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Experience by Steven Ritchie
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I was walking along a country path in South West France with my wife when I noticed a large black object off to my left that seem to rise from some trees, I got out my Video and took the following footage just click this LINK HERE to see the whole thing.
I would suggest veiw on a big sceen and slow down the footage as you will see something on top of the object which isis open out with lights or some such and is slowly rotating.
I am trying to get a still from it and try to get a closer veiw of what heck this is, it is not a ballon as my wife suggest in the video as the object was quit some distance away, and I did not see what it was until I was playing it back on my T.V and slowed down the footage down. been.  



Now a true story from
Carole lee gentle 
from America

I was driving from the east coast on my way to texas, and was I somewhere near an airport in Columbus, Ohio, when I saw a huge round disc passing over my car.  I braked and stuck my head out the drivers door window.  It did not make any sound then it just disappeared (very fast!!!!) After it disappeared, I found myself on a side road overgrown with grass.  I had my two sons with me and after talking a little about it I pulled back on the highway.  It wasn't long after that  my brand new car started acting up to the point that I knew there was a serious problem and I had to do something about it.

Also at the same time I was feeling sicker and sicker by the minute, and knew I had to get to a hotel as fast as I could because I knew I couldn't drive much longer.  We found a hotel in Columbus.  I checked in and looked at the clock.  I knew I had been on the road for less than two hours.  But the check-in was deserted and the clock showed 1 am in the morning.  I had left the  last hotel about six pm.  When we managed to get into our room I laid  down and told my son to take his shower while I rested.  While he was in there I had turned on the room radio located on the table near my bed.  It came over the air that there had been a UFO sighting.  But I was so sick I had to ask for the hotel doctor.  He treated me but it took me a good week or more to snap out of it.  The doctor said there was no report of a flu around the areas I had been in.  I swear all of this is god's truth.


it seems that Carole has suffered from a classic abductee experience with all the hallmarks, missing time, illness etc, I then ask Carole to give me more detail's on the above, the sighting took place around the 1970's,what follows is the event explained in detail by Carole.

So on to my experience in Columbus, Ohio.  My two sons, aged 10 and 14 years old, were more surprised than anything else.  Oddly they did not get sick.  It took off over my car.  I had rented a brand new car with about 150 miles on it.  It was very dark but there was no denying what we saw.  It appeared round, the colored lights around it seemed to sort of pulsate.  I put my head out of the window to see it better. It didn't make a sound.  Nothing at all.  My older son was in the front  passenger seat and the youngest was in the back.  I was the only one with the window open as we were using the air conditioner.  It seemed to go over slowly then picked up speed and was gone so fast it was hard to believe that any air craft could do that.  As I said I started to get sick in about half an hour or less.  That's when I checked into the hotel in Columbus.

The car had started acting up.  I can't recall how exactly.  Sort of like it wanted to stall and it smelled like a hot wire's burning or something. Obviously I don't know the mechanics of cars.  Because I was so sick I went on to the hotel and decided to go to a car rental place as soon as we were able to leave.
When I finally felt like I might actually live through the sickness we checked out of the Sheraton hotel and after we loaded everything, I started the car.  It ran but I knew there was something terribly wrong.

I found a hertz place and told them how it was acting, leaving out our UFO sighting.  Or maybe more of a close collision with it.  He took the car to their garage to check it out.  Now keep in mind I don't know anything about a car's other than turning the key on.  He said that somehow the battery  had changed polarity.  Which in turn caused so much damage to the wires inside.  They did what they could.  I couldn't exchange cars with them because the car I rented was a hertz individually owned and I had to take it back to dallas where I was living at the time.  When I got back on the road the car started heating up.  With the help of some semi truck drivers I got close to dallas.  The last place, I had to stop again to put water into the radiator, a trucker there was heading for dallas and he stayed behind me and helped me get the car over the dallas line and from there I called my husband to come get me.  I had turned it off while I had made the phone call.  I got back into the car and it started to burn for real.  Smoke was coming from the engine everywhere and I couldn't even get it started to move it out of the way of the store.  A week later I received a phone call from the hertz place in dallas and they apologized.  They said they towed it in and couldn't find the trouble with it so had to put a  brand new motor it in.  There was no way I was going to tell her about the UFO so I let the subject drop there.  My 10 year old son asked me several questions about the UFO, questions I had no answers to.  He died eight years later from a train accident.  My oldest son never would talk about it.  It was like he was afraid or something.  He's 41 now and he will only talk about it.  If directly asked about the subject.

I was asked once how I would feel if I found out that I had been abducted.  My honest answer is, it would scare the heck out of me.  I don't mind seeing UFO flying around, but the idea of being controlled by anyone, makes me almost sick to my stomach, even now.  But the truth of the matter is, I don't know how I got off a major highway onto a road that was two narrow lanes with tall weeds growing on both sides of the road.  I guess I don't really want to know.  I suppose it's possible that I do know something and it's buried in my subconcience.  If so, I'll let it stay there. I just don't know how the time got screwed up.

I like to thank Carole for sharing her experience with us.




Steven ritchie

This event took place about 12 years ago, I wasdriving home in Bolton, Lancashire, the time was about 11p.m. I came to stop at some traffic  lights, I then noticed some dull flashing  lights above and slightly in front of me, I crossed the junction and pulled up on the other side, I got out the car to observe a large silent craft shaped like a large distended jumbo jet which past about 50ft above my head at what seemed to be a head on collision course for a mill about 600 yards to my right, even though it seemed to be travelling at about 10 to 15 m.p.h., I noticed port hole's on the side of the craft and as the end past me it was shaped like a large diamond with two rings of small lights, look like the engine, it then past over the mill and disappeared from sight. It was this sighting which started me into the U.F.O. mystery.

As far as I am concerned they do exist.



If you are interested, here's a following list of different types of greys
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There are many hazards regarding the exposing of information regarding UFOs. It has not been until quite recently that any degree of safety at all has been available for people releasing such information. Were it not for the fact that Cooper released his information so far and wide and it filtered to so many people at once -- newspapers, legislators, heads of state, people in important positions all over the world -- he would have suffered severely. But because it was scattered so quickly, it would have been fruitless to silence him after the information had been released. It would only have added to the credibility of the information. At the beginning of 1990, there was still an active debate in certain circles about what to do about Cooper -- whether to deal with him in a threatening manner or to simply discredit him. A campaign planned to use approximately one million dollars worth of effort to discredit him. The money was to be used to imply that Cooper made up or gathered information from various sources and threw it together for a personal financial motive. It was not to come through normal media channels, but through UFO magazines and newsletters in the form of articles and exposes and through UFO groups, most of which are controlled. Alternate UFO scenarios were also to be released so that by the time 1990 ended, many different scenarios would be floating around. People would be unable to decipher which one was true and which one wasn't. As long as interest was shown in the Cooper material by only a small group of people who happened to be curious about UFOs, there was to be no action taken. But if Cooper's material was taken seriously by credible people, these would be the target for the efforts to discredit him. Enormous amounts of previously highly classified information have been brought out into the open. We now have a situation where, individuals, instead of being forced to remain silent for fear of assassination are not afraid to tell what they know. Too many have seen. Too many have witnessed. They cannot all be silenced. This is the beginning of the end of the security surrounding this situation. Therefore, the following information shall be released.

