demonstration that they created an INTENSE gravitational area. And you began to see a small little black disk form, and that was the bending of the light.

Knapp: Just like a black hole floating around? Lazar: Yeah, well, a black hole is a bad analogy, but yeah, essentially. Knapp: And they gave you some kind of demonstration about time, involving a candle? Explain how that works. Lazar: Yeah, they took a candle and lit it and put it in the distorted gravitational field, which distorts time, and the candle just stood there. It didn't melt or burn. It was REALLY unbelievable! Knapp: You had to be floored by seeing all this. Lazar: Oh I was! That's why I'm kind of laughing about it now because it must sound ridiculous to everyone. But it's just phenomenal. I mean this is really alien technology. Knapp: About the 115: We talked a little bit about it in the series of reports. Explain what it is again and why you believe it could not be manufactured here. Lazar: Okay, it's a super-heavy element: On the periodic chart, which lists all the elements found on earth and that can be synthesized, I think the highest element we've synthesized has been about Element 106. Now from 103 -- or actually, anything higher than plutonium up -- the half-life begins to drop; in other words, the element disintegrates. When you get up to Element 106, it's only around for a very small amount of time. Even science today theorizes that up around Element 113 to 116 -- somewhere in there -- they should again become stable. This is in fact true. That's what Element 115 is; it's a stable element. To synthesize it would be impossible. The way we synthesize heavy elements is, we take a stable element like bismuth or something like that, or plutionium, whatever, put it in an accelerator, and BOMBARD it with protons. Essentially what you're trying to do is plug in protons into the atoms and increase the atomic number. To do that to the level of Element 115 would just take an infinite amount of power and an infinite amount of time. Knapp: What kinds of things, what capabilities would a heavy element like this have -- I mean other than producing power? Obviously, it can produce a LOT of power, right? Lazar: It in itself is not anti-matter. It just has a unique property of producing it. Any of the other basic properties it has I really don't know of. But using just the anti-matter-producing property, the potential for a weapon is staggering! It's absolutely staggering! Knapp: Like what? A pound of it: what could it do? Lazar: Well, 2.2 pounds is the energy equivalent of 47 10-megaton hydrogen bombs. I mean, it's a good bang! And a pound of a super-heavy element is maybe the size of a plum or something like that. Knapp: I guess what I've heard most from people who just don't buy the whole story is that sure, maybe you work at an area called S-4, and maybe it is a secret area, but what you were shown is stuff that we've made. That we made this 115 -- if it is 115 -- that we made the flying disks, that we made these anti-matter reactors, because these are advances that you just don't know about. Lazar: Hardly. [Lazar laughs.]

Knapp: Why not? Lazar: Well, the 115, it's impossible. And the FACT that the main job of everyone there is to find out how everything's made; I mean that just contradicts everything right off the bat. The materials are completely alien to us, and just the overall idea of the project is: Hey, can we duplicate this with materials that we have here? So obviously, it was something that was found or given, for that matter, and we're just trying to duplicate it. Knapp: The 115: Where do you suppose it came from then? I mean, what kind of environment would that kind of element come from? Lazar: The only place that 115 could be made would have to be in a natural situation, somewhere maybe on the fringes of a supernova or somewhere around maybe a binary star system, where there was more mass in the primordial mix of that system, where heavier elements would have had a chance to form, when the stars were collapsing and there were huge amounts of energy being released. It's something along these lines; it has to be a naturally- occurring element. Knapp: You saw an anti-matter reactor. You saw gravity-propulsion systems in flying disks, flying saucers. You saw this Element 115. You also read a series of reports that had other stunning information. Can you give an overview of the kind of things that were in these reports? Lazar: The reason I didn't do that before was, first of all they were just reports. Everything else I had hands-on experience with. Now there was LOTS of strange information in the reports, but there again it's just printed material and it could be disinformation. I don't know. But certainly, the information I did read in the reports about 115, the disks, the grav -- I mean, that all had material that related to that. The reports went into aliens and even went along the lines of religious -- Knapp: Well, we can let our audience know. I mean we discussed this, when we were putting this series of reports together, whether to get into the alien thing or not, and we decided not to for the time being. It's not like you're hiding something from the audience or whatever, it was just a decision we made. But you did see reports -- whether they're true or not -- Government reports about aliens. Lazar: Yeah. Knapp: What were the reports? Lazar: There were photographs of aliens. There were autopsy reports. There was really a wealth of information. Knapp: What did they look like? Lazar: The typical "grey." I hate to say that, like anyone knows what a typical grey is. It's a creature, probably three and a half to four feet tall, a large hairless head, black, slanted eyes, long arms, very thin-looking. I don't know how else I would describe them. Knapp: What does an autopsy report look like? What's included in an autopsy report that you said you read?

