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I was sent the following by someone who wish's to be known only as derek, you see why as you read below his paranormal experience. 

Just a background on myself I earned my living as a long distance driver, on this particular day, nearly four years ago I arrived near a place in south wales called drefach, I had two pallets to offload and I had arrived at 5.00pm, asking one of the warehouse staff if they could just offload my pallets, they just turned around and began to talk to themselves in welsh, I then approach what look like a more friendly member of staff, to be just told no way "on your bike" come back in the morning, so I just resigned myself to find somewhere to park up for the night. Travelling for about one to two miles I parked up in a lay-by and settled down for the night, ensuring I locked the cab doors. Well at about 11.00pm to 11.30pm the wagon began to shake violently for what seemed like a couple of minutes it stop as suddenly as it had begun, looking into the wing mirrors to see who was messing about but there was no one in sight, I was still mulling it about in my head when with no warning the passenger door began to shake and the handle was violently turning looking into the wing mirror there was no one there I was terrified, what the hell was going on. 
All during the night on and off the wagon shook and both doors were being bang and the handles twisted as though someone or something was trying to get in, I just tucked myself into the sleeping bag, hoping it would stop, some were along the night I managed to fall asleep, I awoke about 7.00am, upon opening the drivers door I noticed a lorry parked behind me, thinking this was the answer to what had happen to me that night, I approach the other lorry feeling quite annoyed. The other driver was already up and open his door, before I could say anything he said you must have had a good night with that woman of yours, keeping me awake and rocking your lorry, asking what he meant he then went on to explain to me how he saw the lorry rocking madly from side to side on and off though out the night. I left him thinking that I had had a woman otherwise he would have thought me a lunatic.  Well that would have been that had not the following happen, we all get the urge to mess about with the weegi board and about two years after the above I was with friends we all put our hands on the glass using the board, when suddenly the glass began to move about board madly swearing at us telling us to f*** o** it did this three times, when questioned why it was behaving thus it spelled get off, when asked who, the glass rushed towards me, I immediately let go, they then asked it why it had picked me,the glass then spelled out drefach, we all looked at each other not knowing what it meant, then I remembered (I can tell you as was shocked) I asked what happen that night, glass spelled out evil was trying in to get you, devil, then I asked it why, it simply said to kill you, cannot say more go. And I left it at that. 

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Is this a Astral Projection ?

This is a account I downloaded from a news group, make of it what you will, but one thing of note is that with practice you can achieve Out of Body Experience WITHOUT the use of any drugs (Reg).

I Guess I Need To Relate This All To An Experience I Had Several Years ago that Is only now becoming apparent In its nature. currently I am reading adventures beyond the body, W.Buhlman and the tao of physics,Fritjof Capra. and am considering increasing my effort... anyway I was about 21 years old and completing my PADI SCUBA instructor course. I felt bad one afternoon and skipped the afternoon leasons opting for a nap. (through my reading i understand a possible explanation for these events) I became concious but was completely paralysed to the point that breathing was a concentrated effort. In the room with me where other students from the course. They were telling me "come on lets go." then they disappeared and they calling started again this time from outside the room knocking on the door. I was desperately trying to let them know that I was there and could see them. I felt if they didn't see me I was going to die, literally. slowly the calls became more distant and my panic increased, I was dying I knew it. Gathering my strength for one last effort I was going to jump up no if ands or buts concentrating I leapt out of my body (I think). in what seemed like a nanosecond I was concious on the bed a bit woosy and freaked out.

I am shaking writing about this and I am now 27. I have a relatively habitual POT habit (could this be the reason behind this Astral experiencs?) but exercise and maintain a healthy omnivorous diet. I normally do not have memory of my dreams although some intense ones stick with for a few moments after. Nothing compares to the described experience.

I have only just come to these conclusions over the last 3 weeks and have attempted now on several occasions to have a controlled experience. I believe that the past experience was possible because I was in a highly relaxed state. The scuba instructor course maintains a need for highly developed controlled breathing and comfort zone in different environment. Hence my mind was more receptive than it is now with stresses of work and relationships.