THE SPECIES CLASSIFIED The present number of alien types having contact with the earth right now is nine, with seven being relatively permanent and five being influential. Contrary to the information that the government might release, not all UFO inhabitants are friendly representatives from the Galactic Space Confederation.
ZETA RETICULI GREYS -- SMALL Zeta Reticuli Greys come from Zeta Reticulan, near

Barnard's Star, which is a neighbouring star system to Orion. They are very short (about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall), greyish silver in colour and have no sexual or digestive parts to their bodies. They are created through a cloning process of alien genetic engineering. They are an ancient race and have reproduced themselves for thousands of years. They have very limited facial features. They have large eyes, a very small slit for a mouth and no nose to speak of. The

eyes are large almond-shaped and black. They have evolved beyond the sexual reproduction process so that all sexual organs and their digestive tracts have totally atrophied. They are no longer capable of eating or indulging in sexual activities. They are a close relative to the insect family. The Zetas are the ones involved in the cattle mutilations. They absorb certain substances from parts of the cattle that stabilise them during the cloning process. This can be

placed under the tongue to give sustenance and stability for some time. It is a substance that comes from certain mucus membranes: the lips, nose, genitals and rectum, and also from certain organs. These glandular substances serve as nutrients in lieu of eating. Resting the substances under the tongue is not the only way they get nutrition. You may have noticed that the cattle mutilations generally result in all the blood being drained from the body. The Zetas have in their bases canisters and vats in which animal and human organs float along with a purple liquid to hold these parts in suspension. The Zetas swim in the mixture and absorb the nutrients through their skin. They use hydrogen peroxide in both the absorption and elimination process. The hydrogen peroxide also helps to preserve the liquid and organ mixture to keep it from spoiling. They have no digestive tract and eliminate through the skin. To eliminate, they need to pass the substance through some part of their body, much the same way plants eliminate through their skin or outer shells. They use hydrogen peroxide for helping with that elimination as well. The Zetas have also been referred to as the Little Green Men because they tend to turn a shade of green when they have not received sufficient food. When they are in this state, they are very vicious. The cloning of these aliens can be done quite quickly, reproducing synthetic replicas. They have a technology that is much beyond that of humans and that has led to the agreements with the United States government whereby exchanges of these techniques could occur. The Zeta Reticuli Greys are not masters of their own fate. They are, rather, subservient to a reptilian race of people from their home planet. The Zetas seek, but are fearful of, freedom from their masters. They seem to have some desire to work closely with humans in an effort to retain the freedom they have on earth, which they have never experienced before. In their desire to retain that freedom from their reptilian masters, they would hope to play the role of being masters here on earth, or at

least having enough control so as to be safe from slavery by any other species. The Zetas are of two social classes, one being hawkish, the other more dove-like. The more dove-like Zetas are more refined and capable of more business-like behaviour toward humans, while the other type is more abrupt, blunt and crude in their directness. The Zetas desire the help of humans in an expected future confrontation with the reptilian masters who are expected to follow soon, within the next 20 years. This refers to the so-called asteroid that is on its way toward earth. It is housing approximately 30 million reptilian aliens. It has, however, temporarily diverted its path as it moves into the constellation of Draco.

BELLATRAX GREYS -- SHORT The short Grey, which is shorter than the Zeta Reticuli, is from a star system near the Orion constellation, near the shoulder of the figure in a star system called Belletrax. They are shorter, much like dwarves (about 1 1/2 feet tall). They are more indirect, but just as vicious towards humans as the Zetas. Both the Bellatrax Grays and the Zeta Reticuli Greys are related genetically from the same root race and look very much alike except for size.

ORION GRAYS -- TALL The other type of Grey is the tall, big-nosed Grey. They have large noses and stand about 7 or 8 feet tall. They are based in the Aleutian Islands and recently were witnessed in a park in the Eastern part of Russia. These creatures are hostile, but less vicious toward humans. They tend to try to influence through the use of political controls. They have certain powers and technologies that allow them to perform actions that appear

miraculous. In the Russian incident, a woman whose leg was deformed was picked up by these Orion Greys and was released thousands of miles away. Her leg was healed. The aliens did not heal her leg. They transplanted a new leg onto her body. The Orion Grays give the impression that they are benevolent towards humans, but they are heavily into genetic engineering. They use humans as guinea pigs to conduct various experiments. They have grown arms and legs and

other body parts in a formless matrix made from human flesh. A leg may grow out of a torso, hands might grow from the middle of the torso's stomach. All this is done through the injecting of certain genomes into flesh and the application of electromagnetic charges. In this way they can grow human body parts to help deformed or injured humans -- or for their own purposes of food and sustenance. They are interested in controlling the masses of the earth through certain negotiated agreements with those in power.

ALL GREYS The Greys are all, to some degree, influencing human history at this time. The nature of the Greys, especially the Zeta Reticuli and the short Greys, is that they do not have deep emotional feelings or compassion. They are very calculating, cold intellectuals and see humans as being inferior. They look at humans much the same way a farmer looks at his cows. They understand the passions and compassion of humans to the degree it is observable by them. But they do not have feelings. These aliens are on the equivalent human level of cannibals. They see humans being an inferior species. They are carnivorous. The Zeta Reticuli Greys feed upon glandular secretions of humans and are quite capable of killing people for that secretion, or abducting humans and extracting the secretions for themselves. The genetic manipulation is one way that the aliens see as evolving and saving their dying race. In a sense, humans are suddenly the saviours of the souls of the aliens. But at least it is a way

that humans may have an influence on the aliens. This is not the first time that a civilisation has attempted to absorb an enemy rather than defeating it. While the enemy invader may assume that they are taking over, they are in fact being absorbed. The Tartars invaded Russia and within a hundred years were absorbed into Russian society.

PLEIADEANS Of the five, those from the Pleiades are entities who are distant relatives of humankind. They are related to and are the forefather race of the genetic creation of humankind. They are of a higher spiritual development than most people on earth at this time. They have a kinship towards humans, and are essentially the only aliens who can to be trusted by humans. They have blonde hair and fair skin. They are allied with the Intergalactic Space Confederation. That doesn't mean that all entities of human appearance in space craft can or

should be trusted, for there are humans from this planet from various governments who are working for the Zeta Reticuli Grays. Some from the Pleiades are subordinates to the Grays, having been abducted as children or offspring of the abductees. They have been raised and trained by the Grays as servants. The humans from the Pleiades have made several earth contacts, but in recent times have suspended visitations to earth. The government was told that this was because of a space law that states that the destiny of a people shall not be interfered with unless it threatens themselves or others in the galaxy. If the threat of nuclear war became strong enough, these entities indicated that they might interfere, but only to the degree of reducing that threat. That could also set up a conflict between the Pleiadeans and the Zeta Grays, to whom a limited nuclear war is seen as beneficial. Since the humans have made an agreement and pact with the Zeta Greys, even though there were warnings by the

Pleiadeans against this, there is now a "hands off" policy. The Pleiadeans feel that the humans have made their bed and now they must lie in it. It is not likely that humans will be rescued from planned events simply to make things easier for humans to overcome the masters they have agreed to work with.

