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A Near death experience.

Unearthly Light

This paranormal experience occurred when I was 21 but would not learn that I had experience a near Death experience until 15 years later while having marital problems.
At the age of 21 I was rushed to the hospital with acute appendicitis. I was put under ( using pentathal) the next thing I would consciously recall was a nurse standing over me and calling my name in a very loud harsh manner. I recall the only thing I really wanted to to was go back to sleep. But at her insistence she demanded I stay awake, propped me up on the pillow and told my mother who was present to continue talking to me while she got the doctor. What seemed to be a few moments later , but in fact was about 15 minutes or so my doctor came into the room and said" GOOD YOUR AWAKE" and then proceeded to to examine me. He paid close attention to my eyes and asked my name, which I found somewhat strange. In a slight sarcastic tone I said. Your my doctor, don't you know? He smiled. By that time I was wide awake.

What occurred from the time the surgery took place and the time I awoke from the anastisia would not hit home until I was going to a psychologist along with my now ex wife that it would hit me that I had experienced a near death experience.

For what ever reason during one of the sessions the Psychologist and I started taking about death. And she brought up the conversation about things that even the Psychiatric community cannot explain. In doing so she described similarities people experience during what then had become known as "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE" At that very moment she was describing it to me I felt all the blood drain from my face . my palms became cold and sweaty and my heart started to palpitate.

She had just described what I had experienced while I had been in a comma for a day and a half after my appendectomy, but had just put down as a dream of sorts that I had experienced while I was slowly wakening after the surgery.
I should mention the fact that my doctor told me a day later that I had been in a comma as a result of what he believed to be a bad reaction to the Pentathol.
What the physiologist had described to me was almost a mirror image of what I had experienced during my comatose period. What I vividly remember even today 25 years after the fact is as follows

I recall being given a needle just prior to my surgical procedure. Then next thing I remember was seeing this very bright white light, all encompassing with a warmth emanating it from it unlike anything I had ever felt before. The only way to describe it was being enveloped in an all encompassing warmth unlike radiant heat or warmth from sunlight . Warmth that was all engulfing to the very soul of my body. This light was not the type of bright light that would blind you but white and glowing life a snowy cloud . It was totally irresistible and I was being drawn to it . It was beckoning me but not with word. With a feeling of offering total security and tranquility. An offer of total bliss and happiness. The only thing I can remember at that moment was I was being drawn toward that light and I wanted to go to it more than anything else I had ever done or experienced in my short 21 years of life.

From what seemed to be coming from behind me was an irritation of sorts I could not put my finger on and I was not interested in paying attention to it . I just wanted to go towards the light . This irritation thought was a noise. It kept getting loader and loader. I started to struggle with it trying to deny it but the noise was getting louder and lower and louder. It was starting to throw off my desire to reach out for this warm glowing white light that I so very much wanted to go to. The noise kept on getting louder and was starting to get me angry. But I persisted in going towards the light until it got to a point that I could not longer ignore what seemed to me to be white light that was offering total rapture.

In what seemed to me a split second decision, I reacted to that irritating noise which I realized was someone calling my name. It became louder and louder and louder until it was so unbearable I finally had to react. The Next thing I remember was opening my eyes and looking up at the face of a nurse calling my name in a very sharp shrill manner. I angrily responded and told her not to yell.

I had just returned from the brink of death. Though at the time I had no idea that was the case. Since Near death experience was not something understood let alone discussed back in the 1970.s I just ignored the whole episode . Until the day by chance that my marriage counsellor and I talked about it and helped me realize that was what it was.
If you ask me" did I berry it in my subconscious for years:? The answer would be no because I didn't understand the experience and had nothing to relate it to. Was it frightening to me to finally understand the truth about it and that I had in fact had a near death experience the answer would be ."NO"

I can tell you it has given be a better understanding of spirituality. Do I believe in GOD? Well let me say that I believe in a higher power but not in the biblical sense .I believe in a creator . That we are the embodiment of the creator as is the entire Universe. Unlike some people who , after having gone through a near death experience " did it change my life " Only to the extent, that now that I understand what I had experienced many years ago, death does not frighten me. I believe it is a transitional period to something far greater than anyone of use, clergy or other religious leaders will ever begin to understand or comprehend. They are too caught up in the biblical parable and have not had a glimpse at "the other side. Although I have and make no claim to being an expert it has just reinforced my belief that I had for a fleeting moment looked into the face of god and by his grace decided it was not my time.

The writer wishes his name to be withheld.


This next account was sent in May 2000, (a similar thing happen to me Reg)

I had a brief out of body experience years ago, during a mid-summer family vacation to the beach -- one of the outer banks of North Carolina. Because we were trying to economize, the modestly-priced beach house we rented did not have air conditioning. So we were lulled to sleep every night by the pounding Atlantic surf right outside our open window.

One night I woke up and sat up in bed, not knowing what had awakened me. My wife was asleep beside me. I quickly realized that something very odd was going on. I became certain (without looking) that my body was still lying flat on the bed, yet I was sitting up. It was unlike any dream, however vivid, that I had ever experienced. I remain convinced that it was an out of body experience, that I was not dreaming. But I cannot put into words how I "knew." I strongly sensed that the regular "me" was still unconscious. I lay back down, my heart pounding from excitement. I fairly quickly went back to sleep, but recall thinking how curious and wonderful the experience had been.

I often have thought about that experience and have wished that I could repeat it, out of curiosity, yes, but also out of wonder and awe that we are capable of such things. As enablers one might credit the noise and rhythm of the surf, the unaccustomed heat, the absence of distractions and preoccupations I would have experienced if at home, my relaxed state after a few days on the beach, who can tell? But from that day forward I have had a newfound respect for the paranormal.

Mike McGregor Double Oak, Texas USA


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