Last night I had what I think was the closest episode. I have always been fascinated by that point/moment right before sleep so as I go through my visualisation exercises I know kind od what i am looking for. (its frustrating because I keep switching from affirmation "I am OOB NOW" and room visualisation) so anyway i became extremly lucid right at that moment before sleep. I got so excited I physically began to smile and lost it. Surprisingly I was able to get back again unfortunately to the same conclusion. before I knew it I was pushing snooze and it was 630am. what do I do now, I think I am on the right track and am convinced that this is a must for my growth and evolution of conciousness. If anyone has had the patience to read this I thank you and if you have the time to respond many more thanks...

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This is not strictly Paranormal, but the use of White magic, kindly donated here by Isis.(you will find a link to her page in my links page)


From May of 1986 to May of 1989 we were assigned to a Wildflecken, West Germany, at what was now a US Army Military post, but during the war it had been used as a Nazi German base of operations. It was during this time my awakening began as to who I Am and why I am here, but that was another story, printed in a previous issue. The story I wish to share with you now is one of the most wonderful experiences of my lifetime - the setting free of fifteen children's souls held captive since World War II, by the forces of darkness. These children were all between the ages of four and six when they died. It all began when the Forces of Light worked to bring four people together in one corner of the world for a specific purpose. Linda, who lived four blocks from me in my home state, her children and mine went to the same High School, yet we had never met before Germany. We had both recently married military men, and shortly thereafter our husbands were assigned a three year tour in Wildlfecken, Germany, albeit her husbands assignment was changed to Wildflecken, from another post upon arrival in Germany, not only assigned to the same post, but the same unit as my husband. Coincidence? I think not. Linda, is a "sensitive" and psychic and had worked for the State Police before coming to Germany. Linda's guide is a Yaqui Indian named Bylle. Then there was Rhonda, her husband also assigned to the same post, worked in a video rental store right outside the post front gate, where military people went to rent movies, and where Linda became acquainted with her. Rhonda was a practicing Wiccan Priestess. Then there was Horus and I. We all were brought together through various circumstances between the time of our arrival May 31, 1986 and before this adventure began October 3, 1988.

October 3, 1988- We had a session with Archangel Michael. Linda, Horus and I were gathered together so Linda could ask questions. Horus, who at that time was the instrument through which messages were being received from Archangel Michael by the use of a Ouija board. Linda, worked on the US Military post in Wildflecken cleaning offices and other buildings, one of which was being used as a Day Care Center for military families. She was very concerned about the Day Care Center as she had "felt" bad vibrations within that building, and feelings of despair from "something" there. The children being cared for there seemed to be in a constant uproar, the older children fighting, and the babies always crying. Even the teachers and care givers were having problems with one another. The care givers and teachers were at a loss as to why all of this confusion and chaos. The pictures the small children would color were always in dark hideous colors and scribbled instead of colored. You could see the influence "something" in that building was having on them in their pictures. Linda: "Michael, why do people see children's faces in the upper window of the building where the attic is?" Michael: "Because they were in the war and war became hell for them. They are crying out to be released." Linda: "This was during the war when Hitler's regime was in force in Germany. I think we must go there Michael. They must be talking to me. I have felt in one room of that building. . . ." Michael: "Yes, I know. . . . .a Death chamber." Linda: "The vibrations have come to me from those children. I need to take another strong soul with me and walk them through that building. I feel there are things we will need once we go there. I can almost see them. What is it we will need?" Michael: "You can take Isis and Rhonda with you. You will be guided to those things which you will need by Bylle and myself, but these things will only be needed at later date. Go now and speak with Bylle." The following is the message received by Linda through automatic writing from Bylle later that same night: "Be not afraid when I say it is I who enters. I send to thee three white rings of protection. The sword of light, to chaste thine enemies. The bridge of fire, to set souls free. Let all held in bondage be free. Like the Indians, all spirits seek to be free. Let the masses form as one with the thread of light. Drown the masses, so no evil may follow. Evil fears the waters. Bury the shatters where no evil may seek them out. This ritual, burn the feathers scatter them to the winds and let them fly. Atone thy self with oil and burnt charcoal. Grace is with thee, sent on the cat with gold eyes. All have passed when you see the "threads of gold." Ye are of love and goodness. Thy life is forever.