DRACO MOTHMEN In the constellation of Draco, there is another race of entities which has in the past visited Earth. They are 8-foot-tall. dark, nocturnal aliens who appeared around graveyards and parks. They have red eyes that glow in the dark and wings to fly. They are referred to by us as Mothmen. They are also the source of legends of the past relating to gargoyles and Valkeries. Even some qualities of vampires have been taken from the qualities of this creature -- the ability to fly and nocturnal habits. The Mothmen have no particular influence on earth at this time other than as causing panic and a cause for curiosity. They are mostly hidden underground and do not wish to attract attention.

DEROS/TEROS There are also underground civilisations of non-humans that have been referred to as Deros and Teros. The Teros are more friendly and help keep the Deros, who are more demented, from having excessive power. They live underground in tunnels, cities and sometimes under the sea. Most of the legends of the past of leprechauns and trolls refer to these non-humans from the inner earth. The Deros are competitors with the Greys, but they have similar qualities and cannot be trusted.

THE GOVERNMENT CONNECTION Crisis management is a term used by the government to describe the scenario where a crisis situation is created and then the people are presented with solutions, usually three, which they would be reluctant to accept prior to the crisis. The solutions always involve the shoring up of security, which necessarily means the loss of some freedoms. When the situation has reached the crisis stage, it appears as if there is no other alternative. It appears as if the crisis just happened rather than being carefully planned.

Crisis management is a way to create the illness for which the pill has already been invented. By creating a problem in order to supply a cure that would not have been acceptable without the problem, the government is able to manipulate the people, making it look as though it is benevolent in handing the situation on behalf of the people, when in fact, it is directing the movement of the people along a specific path that has already been chosen. The current drug

crisis is a case in point, although there is a connection to alien base funding that makes it a very special scenario. A tremendous amount of information has linked the United States government with the drug trade since at least the 1960s. The Christic Institute filed suit, but was successfully neutralised. The government information that is being released is a subtle form of convincing the public that the military must be used to do what is really the job of the

local police; for the military to shoot down aeroplanes suspected of carrying drugs; for the military to be used in foreign countries. The coming currency call-in is related to drug money laundering. There is a continuing call for the banning of all firearms because of their use in criminal activity, particularly drug-related crimes. The ban on assault weapons will soon be extended to every gun. A declaration of martial law, with the resulting major security upgrade to deal with the alien crisis, will be much easier when these things occur. The drug situation started out as a social experiment back in the 1800s. There was a question of whether people could be controlled by the use of drugs and to what extent. There was at one time a belief that by getting the population hooked on drugs, they would work at a cheap wage, with only the reward of food, shelter and drugs to keep them satisfied. The experiment, however, resulted in the realisation that those on drugs are not satisfied with working. They want

to steal from others and are willing to become violent to do so. The experiment also revealed that while crime increases in the United States would justify creating a police force, the economic structure at that time was not sound enough to pay for such a police state. The entire concept became less appealing and more hazardous to the government. The experiment ran its course, and yielded little in terms of the controlling effects that were desired. The side

benefit, however, was billions of dollars in profits from the selling of drugs. The drug situation has assisted the funding of the aliens in building their underground civilisation. Much of this money has gone into helping them in their efforts to establish bases underground. In exchange, the United States got technology a promise that the aliens would not go to war with the United States or other countries of the world. The aliens gave the United States and

the Soviet Union particle beam weapons, laser technology, Stealth technology, some supercomputer technology, information on cloning and synthetic genetic duplication of humans, some medical breakthroughs, and technology associated with frequencies, vibrations and the electromagnetic spectrum such as ELF waves and rail gun technology. The techniques of interdimensional travel have still been kept secret from humans. About 15 percent of human genetic coding has been researched by universities in the United States. It has allowed them to splice, remove, delete and add to the genetic code in order to change it. It can be

used for destroying or creating diseases, destroying or creating plants, animals and other life forms -- anything that may be tampered with genetically. This effort to map out and decode all of the DNA available is one of the reasons that many of the creatures on Level 6 of the Dulce Base were created or altered genetically. There has recently been a breakthrough in the need for blood by these aliens, in that cattle blood has been altered so that it suits

their needs. It is a side-effect from the experimentation that involved the cattle mutilations. Much of the blood and tissues that they need could be supplied from slaughterhouses and there would be no more mutilations. There has been a continuing massive effort to fund the aliens through various means -- not only drugs, but manipulated oil prices and other methods -- to keep them pacified long enough to determine how best to deal with them. The choice was to

coexist with them while secretly expanding the country's technologies in order to deal with them in the event of a conflict. This has given greater time for the technology of humans to close the gap with the technology of the aliens. It has been assessed that in recent years that the aliens have not been honouring the treaties and agreements and therefore, are not to be trusted. The effort to cut off their funding has begun, and one of the routes for cutting off funding is to shut down the drug traffic and the influx of money from the drug cartel.

Noriega was one of those involved in helping set up the money chain that assisted the aliens. His arrest is a strong signal that the pipeline of money to the aliens will no longer be open. The Colombian Cartel is also ceasing operations. The shutting down of the drug cartel is a first step in removing the power of the aliens and pulling back from the agreements. Government

projections indicate that pulling support from the clandestine drug trade will curtail the United States drug problem by 1993, unless it is artificially stimulated again as a pretext to martial law. It may not be necessary however, if the release of certain information makes national security paramount. It must be understood that there was an enormous problem for the government when it discovered that the earth was actually being held hostage to an alien

influence and that there was no reasonable technology for dealing with this alien influence. President Truman made a considerable effort to engage in combat with these aliens, but the technology of the United States at the time was not advanced enough to even begin to have an effect. Therefore, the only option -- short of total obliteration of the human race in an all-out war --was to form agreements for building, expanding and funding these bases. Americans may judge harshly the government for its action, but it was put in a very difficult and desperate situation in regard to national security. One choice was to inform the people. Projections were that they would become outraged, perhaps destroying the very fabric of society. Mobs were projected to demand military action against a force which the government knew would be far superior. Projections also indicated people would demand the resignation of persons in office. They would be perceived as having been making deals with an alien enemy without the people knowing of this. Under normal circumstances and under the Constitution, that could be classed as treason. The government has functioned in a manner it perceived to be in the best interest of humankind. Yet it has also been put in a predicament whereby it could be misjudged as having worked in collaboration with a foreign invading army. Had the government opposed the invaders, however, it would have lead to mass destruction of