Lazar: The reason I call it an autopsy report is I saw the carcass -- it was obviously a dead alien -- carcass cut up and it was all dark inside like it had an iron base. The reason I say iron is because it was very dark blood or whatever. I'm not a doctor, but it seemed to be one large organ in the body as opposed to identifiable heart and lungs and that sort of thing, but just one gooey mess in it. Knapp: What did the report say? It had pictures; it had to have some words: "Here's Exhibit A, an alien"? Lazar: Essentially so! They had weights and densities of the organs, said there were no conclusions drawn, but it was just a basic description of what the person who was cutting open the body saw. Knapp: Say where they came from? Lazar: Yeah, in one of the reports it said they came from Reticulum 4, was what it said. Knapp: Where is that? Any idea? Lazar: [Lazar laughs.] Well, I'm told it's a star system in Zeta Reticuli. Reticulum is the constellation. And by "Reticulum 4," they meant the fourth planet out from that sun. In the same reports, we were identified -- instead of saying Earth, we were identified as "Sol 3," meaning the third planet out from our sun. Knapp: Now you've read a lot of UFO material. Do you find yourself mixing what you've read and what you've learned from up there? Lazar: No, that's why I stay away from the UFO researchers and things like that. I really don't want to be associated with that. I don't research the stuff. It's interesting to read, but no, I'm not mixing anything that I've read into this stuff. Knapp: We were just talking about the UFO field in general, and you feel a little reluctant to get mixed up in it, although you ARE right now. Lazar: Unfortunately, yeah. Knapp: Why the reluctance?

Lazar: I don't know. There are so MANY stories circulating around. Everyone has their own view. Each UFO researcher says they have the right story. And essentially, I don't want to side with anyone because I don't know where that information's come from, though they do all have the basic story: you know, there ARE alien crafts here; how they got here is, probably aliens brought them here, unless we really have a neat setup with the UPS. There's just so many different factions of them [UFO researchers], and they all kind of war between each other; I really don't want to get associated with them. Knapp: Before you got into the program at S-4, though, you had an interest in UFOs. It must be hard for people to swallow that here's a guy who has an interest in it and he gets hired into the program. Lazar: Well, there was a very brief time there I had sent out resumes to several places, and I wanted to get back into the scientific field again. Almost simultaneously, I met John Lear and read some of his material. And initially, I thought he was just absolutely crazy. But apparently, he did have a good source of information because, as it turns out, some of the information that he had I actually had hands-on experience with. Knapp: But your regard for UFOs in general: As a scientist, did you think there was something to it? Lazar: Absolutely not. Knapp: Absolutely nothing? Lazar: No. I would have stood on that 'til the day I died. Knapp: Many of the people who have been calling are UFO groups or UFO researchers who have demanded that you talk to them: We've got to talk to this guy; we want to give him a lot more publicity so he stays alive; we want him to give us information so that we can further check out his background, etc.; we want to protect him; we want to help him. You've resisted. You've done this program; you've done a couple of reports with us; and you've done a radio show or two; in general, you've resisted going into the UFO circuit. Why is that? Lazar: Just like I mentioned before: I just don't want to be associated with those guys. And how many people are you going to open up your background to and let them run rampant through it? I mean, private detectives, every UFO group in the world wants to do that! The idea was for me to release the information, essentially to protect myself and take some of the heat off. And I've done that. And that's all that needs to be done, really. Knapp: Certain UFO researchers claim they've been getting information from you all along; you've been leaking stuff to them; and that they've read these reports that verify the information. You've been working with UFO groups while you were in the program at S- 4?