The next night Rhonda and I accompanied Linda to building housing the Day Care Center, after it was closed. As we walked through the building there were certain areas we could feel fear and evil. As I walked by one room that was now being used as a laundry room I felt the fear, pain and terror of many children - this was the death chamber - the room the Nazi's used to torture and kill the children that were taken from their parents. The following is taken from my notes as to what we were led to do and how we proceeded to set these 15 souls free from the Forces of Darkness: October 5,1988 On this night between the hours of 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. Rhonda (Shalanah) initiated Linda (Running Fawn), myself (Isis) and Horus were initiated into WICCA witchcraft. We formed a coven, THE SEERS and then proceeded with the circle of protection. The circle of protection was also to be done preceeding the exorcism we will perform on the night of October 6,1988. Linda, myself and Rhonda will perform the exorcisms Gene (her guide) will be with Rhonda, Bylle will be with Linda, Michael will oversee and be with us all. Rhonda will draw the souls of the children into the blade of a ceremonial knife. Linda and I will channel to bring the souls across and out to Rhonda. Rhonda is then to put the souls from the knife into wax doll figures, one a boy and one a girl, which we had to hand mold. The figures will then be put into a container of water. Bylle will then enter with the Sword of Light, after we have left the circle of protection in the building housing the Day Care Center. This is to be performed on October 6, as this is the anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust. That is why it was so important that we do this now.

October 5,1988 Prayer given to us by Bylle to be said in the circle of protection both the night before and on the night of the exorcism: "I command the forces of the universe to bring forth those who seek to come together in love and peace in all things in harmony with the universe. I summon thee the old ones, to bring forth the Great Warriors, the burning fires, to grant me their wisdom and to forever hold my thought's and keep them pure. Swiftning rivers to grant me haste and wash away my path, if my enemies track me. Mighty winds, to make speed of my journey, hence mine enemies try to cast me with their shadow. Gentle rains, the tears of the of the Old Ones, to keep me humble with-in and with-out. I summon the Old One to now and forever be at the front of mine enemies. To be forever at my back, so mine enemies may forever not know I have passed before them. GRACE GRACE EMNAE EMNAE FROM BEYOND FEUTO EPTUS October 6,1988 -- Anniversary of The Nazi Holocaust Linda and Rhonda arrived at our home, we gathered together the items needed; candles, incense, wine, goblet, holy water, bell, wax children's figures, a container of water, charcoal and linseed oil.

Linda, Rhonda, Horus and myself gathered together in the one circle of protection, candles lit in the four corners, east, north, south and west. We drank a toast to the God and the Goddess, said the prayer Bylle had given us and then holding hands we chanted: "Suffer not the little children that come unto thee, may God bless us and keep us one and three." Linda then called out the fifteen names of the children we had retrieved from the mass grave in Metgenfeld. She began to channel and could see the children begin to scatter to the four corners, we all felt them and their fear. The forces that were holding them there were telling them we were the evil ones. Linda saw one held in the air by the dark forces, as much as to Say. . ."You miss one and you get none." We then clasped our hands into fists as if holding on to a chain, holding the children to us. We could feel the force of the children trying to pull away. When we finally released our hold, once again the children ran in all directions. We knew we would have to cover every room in the building being exorcized. Linda, Rhonda and I left to get the children's souls and free them, Horus remained to be guardian of the circle.

We left my apartment in Gersfeld at approximately 10 pm. Rhonda was driving Linda's car and the minute we entered the car to drive the fifteen minute drive to the post it began pouring rain. Upon entering the post gate Linda's car lost the dim lights, all we had was bright lights, which made it extremely hard to see in the pouring rain. I was holding the key to door of the Day Care Center in my hand and less than a block, from building 45, where the Day Care Center was housed, the key began to get hot. It was as if some force was trying to get me to drop it. We parked in the parking lot in front of the building and noticed as we got out of the car that next to the front tire there lay a child's large rubber black and white ball, we took it into the building with us. As we entered the door, Rhonda had her knife holding it in both hands with the blade up, she said "Oh no you don't, this is my knife." She said, the handle of the knife got hot in her hands.