humanity. Even nuclear weapons had little usefulness in dealing with foreign invaders on our own soil. The public cannot begin to understand what these people have gone through in terms of soul-searching and trying to find the best way to deal with the crisis which they were forced to manage. The option of informing the people appeared less viable and workable than to silently make negotiated deals with the aliens to keep them pacified over a period of time in

an attempt to find a peaceful way of coexistence. MJ 12 and those who have been subordinate feel they have done everything possible and appropriate for the intense situation of hosting aliens with much greater technology on the earth. It has done all it felt was proper to preserve peace and to gain information from the aliens in order to develop higher technology. It has also hidden vital information and shielded certain knowledge when necessary from the aliens in order to create weaponry that may be used against them in the event of conflict. There is now some division and debate between those in the upper echelons as to whether they should simply inform the people of the problem or continue to keep it quiet. Until this debate swings one way or the other, it is relatively hazardous to release too much information on this. If it is decided that this information must be kept quiet, many of the sources that are releasing this information will become targets for harassment or assassination. But the scenario now reveals that unless information is released by the authorities and is accepted by the vast majority of people, most Americans will not accept the information from an individual that claims to have inner knowledge of the government's cover-up. There was an attempt to test whether the public would panic at the thought of invasion from aliens. It was the radio broadcast of Orson Welles in 1938. The public reacted with panic and many committed suicide. There is an effort now to condition the people to be more willing to accept an alien presence as a possibility using movies and television -- Star Wars, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Aliens, V, Alien Nation and War of the Worlds. All of these are presenting various images and scenarios to condition the human mind to be open to what may soon be reality. The government does not direct a studio to make these movies or TV shows, but scripts are submitted certain people who are silent partners with certain agencies encourage the script to be used and help find funding sources to keep the script alive. The alien Nation scenario conditions the human mind to accept the presence of aliens who are relatively friendly and who can coexist with humans. War of the Worlds, which contains a scenario of humanoid replicas and aliens living underground, shows the conflict between the aliens and humans. ET allows people not to be paranoid or fearful when thinking of aliens, as they may in fact be friendly. It gave people the capacity to deal with frightening information that may otherwise cause serious insecurity. Right now there are so many different types of aliens being offered to the human mind that people can accept or reject any or all of them. People are gradually being conditioned to the possibility of being informed officially. If that time comes, there will not be a great shock. In 1938, people did not have the preparation, and even though aliens on earth were already a reality, they were not even prepared for a fictional representation. Only now are people being told about the plan to set up a moon base that would later lead to a Mars landing and a Mars base. There has been a moon base for quite some time, in the crater Copernicus. The United States officially controlled the base until 1979, when it was learned that the aliens were working with both the Soviets and the Americans. The Soviets gained the advantage at that time and took over the base. But even though there are competitions here and there, much of the cold war was actually a facade in order to extract huge sums of money for other purposes. Much of it was being diverted to developing technologies that have yet to be brought out and that may be needed in the event of conflict. The Tesla approach has for many decades been ignored by the United States. But it has been developed and used in the Soviet Union. It is now being used in the United States as a part of the Star Wars program to enhance and move further into the higher technologies. The Star Wars technology is essentially designed to assist in dealing with the alien factor and the potential conflict. The

Soviets already have laser cannons, beam weapons, certain types of shielding fields, anti-detection fields that can be used to meet with other humans and speak about plans without being monitored by the aliens. Much of the apparent corruption of the government is actually based on this dilemma of how to deal with this alien situation. There were certain benefits derived from agreements with the aliens as indicated in the works of Cooper, especially in regards to the Trilateralists and those who were involved in direct relationships with the

aliens. But this government was not alone in dealing with the alien situation. The aliens were also connected with the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union and also the Nazis. Much of the technology that the Nazis were developing during the war was actually given them by the aliens, who were in part behind the Nazi rise to power and the influences associated with some of the hidden philosophies of Hitler and those of the inner group. During the time immediately following World War II, the sightings of UFOs in various parts of the world were quite frequent, with an aura of mystery and much government scrambling to discover what the purpose of the aliens were. The government was aware of their presence and had agreements that reached back to 1933, although they were not always sure what the aliens were up to during all of this time. Later, the technology exchange between the United States and these aliens began to have its greater influence and the funding action began. It was in the 1930s that the Nazis had closer ties with the Zeta Reticuli Greys. More on that in another upload.
ALIEN BASES There are alien bases in Brazil, Argentina, the United States, the

Aleutian Islands, China, the Arctic and Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia, Canada and those that are underwater in various oceans on the earth. There have been a number of bases within the United States. Some of these were closed by secret raids of government teams that were especially established to defuse the influence and presence of these bases, particularly during the 1960s and early 1970s. These DELTA teams would go down into various caves to shut down certain computers and in the event they ran into any aliens inhabiting the caves, there would be an engagement. They were successful in some areas and failed in others. This occurred in many more areas than just the Dulce Base. Later these teams were stopped by MJ-12 and a co-operative effort was made to work with the aliens until it was again discovered that the aliens were not honouring their agreements and were not to be trusted. Most who were involved with such teams have since died for one reason or another, often under mysterious circumstances. Many of those who were working to hinder the aliens were covertly killed, especially those who had special skills in raiding these caves. Most caves in the United States in general are usually safe unless there are straight, carved walls and smooth floors. Those are generally artificially created entrances to an underground base. They should be avoided unless you would like to end your existence. Likewise, those who see a spacecraft would be foolish to walk up to it or approach it. Those who have been abductees do not usually report great benefits from the experience. Generally, abductees have been used as guinea pigs for experimentation and have disappeared permanently. Many of the missing children have, in fact, been taken by aliens.

ABDUCTIONS About one in every hundred people has been abducted by a UFO whether
they know it or not. There is a blue ray which they use during the abductions that captures people and beams them up into the ship. The action of being beamed into the ship with a blue ray actually suffocates the person, casing all oxygen to be sucked from the person's cells, so that they hover near death for a moment. Upon arrival in the ship, they are revived by another ray that restores oxygen into the cells. Many abductions are of a quite cruel nature. Humans would not want to remember what happened in some of the clinical experimentation or examinations that occurred. The aliens have a vacuum tube that follows up through the rectum and around into the intestines, sucking out faecal matter, which they examine for purposes of their own research. They are looking at the kinds of food that was eaten and examining the effects on the person's health. They implant chips through the nose, the back of the neck and

the back of the head near the right ear during times when the subject is conscious, but in a state of mental and physical paralysis. The subject is not unconscious as if they were sedated. The aliens have the ability to block the memory of the experience through the use of certain injections and drugs into specific areas of the brain. Zeta Greys abduct humans and use them for genetic experiments. They take the souls from those humans and put them in replicas and

release them after having altered them to some degree. They may appear to be the same person -- and the soul is in fact the same, the body is new -- and certain aspects of the memory and personality have been altered slightly. The aliens create replica bodies into which souls are transplanted from one body into another. This has been portrayed on the television series War of the Worlds. This is a means by which these aliens snatch bodies and control people to make them their own. Much of this occurs in underground caverns. When people who have been disappear for some time and then are released, there is a possibility that this has occurred to them. The aliens do not see this as cruel. It is simply their unusual culture. They have been abducting humans for centuries. They see the earth as a big farm and have been raising humans for their harvest. They often abduct them and take them back to their home planet to raise there as a form of animal husbandry. Their main problem is with their cloning process. In the recloning, each copy of each copy of each copy weakens repeatedly so that they are, in effect, a dying race. This has stimulated their interest in creating a new being through genetic engineering, using human or some other source as a new genetic substance to reenergize the cloning process, or to create a merging of their own race with another.