Lazar: Not UFO groups. I did mention a couple of things to some people. That's all I'm gonna say. Knapp: Okay. In essence, were you breaking your vows that you made to the Government? Lazar: Yeah. Knapp: And why did you feel that was necessary? I mean, you took an oath, didn't you? Lazar: Yeah. But look at the magnitude of what was going on. I believe that some of the technology -- maybe all of the technology -- should be kept secret, until we have a handle on everything. But certainly, the overview of what happened just cannot be a secret from anyone -- not just the American people, but the rest of the world. Let out the basic fact that we have these craft, at one time aliens did at least visit and drop off something, however they got here, that there was some contact made, and then cut it short. You don't need to release the information on the gravity generators, the weapon potential -- which is enormous -- and so on. Knapp: What could you do with that technology? Say you took the flying disks, the anti-matter reactors, the gravity generators, gave it to Los Alamos or Livermore, let them examine the potential abilities of this stuff. I mean, how would this affect life on earth if this stuff was widely available? Lazar: And mass-producable? Knapp: Yes. Lazar: That's tough to say. I mean, you have a completely different mode of travel. What happens when you can play with time? That gets into a really deep philosophical question there. Knapp: But I mean, it would change a lot of stuff, change everything. Lazar: Oh yeah! It would change absolutely everything! Knapp: Do you think it will ever come out? Lazar: Personally, no. Knapp: What do you hope happens, both with yourself and with this information? Lazar: There's been enough thorns put in their toes to where they do try and release something. Knapp: We'll have to have you come back, Bob. Thanks for joining us.



by Christian P. Lambright

It has been said that there are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who won- der...what happened...? It seems that nothing more true could be said of the types of people involved in the arena of UFO interest. The recent con- troversy concerning the alleged project entitled "AQUARIUS" and the con- trol group labeled "MJ-12" seems a prime example of the confusion that re- sults from lack of communication between interested parties. Is there a project AQUARIUS which deals with UFOs? Who first discovered that such a project existed? If the documentation supporting the existence of an "MJ- 12" group is valid, as some contend, then why does it appear full of dis- crepancies? These are questions that need to be addressed before any at- tempt can be made to judge the validity of the issues.

As any good detective can tell, motivation is a helpful key in solv- ing any crime or mystery. Who would stand to gain by the situation at hand? Perhaps a little of this line of reasoning would help in solving the current mystery of AQUARIUS/MJ-12. The revelation of a UFO-related project by the name of AQUARIUS first appeared on the scene in what has commonly been referred to as the "NASA-telex" [AQUARIUS.DOC]. This is the allegedly genuine document which describes several pieces of photographic film relat- ing to incidents at Kirtland AFB and the case of Paul Bennewitz. As most knowledgeable people are aware, this document relates quite a bit of inter- esting information pertaining to official interest in UFOs as well as men- tioning the existence of project AQUARIUS and something called "MJ-12". However, several key areas in this document were deleted by either the original source or by the recipient. It is interesting to note that there is a retyped version of this document which has circulated with the dele- tions filled-in, but with no explanation as to who retyped it or how the previously deleted areas were uncovered.

Reportedly Peter Gersten was shown this document in 1983 and so it would seem that it has been around for several years. But if Gersten was the original recipient he has not revealed where he obtained it or from whom. This document would appear to be closely tied to the events at Kirt- land AFB in 1980 inasmuch as it mentions Bennewitz and the Air Force inter- est in UFO sightings over military bases. Could the release of this docu- ment be related to the release of the initial document(s) concerning the events at Kirtland? [KIRTLND1.DOC, KIRTLND2.DOC] William Moore has stated that he was first given the initial Kirtland documents in Washington DC in early 1982 by an unnamed source. And there have been several rumors circu- lated concerning heated arguments between Moore and Gersten over the means by which Gersten obtained these documents. Rumors aside, if Moore received his documents over one year _after_ the incidents occurred then whoever gave him these copies must have had access to them either from AFOSI files in Washington or from the original sender at Kirtland. There are indica- tions that William Moore received his copies from Richard Doty, the AFOSI Special Agent at Kirtland AFB. Other sources have also reported that Doty was involved in an effort to get information of this nature out to certain individuals for purposes unknown. And so it seems possible that Doty was responsible for the Kirtland documents and perhaps the "NASA-telex" being released as he would have been in a position to have access to such infor- mation. Regardless, it would fall to serious UFO researchers to attempt to verify if the documents conveyed valid information, or disinformation.

As interest began to focus on AQUARIUS and "MJ-12" several different FOIA requests were filed with various government agencies to try to garn- ish information on these subjects, but as recently as 1986 most of the leading figures in Ufology were convinced that the document was a forgery and that Project AQUARIUS was nonexistent. In 1985 I had filed several different requests with government agencies requesting information on three projects: Sigma, Snowbird and Aquarius; as well as any information pertaining to MJ-12 or Majestic-12. I specifically did not mention any connection or interest dealing with UFOs in these requests. With the excep- tion of the National Security Agency every response I received was a de- nial of any knowledge of any of these subjects or titles. While they sta- ted that Sigma and Snowbird were "not projects of this agency" and that they had no knowledge of MJ-12, they estimated that search fees for all information on Project AQUARIUS would be $15,000! It would appear that this is a rather expansive project. After several subsequent requests for clarification and to simply send the initial document which initiated the project the NSA stated that the project did not deal with "UFOs" and that as I would not be paying the fees they were concluding action on my re- quests. Subsequent appeals only clarified that Project AQUARIUS was classified Top Secret and that release of any portion of it could pose "grave danger to the national security." [AQUANSA.DOC]