The three of us walked through the Day Care Center, Linda and I opening every door as Rhonda with her knife drew a pentagram on the doors, so the dark forces could not close them behind us. With all the doors open we proceeded to make another circle of protection, entered and repeated the ritual we had just done at the house, then we all sat down inside the circle. I looked at the candle, closed my eyes, and was at once inside the channel. The first thing I saw was the entities, Bylle, Gene and Michael, horizontally, one on top of the other, and then they disappeared and all I could see was blue lights as if they were shining down the sides of a tunnel and the tunnel was coming to me, faster and faster. Then I saw the children's souls, small white lights fifteen of them all in a group. I could feel their fear as they scattered in all directions. At that same moment Rhonda felt something behind her, she and Linda saw a shadow slither behind me, going around the circle trying to find a way into the circle. It then became dark in the channel., no light, I could feel the children's fear and I began to talk to them, telling them to not fear us we were there to help them.

Linda entered the channel and talked to the children. The channel was still dark, with just a flash of blue light now and then. Rhonda began to call out their names one by one and Linda saw the children begin to come out of hiding. I Could not see them but could feel them. We continued to talk to them, trying to take away their fear and bring them to us, telling them to come toward the white light, to stay together and hurry. The souls of the children slowly came out of hiding and gathered together then came across to us. You could feel the dark forces trying to keep them there. As the souls entered Rhonda's knife she said the vibrations were very strong, a feeling as if her hands and arms had gone to sleep and then awakened. After the fifteen souls had entered the knife blade, she then had to convince them to not fear and enter the wax boy and girl figure. As soon as the last soul entered the figures the dolls were joined together with string and then put into the container of water. (evil fears the waters) I believe that is why it had rained hard all day and night, until we would enter the last circle later that night. (The white rings of protection.) We then left the circle and that is when Linda saw Bylle with the Sword of Light. He remained in front of us as we left and closed each door behind us as quickly as we could.

We had driven but a block when we stopped for a Stop street and Rhonda driving Linda's car and not familiar with the brakes, plus combined with the wet streets, the car lurched and when it did one of the dolls fell out of the bucket of water into Linda's hand. She said she saw one of the souls in her hand and felt something outside the car trying to get in. We were able to get the soul back into the doll and proceeded on to the burial site, where the last ritual was to be performed to free the souls. The rain came down harder almost in sheets and made seeing to drive almost impossible, as we drove slowly toward the mountain and the burial site. Once again about a mile from the burial site as we started up the mountain, we lost our dim lights and had to drive the rest of the way with just high beams.

We arrived at the foot of another small mountain and parked the car. It was now between 12:30 and fifteen minutes to one in the morning. In the pouring rain and pitch black, it was hard to get your bearings and find the one burial site around the other side of the mountain. We were close to the rock we were to use for an alter when I called upon Michael to help us find it. I had no sooner asked and the beam of the flashlight fell upon the rock. Once again we made the last circle of protection and repeated as much of the ritual as we could. Due to the rain and wind we could not use the candles and incense. Rhonda asked for a blessing upon the circle and then began to dig a hole with her knife to bury the wax boy and girl dolls. Before they were to be buried (in hallowed ground), the figures had to be broken so the souls could be free to cross over.

Linda placed the dolls wrapped in children's tattered clothing upon several pieces of charcoal in the hole. The linseed oil was then poured upon the dolls and the children's souls blessed to be sent on their journey home. Next a small bag of dry leaves were placed on top and set on fire (the bridge of fire, the feathers burned (tattered clothing) and scattered to the wind.) As the fire burned out the sparks from the fire burned in streaks, (all have passed when you see threads of gold). A feeling of release and exuberance came over the three of us, the rain stopped as we marked our foreheads with the burnt charcoal and linseed oil, in the form an encircled cross. We then covered the figures with the dirt taken from the hole.

Walking back to the car and feeling so happy we glanced up to the sky and the clouds parted, there we saw a group of fifteen lights, like stars, as the souls we had just set free passed over on their "journey home." Finally to have peace and love after all these years in bondage. We felt so honored to be witness to this. October 7,1988 - - The day after this ritual, lightening struck the steel cross atop the mountain where we buried the dolls, completely disintegrating it. Michael said it was retribution.