END OF COLD WAR, REPTILIANS HEADING THIS WAY There is much that has not been
released in the Cooper information, which is generally very accurate as far as it goes. Much more will surface in the coming decade, eventually being given by people within the government. There is now a conflict between two factions within the government agencies. One faction sees the necessity of working with the aliens to set up a One World government in which it sees itself as being the power behind the throne. The other faction sees the aliens as a threat to humanity and wishes to expose the information, let the public know and prevent

the aliens from gaining control of the planet. Those who are collaborators with the aliens do not want the information released. They are continuing the cover-up out of fear that the people would blame them, consider them traitors and hold them responsible for all that is due to an alien presence. There was a time when these leaders realised that many humans were being sacrificed to feed the alien appetites. They had a choice of making a clean break with the aliens or at least of telling the people or of continuing the cover-up. They chose not to. The alien threat is the single major factor in the attempt to unify and harmonise nations of the earth. The threat is not only from those who are already present on the earth in their bases, but also from craft that have been recognised as being on their way to earth. To stop this co-operative effort, there are certain elements attempting to stir up heavy conflicts in certain areas, particularly to bring down Gorbachev and his reforms. These are being influenced by the aliens, through their agents.

There are many people who have been implanted with chips over the years and they are being activated now. It doesn't appear there is sufficient energy behind the alien endeavour at this time, however. The money supply for the aliens which has been extorted from governments and government agencies is gradually diminishing. It's being cut off and is hindering the construction and development of many of their projects and plans. This has weakened them. There is a hidden war in progress, but one that is not highly charged. It is on a level of quiet competition between the aliens and the governments of the world. But there are certain elements of humans that are working hand in hand with the aliens trying to help regain control of the governments which the aliens once controlled. Within Cooper's material, there is a reference to the Fatima prophecy, being that which aliens pulled out of the future. The aliens claim to have the ability see into the future and have helped bring about this apparition. Before the aliens revealed it, a longstanding theory by this government was that the unreleased third Fatima prophecy dealt with a nuclear war and its aftermath. This prophecy was kept hidden from the people. What was not revealed, however, was that the alien situation was directly linked to this nuclear war prophecy. In truth, the aliens were hoping to contribute to instability on this earth so that nuclear war would come. It was their intention to bring about enough devastation on the earth so as to make the planet easily conquerable, while still retaining some degree of human life to serve them as slaves. With their technologies, they can eliminate radioactive contamination.

They planned to inhabit the remains of the earth without any threat of human domination. But the scenario of the Fatima prophecies is in no way preordained. Rather, it was a timetable of the alien plans to conquer the earth. It was scheduled to begin in February 1990, but it was not written in stone. It was simply the intention of the aliens to begin then. At that time, it was intended by the aliens that the information about them be released by the government so that humans would be prepared to accept the inevitable outcome. They had hopes of triggering the exchange of nuclear weapons -- preferably in the Middle East where people are expecting Armageddon to begin -- and then suddenly stop the escalation with their own technology. They would then pass themselves off as divine beings and bring forth the Millennium. There are certain efforts which are being attempted at present to use the Book of Revelation to create the appearance of a coming Messiah. This timetable for the Armageddon/Second Coming scenario has been dashed recently by the lessening of the threat of nuclear war. It was at a fever pitch in the early and mid-1980s, but has since died down. The aliens have, in effect, missed that window of opportunity. The people are not now expecting a nuclear war and the Fatima timetable is of little use to the aliens. But they have not abandoned it. It has simply been shifted to begin around 1992. The government believes, however, that the people will not accept this scenario as being true.

Many have been conditioned by the Book of Revelation into believing that they will be rescued, but for the most part people will not believe it and will assume it is in fact, one of the false prophet Biblical scenarios predicted before the actual Second Coming. There is a strong potential that during this decade the aliens and humans will clash in combat over domination of the earth. There is a potential that this could be covert, but it may become overt. The possibility of reconciliation is growing more remote as the aliens seem less ready to negotiate a situation in which coexistence can occur. It should not to be ruled out, however. Pressures are now being put on the aliens which may lead to a more conciliatory stand. This following information been deemed unsuitable for the public at this time and there have been and will be more killings to keep such information secret. There is a threat of an invasion of 30 million or more reptilian aliens which control of the Greys. There are smaller numbers of smaller ships heading this way, but nothing compared in size to the small planetoid that is heading toward this planet, which is approximately the size of the state of Pennsylvania. It does not travel at above light speed as do other craft because it is so enormous and holds so many aliens. It passed near the planet in 1989, dropped off some reptilian aliens and headed out to the Draco constellation in early summer of 1989. The timetable for the arrival back to earth is approximately 2020, depending on what may happen near Draco. The Hubble Telescope has as its primary mission the task of tracking the return of the craft. The base in Dulce, New Mexico now has 100,000 aliens living within it at this time. Another 100,000 more have moved through the Dulce Base to other bases. The aliens continue to enter the earth at a rate of 20,000 per month. The base at Ada, Oklahoma is still very active. The recent floods artificially created and allowed there were an attempt to slow and hinder activities there. The aliens are attempting to move their entire planetary population from their dying planet as quickly as possible, prior to the arrival of the Draco reptilians. Presently, the assessment of those in the inner circles who are dealing with the alien invasion threat is that the Reptilians have every intention of ruling this planet. There are many who feel that the aliens have such a high technology that they cannot be defeated. The next potential scenario in relation to the expected invasion is the release by the government of the information relating to the Grays and their earth bases, but releasing it in such a way that is favourable to the government. Claims will be made that any other version is but that of troublemakers. If the release of information comes before 1996, and especially if it occurs prior to 1995, you can be correct in assuming it is staged by the government to set up the

atmosphere for a One World government. If it is held off until 1996 or thereafter, you can assume the information released is real and that the Reptilian ship is heading this way and poses a real threat. The Draco Reptilians do not really need the earth. They have more room than they need to grow and thrive. They simply want the earth as a kind of strategic point in

their battle to conquer the entire galaxy. The Pleiadeans may return by 1993, and you would know them by their ships, which have the symbol of a serpent climbing a vine. The symbol for the Reptilians is a dragon. The Grey's symbol is a cobra. There is also a potential for martial law occurring in this country, in which many of those troublemakers, who hold to the story that the government was involved with the aliens in the abduction of humans, would be rounded up and imprisoned along with many who have been implanted because of potential threats to this country's security. People who are releasing this information are not fully out of danger just because many people know about it. You may recall that in China, just about everyone knew what occurred in Tiananmen Square, and yet today, you will not find anyone in China who will

talk about it. There is now an open window in which people can talk, spread the word, discuss it, show the videos and photographs. The more that occurs now, before a martial law crackdown, the more chance there is of having the truth come out. Once that window is closed, if enough people are not already informed, the information could still be curtailed and hidden. At present, only 2 to 3 percent of the United States population has half of the story and only
one half percent has the full story.