Several individuals have considered the statement by the NSA that AQUARIUS does not deal with UFOs to be patently honest, and perhaps this is the truth. However I believe that to have expected the NSA to "roll- over" and openly reveal otherwise would be naive to say the least. It seems paradoxical that some "researchers" both expect these agencies to be deceptive but will readily accept some statements as totally accurate. I believe that there are sufficient reasons to suspect that the NSA project may actually be the project which is indicated in the "NASA-telex" which originally mentioned it and MJ-12.

In the process of trying to verify the above document I had ad- dressed a series of letters to what was designated the 7602 Air Intel- ligence Group (7602 AINTELG), as of 1983 known as the Air Force Special Activities Center. A Branch of the Air Force Intelligence Service, the 7602 AINTELG deals with human resource intelligence, much the same as the 4602 AINTELG which is known to have aided Edward Ruppelt in his investi- gations several years ago. This may or may not be coincidence and could be an interesting avenue for further research. Nevertheless, in the process of trying to get information on this group I had been receiving somewhat evasive response letters from AFIS. In a conversation with an Air Force source in which I had referred to my problems in obtaining information on this group I was informed that perhaps this is due to the fact that "they are a branch of the NSA!" This was at the time my first indication that there may be some NSA involvement, and was prior to my letters to NSA it- self. Within a few months I was to learn another interesting fact pointing to the NSA.

With the aid of well-known research Thomas Adams I was notified of a person who reportedly had heard a very interesting statement concerning the initial AQUARIUS/MJ-12 document. After speaking with this gentleman personally I was firmly convinced that the information he was relating was accurate as it had been told to him. He related that he had been told per- sonally that this document had been changed in two ways, and that he had been told this by the individual who had changed it. Although both changes were not revealed, he had been told that the reference in the document to "NASA" had originally been "NSA"! And who was the person doing the telling ...none other than William Moore. In a brief conversation with Moore after this in which I asked him if he had any knowledge of this he simply stated "No comment."

The recent issue of JUST CAUSE also contains the statement by Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood that they have been told that this document is actually a retyped version. This fact was reportedly revealed in 1983 to Peter Gersten by an Air Force officer and was either forgotten or over- looked until just recently. However, the Air Force source who is cited is said to be none other than Richard Doty himself.

In light of the fact that it has recently become common knowledge that Mr. Moore does (for his own reasons) delete documents which he ob- tains, and that he is rather aggressive in his research, I believe that Mr. Moore did in fact retype or have this document retyped. But does this negate the value of the document, or indicate that it is a hoax? Perhaps this explains why no one can verify if the document is genuine, because technically it _is_ a forgery. It would appear that it is up to Mr. Moore to reveal a clean, accurate version and to finally reveal the facts behind its acquisition.

According to film producer and director Linda Moulton Howe, she has had independent confirmation of MJ-12 and reportedly was shown a set of documents containing much of the same, if not identical, information. How- ever, the actual name of the group in question was not "Majestic" but an- other similar sounding word containing the letters M and J. Could it be that the term "Majestic" was a substitution in a clever attempt to with- hold a key bit of information which only someone with true inside inform- ation would be able to identify?

If there is reason to question the accuracy of the information pre- sented in the original AQUARIUS/MJ-12 document as well as the information in the recent documents pertaining to MJ-12, does this logically imply that the 1980 Kirtland/Bennewitz events should be considered questionable? Any single-witness UFO sighting has always been somewhat questionable, this is exactly why we look for multiple witnesses and any other support- ing evidence. If Richard Doty, or Paul Bennewitz were alone in reporting these incidents then the Kirtland events would never have become as major an issue as they have. However there were numerous individuals involved not only in the events precipitating the documents but in the preparation of the documents themselves. A brief summary of the incidents is as fol- lows:

