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This is a strange ghostly account sent in by David McGrede Anderson.

Sometime in the summer of either 1994 or 1995 (I canít remember which) I was living in Lubbock, Texas on 15th Street, just off University Avenue, near Texas Tech University. I had an apartment there in the rear of the main house on the street....(I must say that this is not a very scary, scary story, but it nonetheless is a very, very true story!)

One day that summer Jason (one of my buddies) dropped by just to say "hello", took off his tennis shoes and put his feet up on the desk. We lounged around a little, listened to a little "Counting Crows" and he decided to take his leave. When he put his feet into his shoes he found the inside of the shoes to be soaking wet...not Ďdampí...soaking wet!

Well, it had not rained in a month or more, there were no puddles in the road or on the sidewalk. Jason, of course, accused me of playing a practical joke, but I had no more idea than he of how that water got into those shoes. He accused me of playing a joke;: I accused him of stepping into a puddle.

I had just two days earlier purchased a new telephone from Radio Shack and all had been working well with it until, for no reason known to me, I could not dial out. A friend dropped by, J.T.", and he had a look at it before I took it back for a new one. In the process he turned it over and water poured out from every crack and crevice in that telephone machine...didnít leak, IT POURED!

J.T. suggested that I might have spilled some cocktail into the microphone holes ( I was known to imbibe somewhat a few years ago) but I did not! We could never answer the riddle.

At this juncture I called my friend Bob in Austin, explaining that I might have an unusual and most unwelcome guest in my house. I told my friend about Jasonís soaked shoes and my waterlogged telephone but the most sympathy I could wrest out of my old friend ,Bob, was a name for my nemesis..."Aquaghost"! Yeah, Aqua...water... I got it.

Within ten hours I went to my "wall of tapes" as I called it...a rack of cassette tapes lined up ten high and ten across against the wall. The one in particular I was searching for lay in the middle, so that when I tried to get it out I had to hold the ones surrounding it up and aside...The Beatles, I think, but thatís not important right now. What is important is that one cassette tape case (and no other anywhere around it was filled with water.....

In the backyard are two graves.....two dogs buried in the 1930ís. Any connection? I donít know. Aquaghost? Who knows.

David McGrede Anderson

May 5, 2001

Ghostly Happenings

This ghostly account sent in by Matthew.

Around by me there are loads of ghost stories and I have heard from people who have had experiences with them and I have even seen one or two myself. My house used to be haunted by a what we think was a little boy called James.

He used to appear mostly when I had friends over but none of them would believe it. Except for my friend Nick, he is the one who had the U.F.O encounter, he would believe and he was scared because everytime James would appear he would look at the daggers hanging from above my bedroom door and ask to go somewhere else in the house.

I knew he wouldn't hurt us though because he only used to appear as different shapes of light and at night he would make quiet noises. Do you know why that might be? I don't have a clue! I also think I know how he came to my house, but that's a long story. Anyway, best be going.



This ghostly account was sent in by Marilyn, who require more information, can anyone help.

I'm searching the web for stories of ghosts in Carnegie Hall. The reason I ask is that I'm SURE I experienced sharing space with some spirits there.

When I was about 12 years old (that would be in 1971) my sister and I took dance lessons in Carnegie Hall. She, being more into the dance thing than I, took several more lessons. Therefore, it left me with lots of spare time to explore the old building (the back part of it, not the theatre itself). This building had many nooks & crannies. It had stairwells that went from the top of the building to the bottom. Some that only went partially up/down, then you'd have to follow hallways and take another to continue in your ascent/descent.

I didn't remember this incident (and details still elude me) until about 4 years ago. I had a dream about a stairwell with spirits rising up. These spirits seemed benevolent. Upon awakening, I felt a realization that I did, infact, visit with some spirits in Carnegie Hall over two decades ago. I reiterate, I lack detailed memory, but there is something inside me that feels that I experienced a meeting with some spirits.

Do you know of anyone who's had an experience with spririts in Carnegie Hall? I presume, they are the spirits of the artists who had performed there over the years.

I am really looking forward to hearing of similar experiences. If you can help me it would be very much appreciated.



Weird Knocks

This ghostly account sent in by Matthew.

After much thought I have decided to tell my story about a night in the Crescent.

My wife and I were married the day before in Eureka Springs and Had plans to stay at the Crescent in room 218 {which I reserved 3 months earlier}

We arrived late in the day after a long day of canoeing. My new bride was exhausted and quickly went to sleep not worried about the so called "Ghost."