This is another account donated by Isis
The Rainbow

Our first attempt at contacting the "other side" was in 1987, and we used a Ouija board. Now I had been brought up to believe these things were satanic so it was a great surprise to me when one day I felt compelled to buy one. We spoke at first with several entities who just wanted to play games and so we realized at later date, when we became more "awakened" and aware, that we were tapping into the astral plane. So I stopped trying to use it. But my husband continued on a regular basis and soon he was able to use it alone.

Several weeks after my husband was proficient at using this instrument he contacted his brother Gene, who had transitioned over in 1979. We had many conversations with him concerning the after life among other subjects.

We were stationed in Germany at the time and lived on the second floor of a farm house on the top of a mountain. You could see for miles from there, the view was utterly breath taking. One Saturday in particular my husband and I were having a conversation with Gene; it was a warm summer sunny day, no clouds in the sky. We had asked Gene if he could manifest himself so we could see him and he said yes of course he could, but not as we would expect. So as we kept trying to talk him into doing so he told us to look out off our balcony. Low and behold there came the most beautiful double rainbow slowing appearing in the sky as if someone had just began drawing it from one end to the other. Gene said, "You see me? I am beautiful aren't I?" I asked him if he could hold that while I ran and got my video camera. He did and I filmed the whole experience. When he would say, "I am leaving now." You could see the rainbow slowly disappear and when he would say, "I am coming back now." You would see him come back. We are all light forces within a human body. Light forces made up of the beautiful "Cosmic spectrum of rainbow colors."

We had made contact also with my mother who had passed away in 1969 and the Ouija board was where I first made contact, or I should say re-contact with Archangel Michael who has guided my steps ever since. Many people have bad experiences with the Ouja board because they do not know how to protect themselves from the lower spirits that can come through any open "doorway." I wanted share the positive side of using this Oracle. Please visit my web sites ( you will find the link on my Links page Reg). And please leave the addresses on my article if you use it on your web site

. Namaste' Isis Editor/Publisher

This is something I have had a similar experience of, is there life after death?, here is a account by someone from Holland.
Out of Body Experience

If anybody has any paranormal experience that I can post on my website, please email me. URL website see below. Please also let me know if you like it anonymous, with or without email and with or without personal name. You can also post experiences in Dutch Language.

My OBE About 15 jears ago I got a heavy accident. (Now 1998) Doing some necessary repair work, someone suddenly yelled "watch out". But almost at the same time, a heavy oak crossbeam felt on my head. The first thing was that I heard a immense humming sound, sounding like bees, but not around my head, but inside my head. It was a very irritating noise. Then I felt down on the floor and I know I was unconsciousness. I remember that I tought "How strange to know that". The man who yelled, started to walk tough the phone and I followed him. So I walked after him, trough the corridor to the room where the phone stood. I heard every word he sayd, he was very short "Can you send a ambulance, something happened here at "address" with Denis". Because the man of the ambulances who listened to the call and both the men who drive the ambulance knows me, no more explanations were given, also because the caller was upset with what just happened to me. He was afraid I was dead.

He only called about 10 to 15 seconds, because he said no more than these words. He put down the phone without any further explanation. Then something strange happened. He just lay down the phone, and I already heard the siren. That was almost impossible. I know that they have to come from about 3 km about (2 miles) far from there base. There was no time between the call and the siren, so I wander how this could happened so fast. Thinking on that I suddenly stood on the corner of the road, about 200 meters from where the accident took place and from the phone. But also that happened immediately as I thought on the siren. I also couldn't have walk so far, because there was no time in between. I just suddenly stood there. I did also immediately see the ambulance coming from about 700 meters far. When they turned into the 200 meters long driveway, so they passed me, I saw them coming to me again, but now from the place where they should stop to enter inside where the accident took place. (looks like a movie made with two camera's) Again this was strange because indeed again I had moved immediately from one point to another, without walking the 200 meters. I also couldn't have walked faster then the ambulance who was driving at high speed.