Early 1980, Paul Bennewitz becomes involved in observing and filming objects which he has sighted on the ground and in the air near Kirt- land AFB and the Manzano range. Reportedly his wife was also present to witness some of the first landings he witnessed and filmed in the Coyote Canyon area. Subsequently he contacts Earnest Edwards of the Kirtland Security Police who, over the period of the next few months, becomes concerned and requests the guards on the Manzano Weapons Storage Area report to him any sightings of unusual aerial lights. At the beginning of August 1980 three guards report sighting an aerial light which descends on the Sandia Military Reservation. This is the first sighting described in the complaint form signed by Richard Doty. Edwards reports the sighting to Doty unaware that Doty has already heard from Russ Curtis (Sandia Security Chief) that a Sandia Security guard sighted a disc-shaped object near a structure just minutes after the sighting by the three Manzano guards. Doty includes these reports and several others in his Complaint Form and forwards the report to AFOSI Headquarters in Washington.

From this point on many other persons became involved. Bennewitz was called down to a meeting at Kirtland AFB at which several major Air Force officers and Sandia personnel were present, including a Brigadier General. Earnest Edwards has confirmed that the three guards under his command re- ported what was described, and that the meeting took place. Bennewitz has confirmed that Doty and Jerry Miller came to his home to view his mater- ials and there is a document signed by Thomas A. Cseh, Commander of the Base Investigative Detachment, to confirm this. Finally there is the com- plete set of documents which were released by AFOSI Headquarters under cover of the Department of the Air Force relating to the described events.

There seem to be only two possibilities to consider. One: that this is one of the most profound deceptions that has been undertaken with the sanction of the USAF, involving a civilian, for purposes which can only be imagined. The other: that the events happened as described and that the intervening years, subsequent developments, and misguided researchers, have only clouded the facts. Perhaps there was also some effort made on an official level to defuse the sensitive nature of the events.

Would Richard Doty have perpetrated a hoax, involved other officers in his deception, sent the hoax on to AFOSI Headquarters, and then spread certain information to civilian UFO researchers? For what purpose? And would he still be in the Air Force if he was discovered, knowing the public relations catastrophe that could result from AFOSI in Washington releasing the subsequent documents? If seems inconceivable that the Base Investigative Detachment, and the Department of the Air Force, would not have quickly and easily discovered the hoax and subsequently labeled the entire matter as such, knowing their previous predilection to do just that.

A few simple telephone calls have served to clarify much of the truth of the initial incidents. We must avoid the temptation at times to "shoot first and ask questions later" which can result in spreading mis- information ourselves. It is advisable to use tact in approaching wit- nesses as we have no God-given right to call up strangers and demand that they answer questions, particularly when sensitive matters may be in- volved. Is it any surprise that some of these people may not want to be bothered by every person who plies them with questions?

A very bizarre but intriguing letter was sent to APRO in either late 1980 or early 1981 and is commonly referred to by the name of the initial subject of the letter, a Mr. Craig Weitzel. This letter refers to a se- quence of events which occurred in the mid-1980's at both Kirtland AFB and in an area near Pecos, NM and also makes several statements to the effect that there is a UFO-investigation detachment stationed at or near Kirt- land. The writer also goes on to mention among other things that there is at least one "object" stored in the Manzano storage area. That the letter was at least legitimately received at APRO can be ascertained by the vehe- ment letter which Jim Lorenzen mailed out rebuking the gentleman who re- leased this letter without official permission from APRO. However, can we determine if this letter is a total hoax or is there even a grain of truth to be found in the information it conveys? In a conversation I had with Craig Weitzel he claimed to know nothing of the details related in the letter, and denied that he took any photographs. Strangely enough, how- ever, he _did_ state that he and the other did see an unusual silvery object hovering high in the sky which left the area, to use his words, "exponentially"! He had been training in mountain rescue operations and he and the others had spelled out S-O-S on the mountain side using parachutes and were waiting for the rescue helicopters to spot them. While looking for these helicopters they notices the silvery "UFO". If this is all that occurred what could be the reason to fabricate such a letter and yet give the name and address of a witness who was sure to refute the claims? Was it just a bizarre practical joke? The author of the anonymous letter claims that after Weitzel spoke with AFOSI agent Dody (sic) he did not want to have anything more to do with the matter and subsequently the Dody character denied that there had been any photographs. Was this a circum- stance that could have been expected based on previous experience with Air Force handling of such matters? Many government and military witnesses often refuse to talk about their experiences to strangers either because of official pressure or simply for the sake of their own privacy. Motiva- tion again must be considered in efforts to find the complete truth.