Did Jackie Gleason view UFO bodies?

NEW YORK - The clamorous cry To the moon. Alice" frequently delivered on the "Honeymooners" by the late, great Jackie Gleason, may have been inspired in part by the comic's fascination with outer space. Gleason was an avowed believer in UFOs and, according to his ex-wife Beverly McKittrick, he even got involved in some spaced-out exploits with his friend Richard Nixon. Beverly was 37-year-old divorcee with a great golf game when Jackie met her at Miami country club. Their four year marriage ended in 1974 In her unpublished biography of the funnyman entitled "The Great One,"Beverly, Gleason's second spouse, describes a bizarre trip Jackie took with the then President in 1973 to Homestead AFB in Florida to see what see says were bodies of four dead space aliens recovered by the Air Force. The aliens were supposedly embalmed and displayed on operating tables and classified as top-secret material. Gleason and Nixon visited the base under extremely tight security, she says. "The significance of the information is tremendous," said Mike Luckman, director of the UFO research Centre in New York. "The four bodies that Gleason saw were probably the same ones the Army recovered in 1947 at Roswell, N.M. We want to establish that link." Gleason had a lifelong interest in the supernatural and accumulated one of the largest private libraries of esoteric and psychic literature in the country. He even named his Peekskill N.Y. home "The Mothership" and had architects build everything in the round to resemble a flying saucer.

Said Luckman: "Most of the furniture was circular. So was the garage, which he called the Scout Ship."  Source: MUFON Journal February 1988 Number 238



Robert, a young man in his early 20's came to work at my shop as a temporary help during the 2nd week of October 1986. The first day at work, he approached me asking about my interest in the UFO phenomenon. Then he smiled, paused, and waited for my reaction. I told him that I was interested, particularly in the crash/recovery of saucers and bodies of occupants.

That I was secondly interested in the rumours pertaining to an "alien" and intelligence group alliance set up years ago. He then told me he would reveal something to me pertaining to my second interest as mentioned above. He told me the following (condensed by me):  1. He was in the military headquartered with the 4th Engineering Group at Fort Carson, Colorado. Just got out 2 months prior to the date of telling me this.  2. He showed me a military I.D. card from Fort Carson and another with a strange checker board design on it.

He said he had a Super Top Secret clearance and worked as a laboratory assistant in south-western Colorado associated with the Delta Group out of Fort Carson. He witnessed cryogenic experimentation going on with human beings. This experimentation was conducted by both "aliens" and some Super Secret intelligence group. "Some high ranking military and scientific personnel were taken down to cryogenic temperatures through a process of draining their blood and pumping a chemical mixture into the circulatory system to prevent cell destruction during the freezing and thawing periods." "The "aliens" were the only ones who knew the mixture formula and the gradual thawingprocess.

They at first refused to give the formula and process to the scientific team, and threatened to leave the above mentioned personnel in that cryogenic state forever unless the scientists co-operated on some certain issues. He also told me about some "alien" techniques concerning time travel, Dimensional travel, related to unified field physics. After revealing these seemingly fantastic things to me over a week period of time he quit the temporary fob here. I finally found out that his father Robert Sr. (Robert used to be Robert Jr. before his father and mother divorced and he took the name of his mothers second husband,) worked with me in the metal finishing department.

The following was told to me by Robert Sr. on Dec 16, 1986: "On the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 3, 1986, my son Robert called me via the telephone (he hadn't been home for over a week) he sounded as if he were scared to death. He said I have to go back to Colorado immediately. I asked why. He said, The bounty hunters found me and told me that I had to go back with them to the base in Colorado because I know to much. I asked if there were any way he could beat them and get out of it? Robert stated, They said there is no way out. In fact the chief bounty hunter confronted me face to face. Evidently Robert Jr. tried to beat the bounty hunters. His alleged body was found in room #5 of the Walls Motel in Long Beach, California, with a gun in his hand and a bullet hole through his head. Drugs were found in the room, but not in his body. (he was not the drug type). The Long Beach Police Dept. investigated the case which ended very abruptly with no explanation. When I asked them why the case was closed so quickly, they snapped back, Its none of your business. The final autopsy report stated that the death was a drug related suicide. I was not allowed to see the body for one solid week. I would call the police, they would say the body was at the funeral parlour. The funeral parlour would say we don't have the body. This went on back and forth for that one solid week. (Dec. 5th - Dec. 12th, 1986) When I was finally allowed to view the body, I immediately could tell it was not him!! This body, alleged to be Robert, was about 20 Lbs. heavier and about 3 to 4 inches shorter than my son. That was not Robert even tho the basic facial feature's were his. One very significant thing that Robert stated to me beforehis alleged death was, Dad, they are coming to take me away.

I will give you a code name (only Robert and his father know that code name). If you receive a letter, telephone call, or by messenger, sometime in the future, this code name, you will know that I am alive. They need me for my special DNA, that is why I have to go back. Robert has special Occult Powers and has an interest in witch craft. he says all of this UFO stuff is directly related to witch craft and the occult. In February - April 1987 both Robert Sr. and myself were under surveillance by what we considered an agent from the cover-up group. He went by the name of John Chunn. We finally confronted him face to face concerning all of this. Needless to say he quit work that day and never came back. Robert Sr. has been harassed several times by an individual who wanted Robert Sr. to go to the 4 corners area with him . On April 16, 1987, he said he would reunite him with his son, backed out the last minute. Later Robert Sr. was picked up by the police for no reason at all and held for one week. When he hot back home he found out that his place had been ransacked. On Nov. 9, 1987, a person riding a motorcycle and dressed like a biker approached identifying himself as Lt. Ed or Reade and claimed that he had a Top Secret clearance and had access to the files pertaining to the projects that his son was still involved in. He said that he would place in touch with Robert and said he was working in an Underground base. He said you cannot find this base on any maps or in any military directories. Robert was in the following unit. HHC 4th STU BU, ABNFBG 31905, Fort Carson, Colorado, His Commanding Officer was Capt. Dana Well there it is for what it is worth.