So as I was waiting for a Kansas City Chiefs preseason game to begin I was left to find the ghost myself. I tried everything that you weren't supposed to do like changing the furniture around and slightly moving a picture on the wall and even asking the ghost to appear to no avail.
Finally I gave up and decided to wait for the game to start and forget about all the nonsense. Then I heard voices outside of the door and as I looked out the peep hole I saw that there were people who would stop in front of the door and talk about the famous room 218.
That's when I decided I would have a little fun. Still looking through the peep hole everytime someone would come close to the door I would turn the knob a little or tap on the door with my new wedding ring. This was great I was having a fun time scaring people. Then as I was waiting for more victims I was tapping my ring on the door then paused to see how long till the Chiefs game began but when I stopped tapping the tapping was still there. Thinking I was now the joke of someone on the outside I opened the door quickly but no one was around. I then decided I had came in touch with the ghost and he was also a jokester also. For the rest of the night I behaved myself

Tony Stauch

Ghost House 2

This account sent in by katherine.

My name is Sonya, the story im about to tell happened to my father, about forty years ago and he still tells the story like it happened to him yesterday, my father and mother had just had my baby brother the third son, and had moved into a new house, my mother was from this town my father was not,

Now my mother knew the elderly couple who once lived in the house, the elderly woman at that time had passes away, and a few days ater they moved into the house the elderly man passed away, my father said he began to experience some terible feelings,he told me once that he was setting in the living room , and a light caught his eye,he said he began to watch the light go up the bedroom wall , he said then it would go down the wall,he said that he watched it for several minutes.
My father said the rocking chair they used to rock my brother to sleep with would rock all the time, then come to a sudden stop.things that he told my mother about the things that was happening to him ; she refused to belive him, he said things would move like furniture and dishes.

Father told me many times he felt like something was watching him, well as I told you my mother didnt belive him, and she said one day she was warming the baby bottle up, all the while holding my brother,she later said that something came running up on her in the kitchen, and began to breath down her neck, she told me she was so scared that she run out the door with the baby, and refused to go back into the house untill my father got home from work.

From what I have been told things was quite for awhile after that, until one day my dad said that he needed to go to the out building, he said as went through the yard he seen a man with his head down walking toward the building , he thought that when he got to the building he would find the man, the man was no place to be found, he said the man had on a railroad hat and a pair of bibs and a blue jean jump jacket.

He went back and ask my mother what the elderly man wore most times, I remember she knew the family, she told my father, he said thats when he realized the man he seen in the yard was not real.
He later told me looking back on that day, he knew for a fact what he seen was not of this world, he also told me that he wishes he would have torn down the wall , where he kept seeing the lights he followed,he said he felt like who ever it was did not want us there, we left the house a week later, my parents are now well into there sixties . and they still talk about how afraid they was in that house, and to know them you would know that they are telling the truth.


More on Cresent Hotel

This account sent in by D.Meadows.

Regarding the Cresent Hotel that another person wrote in about, I can clear up this mystery for you. Yes, the hotel is haunted and it is surprising that the employees do not discuss it since they do ghost tours throughout the hotel, and while we were there this past October, the employees spoke openly about it. Perhaps this was not so in 1995, but today, you can even visit their website and see actual photos taken by guest who had mysterious images appear in photos, and sent them to their website.

The Cresent Hotel was bought in the 1800's by a man named Norman Baker, he claimed to be a Dr. and he claimed he had found the cure for cancer. His patients were mostly wealthy, older people, and when they dissapeared - he claimed that they had been cured and left. What was soon discovered is that he was doing experiments on cancer patients in the basement, and when they patients died, the nurses waited till night time to roll the bodies out of the hotel and down to a crematory on the property.

Once suspision set in, the doctor put snipers on top of the 4th story roof of the hotel to protect his private business from invasion. Dr. Baker later died of Cancer, and it is known now that he was never a Dr. of any kind. One can only speculate if he knew he had cancer, and this was his reason for all the expierments, or was it a payback for using cancer victims, and taking their assets. One cannot know for sure.

At night, you can hear the wheels roll down the corridors as the nurses roll out another patient. Often, people have stopped to talk to man who is wearing a white suit, suddenly the man says he has an appointment, and then turns and dissapears. He seems to fit the image of the late Mr.Baker.

Is all this true? Well my brother who does not believe in ghost at all, Just had his wedding reception on the top floor of the hotel. We took a ghost tour down to the basement and it still has the same autopsy table there, with a drain. The tour guide spoke of some incredible things that went on there. My brother and his wife have stayed at the hotel many times, and on one visit, he was distracted by the background noises coming from the hall outside while watching t.v.

He asked his wife to turn down the t.v., and when she did, he was shocked that he could hear wheels rolling down the hall. They looked at each other, both stunned.
He jumped out of bed and ran to the door, sure that he could solve this mystery- certainly there was someone out there, but when he flung open the door, the noise was gone and the long hall, completely empty. Lets just say my little brother is a little more opened minded about such matters.

I loved the place, it is a beautiful place and ghost dont bother me at all. We have them now, and I have lived in many haunted places before, so I suppose I am just use to it, and it does not shock me as might some people. So I look forward to going back to the Cresent Hotel, next time as an overnite guest rather than a wedding guest.

Eureka Springs is a wonderful town, nice people, and rich in history. I dream of living there someday, and even working at the Cresent Hotel. And is it haunted??? Yep, You betcha !!! As haunted as they get!!

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