In early October 1987 I had a strange conversation with an indivi- dual who is unknown to me except by first name and who initially knew absolutely nothing about my interest in UFOs. During a telephone conversa- tion which took place totally by chance, the subject of nuclear weapons came up as this person indicated some knowledge of this weaponry, being at the time a member of the Air Force. I jokingly asked to know everything there was to know about Kirtland AFB, but not due to my interest in nuc- lear weapons per se but because of something else I thought may be stored at Manzano that "isn't nuclear weapons." After a momentary chuckle this individual said, "yes...UFOs!" As astounded as I was I asked for a little clarification, and after relating my interest, I was told that there are two "objects" stored in the Manzano area from what this person had heard during conversations by Air Force personnel in Germany. There had been some discussion about something which was related to a UFO incident widely reported in German newspapers in 1981 being similar to something which "they" had "over here." Because of the circumstances under which this conversation occurred and the fact that I had in no way even alluded to the subject I believe that this may offer some support to some of the statements made in the anonymous "Weitzel" letter.

A final note of interest has come up in the newly released book on the "flying boomerang" objects reported in recent years in and around New York state [NIGHT SIEGE, Ballantine 1987]. In the process of investigating these incidents Hynek and Imbrogno were contacted by an individual who claimed to work for the NSA. They apparently verified this to their own satisfaction, and while this person professed that his interest was only personal, they were struck by the inordinate amount of interest this per- son showed in their investigations and any evidence they uncovered. There are even indications that their telephones may have been tapped. While it is unknown if this man's interest went further than personal curiosity, it is clear that the investigators felt there was something unusual about it. Nevertheless, here is yet another instance in which the National Security Agency seems to have crept into the picture.

Do the facts as outlined here cast reasonable suspicion on the NSA and its part in official interest in unidentified flying objects? I be- lieve that they do and that there is justifiable cause to suspect that the project AQUARIUS which relates (at least in some way) to UFOs is probably an NSA, or NSA related project. It also still seems that in spite of the arguments and confusion concerning documents, the designation "MJ-12" must be considered if not a certainty, than at least potentially valid. Those who have taken the time to contact witnesses and obtain their statements and help, have the best chance to make up their minds for themselves, re- gardless of the confusion concerning altered documents which seems to be precipitating furiously. We do not want to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water simply because the facts seem confusing. Perhaps even the confusion is being directed by someone somewhere. We should keep our sights fixed firmly on the major issues and the facts we _can_ prove in our efforts to uncover the truth. END Thanks to all those sources both named and unnamed who have contributed to the facts outlined here.




This file contain the absolute true information regarding the alien presence on earth and the US Governments involvement with the aliens. This file contains only the information as I saw it and only my information. It does not contain any information from any other source. It was neccessary for me to issue the information previous to this release in a manner which would deceive the Government until someone was able to independently confirm my identity, my employment, my service record, my intelligence background, the identity of the person to which I gave the information to in 1972, his acknowledgment of the information and when it was given to him, that the information is correct, that I have not seen him since 1974, and that I have not communicated with him in any form since 1976. This was neccesary because this file is my death warrant if MJ-12 continues to operate in a manner consistant with its history.

All in the last paragraph has been independently verified by 2 different people who have no connection with each other. I will only list one for obvious reasons. Tony Pelham, Journalist Las Vegas Bullet, (Newspaper) 300 West Boston Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

The original information that I first released was not much different than what you will find here. Only some names were different and just enough (I hoped) to convince MJ-12 and MAJI that I was not a threat long enough to have independent verification of the facts before I risked death. I wish to make it absolutly clear that I do not consider myself a hero. I believe that most of you would do the same thing if you knew the truth. I gave an oath that I would uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and I take that oath very seriously. I am doing no more now than I did when I fought in Vietnam. I am doing my duty.

Please make copies of this file and send it to your Congressman, your Senator, the Attorney General of the United States, and to the Supreme Court. Send it also to everyone you know. Attach copies of the Bill English file and John Lears file. Send anything else you may have which tends to support the information. I Milton William Cooper, 1311 S. Highland #205, Fullerton, California, 92632, (714) 680-9537, do solemnly swear that the information contained in this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I swear that I saw this information in 1972 in the performance of my duties as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet as a Petty Officer in the US Navy. I swear that I underwent hypnotic regression in order to make the information as accurate as possible. I swear that I can and will take a lie detector test or any other test of any reputable persons choosing in order to confirm this information. I swear that I can and will undergo hypnotic regression conducted by any reputable and qualified Doctor of any reputable persons choosing in order to confirm this information. I will not, however submit to any test or hypnosis by anyone who is now or has ever been connected with the Government in any capacity for obvious reasons.