When they stopped, I recognized them both, and I was standing at the door from the van. They jumped out of the van and I thought that they should come to me, because they know me, and because they know I got a accident. But no way, I even got to get out of the way, because they walked to close at my side. Even not knowing what was happening to me, a lot of things where at least very strange. They don't even looked at me, and went inside immediately. Then the only thing I then remember was that I just stood up from where I got unconscious. So they wanted to took me away on the brancard, but I was feeling well and refused to lay down on the brancard. They told me that it was a rule, but ok, they saw I was only bleeding very hard down my face, because of skinwounds, I could sit, while the other came to sit next to me, after washing some of the blood away, that was still flowing from the wounds. It was I wonder I survived the accident. The wooden pillar, must have hit me with a weight of several hundreds of pounds, because it weight about a 160 pounds and was falling from about 2 meter above my head. Then of course, very busy with my mind, a bit upset , trying to solve the puzzle of what kind of strange things happened to me, and also thinking on the hospital where they drove me to, I still didn't realize that I got a out of my body experience. But it came to my thought while driving and I was very sure of it.

First there was that sound, alright, maybe it was because of the accident. I then walked immediately after the man to the phone, in that condition, and knowing I was unconscious! Just like it was the most normal thing in the world. (looks a bit like in the film "Ghost" where the man who just got killed, ran after his murderer, without looking back) So if a got a OBE, than I did not see my body, because I didn't look at it, but because I immediately followed the caller. The next strange thing was, that I heard the siren immediately after the very short call, what wasn't possible because they had to travel a way before I could hear them.

When I wander how they could be there already in a short distance, I saw them immediately in front of the corner between the road and the long driveway, with was surrounded by bushes and trees. So I surely could not have seen them coming from the driveway, only if you stand on the end of the driveway. Even if the bushes and the trees weren't there there were still house along the street blocking the sight. They would have stopped if they saw me. They also wouldn't go in, because I was in front of them when they get out the car.

Then I also remembered, I also jumped away for the man who called the ambulance, just like he did not saw me, and was going to walk through me. I am very sure they all didn't saw me. The "walk trough" would also almost have happened when the men from ambulance got out of the car. It was very clear they did not saw me, they also don't even looked. I got up from my unconsciousness when I thought back to where my body lies. So, my conclusion is that I sure have got a Out of the body experience. Things were to strange, asking myself one question after another how these things could happened. There was also no "time in between" the happenings. I surely have not walked to the front of the street, because this would cost me also several minutes. I just thought it and there I stood. Everything was really happening, it was very very real, not blurred, no hallucination, nothing. I also asked everything out to anybody about the things I saw and heard.

Something strange about time: Things were happening in real time, but they followed without "time in between". I know I wrote things twice, but I want everybody to realize it very good. It was only when I was back into my body that I realized that I have got a OBE. Now I also can understand, why somebody who just died can think there still alive. I want you to realize that everything was very real, including the feeling of my body, but without pain. I was feeling quit relax and peaceful to. No panic at all, just thinking that strange things happened all the time that I couldn't explain. I am very sure that I got a OBE, even after those 15 years, but I still suffer from chronic pain in the neck. The insurance didn't pay a dime, because it would go away and because I couldn't prove the headache and the whiplash was because of the accident. I even got sick for a whole year, and know that I am 41 I also almost lost my work because of it. Because I also already was interested in the paranormal, and because of this experience, I was totally convinced, once more when I was reading books on OBE's and I found out that most, first hear a irritable humming or ringing before the OBE. I have never ever in my life heard a sound like this very strange sound, that was inside and so real that I really almost got to believe that there was rushing a swarm of bees in my head. So, since then I joined a paranormal association, now I am leading one myself... I have to make a very good complement to the maker of the film "Ghost" because with my experience and what I know now, I know he must have study the stuff really very good. People who have any paranormal experiences can write me. If possible and if you agree with your confirmation, I will post your stories to my webside in your original writing, with or without name. You can also write me, if you wish not to post it on my website. Greetings, (Aura-Oasis Para-SITE; Dutch Paranormal site, with both English and Dutch articles about the semi-scientific paranormal)

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