You can get in touch with Robert Sr. at (NOTE! All names addresses and phone numbers are in the original document and all of this information checks out with the Long Beach Police Dept. and with Robert Sr. whom I have talked to. The information was sent to a friend of mine in exactly this form and he forwarded it to me in exactly the form that I have typed it to disc. Bill Cooper)




What follows below is it the truth if it is we are in trouble I suggest you download this page for offline viewing.

This file contain the absolute true information regarding the alien presence on earth and the US Governments involvement with the aliens. This file contains only the information as I saw it and only my information. It does not contain any information from any other source. It was necessary for me to issue the information previous to  this release in a manner which would deceive the Government until someone was able to independently confirm my identity, my employment, my service record, my intelligence background, the identity of the person to which I gave the information to in 1972, his acknowledgement of the information and when it was given to him, that the information is correct, that I have not seen him since 1974, and that I have not communicated with him in any form since 1976. This was necessary because this file is my death warrant if MJ-12  continues to operate in a manner consistent with its history. All in the last paragraph has been independently verified by 2 different people who have no connection with each other. I will only list one for obvious reasons.

Tony Pelham, Journalist
Las Vegas Bullet, (Newspaper)
300 West Boston
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

The original information that I first released was not much different than what you will find here. Only some names were different and just enough (I hoped) to convince MJ-12 and MAJI that I was not a threat long enough to have independent verification of the facts before I risked death. I wish to make it absolutely clear that I do not consider myself a hero. I believe that most of you would do the same thing if you knew the truth. I gave an oath that I would uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and I take that oath very seriously. I am doing no more now than I did when I fought in Vietnam. I am doing my duty. Please make copies of this file and send it to your Congressman, your Senator, the Attorney General of the United States, and to the Supreme Court. Send it also to everyone you know. Attach copies of the Bill English file and John Lears file. Send anything else you may have which tends to support this information.

I, Milton William Cooper, 1311 S. Highland #205, Fullerton, California, 92632, (714) 680-9537, do solemnly swear that the information contained in this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I swear that I saw this information in 1972 in the performance of my duties as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet as a Petty Officer in the US Navy. I swear that I underwent hypnotic regression in order to make the information as accurate as possible. I swear that I can and will take a lie detector test or any other test by any reputable persons choosing in order to confirm this information. I swear that I can and will undergo hypnotic regression conducted by any reputable and qualified Doctor of any reputable persons choosing in order to confirm this information. I will not, however submit to any test or hypnosis by anyone who is now or has ever been connected with the Government in any capacity for obvious reasons. The following is brief listing of everything that I personally saw and know from 1972 and does not contain any input from any other source whatsoever. "MAJESTY" was listed as the code word for the President of the United States for communications concerning this information. "OPERATION MAJORITY" is the name of the operation responsible for every aspect, project and consequence of alien presence on earth. "GRUDGE" Contains sixteen volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) and Identified Alien Craft (IAC).

The project was funded by CIA confidential funds (non-appropriated)and money from the illicit drug trade. Participation in the illegal drug trade was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society. The purpose of project GRUDGE was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This orderly file of collected information has been used to advance the United States Space Program. "MJ-12" is the name of the secret control group. President Dwight D. Eisenhower commissioned a secret society known as THE JASON SOCIETY (JASON SCHOLARS) to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question. The society was made up of 32 of the most prominent men in the country in 1972 and the top 12 members were designated MJ-12. MJ-12 has total control of everything. They are designated by the code J-1, J-2, J-3, etc. all the way through the members of the JASON SOCIETY. The director of the CIA was appointed J-1 and is the Director of MJ-12. MJ-12 is responsible only to the President. MJ-12 runs most of the world's illegal drug trade. This was done to hide funding and thus keep the secret from the Congress and the people of the United States. It was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society.

The cost of funding the alien connected projects is higher than anything you can imagine. MJ-12 assassinated President Kennedy when he informed them that he was going to tell the public all the facts of the alien presence. He was killed by the Secret Service agent driving his car and it is plainly visible in the film held from public view. A secret meeting place was constructed for MJ-12 in MARYLAND and it is described as being accessible only by air. It contains full living, recreational and other facilities for MJ-12 and the JASON SOCIETY. It is code-named "THE COUNTRY CLUB". Only those persons with a TOP SECRET/MAJIC security clearance are allowed to go there. "MAJI" is the MAJORITY AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE. All information, disinformation, and intelligence is gathered and evaluated by this agency . This agency is responsible for all disinformation and operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, and the Defence Intelligence Agency. This is a very powerful organisation and all alien projects are under its control. MAJI is responsible only to MJ-12 "SIGMA" is the project which first established communications with the aliens and is still responsible for communications. "PLATO" is the project responsible for Diplomatic relations with the aliens. This project secured a formal treaty (illegal under the Constitution) with the aliens. The terms were that the aliens would give us technology. In return "we" agreed to keep their presence on earth a secret, not to interfere in any way with their actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals. The aliens agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis.

"MAJIC" is the security classification and clearance of all alien-connected material, projects and information. "MAJIC" means MAJI Controlled. "AQUARIUS" is a project which compiled the history of alien presence and their interaction with Homo Sapiens upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and culminating with the Basque people who live in the mountainous country on the border of France, Spain and the Syrians. "GARNET" is the project responsible for control of all information and documents regarding this subject and accountability of the information and these documents. "PLUTO" is a project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. "POUNCE" is the project formed to recover all downed/crashed craft and aliens. "REDLIGHT" is the project to test-fly recovered alien craft. It is conducted at AREA 51 (DREAMLAND) in Nevada. It was aided when the aliens gave us craft and helped us fly them. The initial project was somewhat successful in that we flew a recovered craft but it blew up in the air and the pilots were killed.

The project was suspended at that time until the aliens agreed to help us. "SNOWBIRD" was established as a cover for project REDLIGHT. Several flying saucer-type craft were built using conventional technology. They were unveiled to the press and flown in front of the press. The purpose was to explain accidental sightings or disclosure of REDLIGHT as having been the SNOWBIRD craft. "LUNA" is the alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo Astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines and the very large alien craft which have been described in various sighting reports as "MOTHER SHIPS" are based there. "NRO" is the National Reconnaissance Organisation based at Fort Carson, Colorado. It is responsible for security for all alien or alien craft connected projects. "DELTA" is the designation for the specific arm of the NRO which is especially trained and tasked with security of these projects. [The so-called "Delta Force" has been labelled by the government [in media reports] as an anti-terrorist special combat unit. It apparently has other, covert responsibilities. p>This would also seem to tie in all too neatly with the "contingency plans" listed below. =CSW.]"JOSHUA" is a project to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generating weapon. It was said that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons. [NOTE: It is known that a special experimental project was launched some years ago under the auspices of the US Navy to investigate a special low frequency, pulsed sound and radio wave system. The antennae for such a system consisted of buried cables that extended radically for several hundred miles in all directions from the generator site. The listed purpose of these experiments was to develop a system of communications that could be used with our submarines world-wide that could neither be detected by anyone not having this specific equipment nor jammed by any conventional source known to current technology.