The following is brief listing of everything that I personally saw and know from 1972 and does not contain any input from any other source whatsoever. MAJESTY was listed as the code word for the President of the United States for communications concerning this information. OPERATION MAJORITY is the name of the operation responsible for every aspect, project, and consequence of alien presence on earth. GRUDGE Contains 16 volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) and Identified Alien Crafts (IAC). The project was funded by CIA confidential funds (non-appropriated) and money from the illicit drug trade. Participation in the illegal drug trade was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society. The purpose of project GRUDGE was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This orderly file of collected information has been used to advance the United States Space Program.

MJ-12 is the name of the secret control group. President Eisenhower commissioned a secret society known as THE JASON SOCIETY (JASON SCHOLARS) to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question. The society was made up of 32 of the most prominent men in the country in 1972 and the top 12 members were designated MJ-12. MJ-12 has total control of everything. They are designated by the code J-1, J-2, J-3, etc all the way through the members of the Jason Society. The director of the CIA was appointed J-1 and is the Director of MJ-12. MJ-12 is responsible only to the President. MJ-12 runs most of the worlds illegal drug trade. This was done to hide funding and thus keep the secret from the Congress and the people of the United States. It was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society. The cost of funding the alien connected projects is higher than anything you can imagine. MJ-12 asasinated President Kennedy when he informed them that he was going to tell the public all the facts of the alien presence. He was killed by the Secret Service agent driving his car and it is plainly visible in the film held from public view. A secret meeting place was constructed for MJ-12 in MARYLAND and it was described as only accessible by air. It contains full living, recreational, and other facilitys for MJ-12 and the JASON SOCIETY. It is code named "THE COUNTRY CLUB". Only those with TOP SECRET/MAJIC clearance are allowed to go there. MAJI is the MAJORITY AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE. All information, disinformation, and intelligence is gathered and evaluated by this agency. This agency is responsible for all disinformation and operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. This is a very powerful organization and all alien projects are under its control. MAJI is responsible only to MJ-12. SIGMA is the project which first established communications with the aliens and is still responsible for communications.

PLATO is the project responsible for Diplomatic relations with the aliens. This project secured a formal treaty (illegal under the Constitution) with the aliens. The terms were that the aliens would give us technology. In return we agreed to keep their presence on earth a secret, not to interfere in any way with thier actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals. The aliens agreed to furnish MJ- 12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis. MAJIC is the security classification and clearance of all alien connected material, projects, and information. MAJIC means MAJI controlled. AQUARIUS is a project which compiled the history of alien presence and their interaction with Homo Sapiens upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and culminating with the Basque people who live in the mountainous country on the border of France and Spain and the Syrians. GARNET is the project responsible for control of all information and documents regarding this subject and accountability of the information and documents. PLUTO is a project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. POUNCE is the project formed to recover all downed/crashed craft and aliens. REDLIGHT is the project to test fly recovered alien craft. It is conducted at AREA 51 (DREAMLAND) in Nevada. It was aided when the aliens gave us craft and helped us fly them. The initial project was somewhat successful in that we flew a recovered craft but it blew up in the air and the pilots were killed. The project was suspended at that time until the aliens agreed to help us. SNOWBIRD was established a a cover for project REDLIGHT. Several flying saucer type craft were built using conventional technology. They were unvieled to the press and flown in front of the press. The purpose was to explain accidental sightings or disclosure of REDLIGHT as having been the SNOWBIRD craft. LUNA is the alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo Astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as MOTHER SHIPS exist there. NRO is the National Recon Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. It is responsible for security for all alien or alien craft connected projects.

DELTA is the designation for the specific arm of the NRO which is especially trained and tasked with security of these projects. JOSHUA is a project to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generating weapon. It was said that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons. EXCALIBUR is a weapon to destroy the alien underground bases. It is to be a missile capable of penetrating 1000 meters of Tufa/hard packed soil such as that found in New Mexico with no operational damage. Missile appogee not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL and impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The device will carry a 1 megaton nuclear warhead. ALIENS, there were 4 types of aliens mentioned in the papers. A LARGE NOSED GREY with whom we have the treaty, the GREY reported in abductee cases that works for the LARGE NOSED GREY, a blond human like type described as the NORDIC, a red haired human like type called the ORANGE. The home of the aliens were described as being a star in the Constellation of Orion, Barnards star, and Zeta Riticuli 1&2. I cannot remember even under hypnosis which alien belongs to which star. EBE is the name or designation given to the live alien captured at the 1949 Roswell crash. He died in captivity.