This may or may not have been a "cover story". It is equally interesting to note that while this "national secret" was being printed in certain "popular" monthly mechanical and science magazines, articles appeared in several of the more serious scientific journals concerning experiments with a sound-wave generating weapon that operates in the 4 to 13 Hertz range that could be fatal to "enemy troops"...perhaps reducing them, quite literally, to a mass of quivering jelly. =CSW.] "EXCALIBUR" is a weapon to destroy the alien underground bases. It is to be a missile capable of penetrating 1000 meters of Tufa or hard-packed soil such as that found in New Mexico with no operational damage. Missile apogee not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL and impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The device will carry a 1 megaton nuclear warhead. "ALIENS": There were 4 types of aliens mentioned in the papers. A LARGE-NOSED GREY, with whom "we" have the treaty, the GREY reported in abductee cases that works for the LARGE-NOSED GREY, a blond human like type described as the NORDIC and a red-haired, human-like type called the ORANGE.

The home planets of the aliens are described as being a star in the Constellation of Orion, Barnards star, and Zeta Riticuli 1&2. I cannot remember even under hypnosis which aliens belong to which star. "EBE" is the name or designation given to the live alien captured at the 1949 Roswell crash. He died in captivity. "KRLL" OR "KRLLL" OR "CRLL" OR "CRLLL" pronounced Crill or Krill was the hostage left with us at the first Holloman landing as a pledge that the aliens would carry out their part of the basic agreement reached during that meeting. KRLL gave us the foundation of the yellow book which was completed by the guests at a later date. KRLL became sick and was nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza, who became the expert on alien biology and medicine. KRLL later died. His information was disseminated under the pseudonym O.H. Cril or Crill. "GUESTS" were aliens exchanged for humans who gave us the balance of the yellow book. At the time I saw the information there were only 3 left alive. They were called (ALF's) Alien Life Forms. RELIGION: The aliens claim to have created Homo Sapiens through hybridisation. The papers said that RH Negative blood was proof of this. They further claimed to have created all of our major religions.

They showed a hologram of the crucifixion of Christ which the Government filmed. They claim that JESUS, the CHRIST, was created by them. ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on Indian reservations and all in the four corners area. The base near Dulce was one of them. MURDER: The documents stated that many military and government personnel had been terminated (murdered; executed without due process of law) when they had attempted to reveal the secret of the aliens, the JASON SOCIETY and MJ-12. [NOTE: Any adult human being who lives in today's society and who still does not believe that "Our Government" would commit cold-blooded murder in order to preserve their idea of an acceptable "status quo"....that person should be placed in a secured, well-padded cell and not allowed to play with pointed or sharp objects. He/she is both intellectually and morally Brain Dead. As an example, does any sane person really believe that Karen Silkwood died in an auto "accident" ? =CSW]

CRAFT RECOVERIES: The documents stated that many craft had been recovered. The early ones from Roswell, Aztec, Roswell again, Texas, Mexico, and other places. GENERAL DOOLITTLE made a prediction that one day we would have to reckon with the aliens and the document stated that it appeared that General Doolittle was correct. ABDUCTIONS were occurring long before 1972. The document stated that humans and animals were being abducted and/or mutilated. Many vanished without a trace. They were taking sperm and ova samples, tissue, performed surgical operations, implanted a spherical device 40 to 80 microns in size near the optic nerve in the brain and all attempts to remove it resulted in the death of the patient. The document estimated that 1 in every 40 people had been implanted. This implant was said to give the aliens total control of that human. CONTINGENCY PLAN SHOULD THE INFORMATION BECOME PUBLIC OR SHOULD THE ALIENS ATTEMPT TAKEOVER:

This plan called for a public announcement that a terrorist group had entered the United States with an Atomic weapon. It would be announced that the terrorists planned to detonate the weapon in a major city. Martial Law would be declared and all persons with implants would be rounded up along with all dissidents and would be placed into concentration camps. The press, radio, and TV would be nationalised and controlled. Anyone attempting to resist would be arrested and/or killed. CONTINGENCY PLAN TO CONTAIN OR DELAY RELEASE OF INFORMATION: This plan called for the use of MAJESTIC TWELVE as a disinformation ploy to delay and confuse the release of information should anyone get close to the truth. It [the name, "MAJESTIC TWELVE"] was selected because of the similarity of spelling and the similarity to MJ-12. It was designed to confuse memory and to result in a fruitless search for material which did not exist. SOURCE OF MATERIAL CONTAINED IN THE DOCUMENTS WHICH I SAW: The source of the material was an ONI Counter-Intelligence operation against MJ-12 in order for the Navy to find out the truth of what was really going on. The Navy (at that time or at least the Navy that I worked for) was not a participant in any of this. The different services and the government conduct this type of operation against each other all the time. The result of this operation was that the Navy cut themselves in for a piece of the action (technology) and control of some projects. As you can see, this file is only a little different from my previous file. Only some names were scrambled previously to confuse the government long enough for someone to verify that what I have said is the truth. I have added information in this file that puts my life in absolute danger. I have sent a copy of this file to people all over the country and will continue to do so. Please get this file into as many hands as you can and maybe that will protect me but I doubt it. HISTORY WILL BE THE JUDGE OF ME AND THIS INFORMATION AND I HAVE NO FEAR OF THAT JUDGEMENT. I SWEAR THAT THIS INFORMATION IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE.

I wish to thank all those people who have aided me in reaching this point and for their patience and understanding. I owe you all more than I can ever repay. Finally, it does not matter who is right and who is wrong or if a project name is in the wrong place. It does not matter who is working for who or what is really what. It should be obvious by now that something sinister and terribly wrong is going on involving the government and the UFO phenomenon. We must all band together and expose it now. I have done my part in the best manner that I could. I can add nothing else except my testimony in Congress or a court of law that what I saw and have written in this file is true and that I saw it. Everything in my previous file that does not conflict with this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and some of it is from sources and research. You may combine the files to get the entire picture. Throw out only that information which conflicts with that contained in this file. There will be no further additions or corrections to this information either now or in the future. My file is complete and stands to be judged by history. Sometime in the future the exact papers that I saw will surface and you will all see this exact information contained within them.

Milton William Cooper
(What follows came along with the file above)
NOTE: When originally downloaded, this file was somewhat "hashed" by electronic telephone interference. It has been reconstructed, word for word, and re-formatted to facilitate easy reading. To the best of my knowledge and ability, not one word has been changed in the original text. However, from time to time I have added comments from my own observation and knowledge. These comments have been placed in brackets to indicate that the comments/observations are my own. The original author of this document, Mr. Milton William Cooper, is in no way responsible for these comments or observations.



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