KRLL OR KRLLL OR CRLL OR CRLLL pronounced Crill or Krill was the hostage left with us at the first Holloman landing as a pledge that the aliens would carry out their part of the basic agreement reached during that meeting. KRLL gave us the foundation of the yellow book which was completed by the guests at a later date. KRLL became sick and was nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza who became the expert on alien biology and medicine. KRLL later died. His information was diseminated under the pseudonym O.H. Cril or Crill. GUESTS were aliens exchanged for humans who gave us the balance of the yellow book. At the time I saw the information there were only 3 left alive. They were called (ALF's) Alien Life Forms. RELIGION The aliens claim to have created Homo Sapiens through hybridization. The papers said that RH- blood was proof of this. They further claimed to have created all of our major religions. They showed a hologram of the crucifixion of Christ which the Government filmed. They claim that Jesus was created by them.

ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on indian reservations and all in the four corners area. The base near Dulce was one of them. MURDER The documents stated that many military and government personnel had been terminated (murdered without due process of law) when they had attempted to reveal the secret. CRAFT RECOVERYS The documents stated that many craft had been recovered. The early ones from Roswell, Aztec, Roswell again, Texas, Mexico, and other places. GENERAL DOOLITTLE made a prediction that one day we would have to reckon with the aliens and the document stated that it appeared that General Doolittle was correct. ABDUCTIONS were occurring long before 1972. The document stated that humans and animals were being abducted and or mutilated. Many vanished without a trace. They were taking sperm and ova samples, tissue, performed surgical operations, implanted a spherical device 40 to 80 microns in size near the optic nerve in the brain and all attempts to remove it resulted in the death of the patient. The document estimated that 1 in every 40 people had been implanted. This implant was said to give the aliens total control of that human.

CONTINGENCY PLAN SHOULD THE INFORMATION BECOME PUBLIC OR SHOULD THE ALIENS ATTEMPT TAKEOVER. This plan called for a public announcement that a terrorist group had entered the United States with an Atomic weapon. It would be announced that the terrorists planned to detonate the weapon in a major city. Martial Law would be declared and all persons with implants would be rounded up along with all dissidents and would be placed into concentration camps. The press, redio, and TV would be nationalized and controlled. Anyone attempting to resist would be arrested or killed. CONTINGENCY PLAN TO CONTAIN OR DELAY RELEASE OF INFORMATION This plan called for the use of MAJESTIC TWELVE as a disinformation ploy to delay and confuse the release of information should anyone get close to the truth. It was selected because of the similarity of spelling and the similarity to MJ-12. It was designed to confuse memory and to result is a fruitless search for material which did not exist.

SOURCE OF MATERIAL CONTAINED IN THE DOCUMENTS WHICH I SAW The source of the material was an ONI counter intelligence operation against MJ-12 in order for the Navy to find out the truth of what was really going on. The Navy (at that time or at least the Navy that I worked for) were not participants in any of this. The different services and the government conduct this type of operation against each other all the time. The result of this operation was that the Navy cut themselves in for a piece of the action (technology) and control of some projects. As you can see this file is only a little different from my previous file. Only some names were scrambled previously to confuse the government long enough for someone to verify that what I have said is the truth. I have added information in this file that puts my life in absolute danger. I have sent a copy of this file to people all over the country and will continue to do so. Please get this file into as many hands as you can and maybe that will protect me but I doubt it. HISTORY WILL BE THE JUDGE OF ME AND THIS INFORMATION AND I HAVE NO FEAR OF THAT JUDGEMENT. I SWEAR THAT THIS INFORMATION IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE.

I wish to thank all those people who have aided me in reaching this point and for their patience and understanding. I owe you all more than I can ever repay. Finally, it does not matter who is right and who is wrong or if a project name is in the wrong place. It does not matter who is working for who or what is really what. It should be obvious by now that something sinister and terribly wrong is going on involving the government and the UFO phenomenon. We must all band together and expose it now. I have done my part in the best manner that I could. I can add nothing else except my testimony in Congress or a court of law that what I saw and have written in this file is true and that I saw it.

Everything in my previous file that does not conflict with this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and some of it is from sources and research. You may combine the files to get the entire picture. Throw out only that information which conflicts with that contained in this file. There will be no further additions or corrections to this information either now or in the future. My file is complete and stands to be judged by history. Sometime in the future the exact papers that I saw will surface and you will all see this exact information contained within them. Milton William Cooper 1/10/89



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