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Norfolk Broad Ghost

This is a true account sent in by John Chittock.

Many years ago we went with four friends for a yachting holiday on the Norfolk Broads in England - a vast series of waterways and rivers in lovely open countryside. One night we moored at a desolate spot on a quiet, still and very dark night.

My wife and I were in the middle cabin, each in a single bunk. Another young husband and wife were in the forepeak berth. And two young single friends in single berths near the well. I couldn't sleep, mainly because I became obsessed with a fear of water rats coming on board (no justification for the fear - I just convinced myself it was a possibility). After about 10 minutes I heardnoises outside - perhaps like the movement of rats I thought. I stiffened and sat up in bed, and the noise became a steady knocking with a perfect rhythm; no rats could do that. The regular knocking noise became louder; in a frightened whispered voice to my wife, I asked "did you hear that?" She is more sane than me, doesn't really believe in these things, but concurred she did hear it and from her voice was clearly unsettled. The knocking started again, regular, and I then wondered if it was the sheets (ropes) hanging alongside the mast with a block and tackle banging against the mast. I slid open the window to look - the noise stopped, the sheets hung limply down the mast, the burgee (flag) at the top like a wet sock. The water was like a mill pond. I withdrew my head inside the cabin, when the knocking then started again. I now whispered out more loudly to the two young men in the cabin at the well end "did you hear that Don?" A very frightened Don answered in a sotto voce "yes" - although a sensible chap, he was obviously frightened. As the three of us awake pondered silently without further conversation - apprehensive about talking - the whole vessel suddenly swung and crashed against the side of the bank, and with such violence that the crockery and other objects shook all over the place. Just one crash. For a moment there was a hurried refuge to the bedclothes. We then cautiously looked out of the windows - no sign of any cause, the river absolutely still, no wind, no other boats in sight.

I guess we did finally get to sleep that night, but very apprehensive. The next morning we found that the married couple in the forepeak (he the most stable disbeliever of all of us) had slept through the entire experience. None the less, the three of us (and maybe the fourth single man) were considerably bewildered, just couldn't understand what had happened.

We went up on to the bank and conducted a very thorough search of the surroundings and river nearby and could find no trace of any clue that would explain the occurrence. The yacht was a very large vessel, sleeping six people, a heavy Broads yacht, and its sudden crash against the side of the bank would have required a considerable force.

We never found an explanation. But we did discover that the Norforlk Broads - a beautiful area in the East of England - has stories of hauntings by Roman soldiers (the whole of East Anglia has more than its fair share of Roman history/occupation). It is indeed alleged that Roman soldiers haunt the Broads.

We did return for another holiday the following year, but it was uneventful and a lovely time had by all.

Since then, a close friend of my older brother, Professor Derek Price, moved from England to Princeton University. His subject was physics and mathematics. He was the coolest, most rational, scientific, logical thinker I have ever known. Completely unflappable. He experienced a serious heart attack and was operated on in the States. He later recounted that during this he had a Near Death Experience, floating out of his body up to the ceiling and looking down on to the operating table where his body was being attended by surgeons. He described things in the room that he could not have seen from the prone position of his body on the bed. I never received from him an attempted explanation for this, but it made an indelible impression on him.

My wife and I own a beautiful Old Vicarage in Suffolk, part 14th century with church and churchyard next door (no longer used for burials). Situated in a very quiet cluster of three lovely country houses and almshouses. The house has oak beams, an incredible history, the home of vicars over many centuries. But surprisingly, we always feel very comfortable there, it is not eerie but a warm and friendly house. Even when I have gone round the grounds in pitch darkness, walking alongside the churchyard with the gravestones just visible beyond our boundary, I have never been frightened (although the sort susceptible to that) - it all just seems very beautiful, peaceful, with very natural surroundings of mature trees etc. Odd really. The house has its own personality, which is a happy one. Perhaps all those vicars helped. And maybe the 37 yew trees that my wife has counted in our ground (along with many other kinds of trees). Yew trees are of course supposed to keep evil spirits away.

I once saw in Suffolk also a flying object (saucer?) at great height, a white disc that moved very fast, changed direction suddenly, stopped, moved again rapidly. Quite amazing and has made me believe these things do exist.

In my childhood at the age of about 14 during the war, I more mundanely claimed (and still claim) to have found a comet visible to the naked eye. It was quite large with the unusual characteristic of three nucleii instead of the usual one. We tried to contact Greenwich Observatory, but as the war was in its early days they just didn't answer the telephone. The comet was observed over three nights in my telescope, moving slowly across the constellation of Gemini. Following a letter to Greenwich Observatory, we eventually received an uninterested reply stating no objects of this kind had been reported by anyone else and it was probably a persisitent meteor trail - some persistence over three nights with a magnitude of about 3! So I will never have the honour of a comet bearing my name! I'll have a word with them about this if my own spiritual passing over gets me up there.

John Chittock


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Haunting Story

The person who sent this account, does not wish to be named.

Okay I swear that all of this is true and it is not something I talk very often about, I have only told 4 people anything about this and I really hope I am not inviting anything back into my life by telling you. >DT>But about 10 yrs ago I was a newly single woman and had never lived on my own before, and I had only had 1 other experience with any type of "unexplainable" event so it was easy for me to try to explain it all away as jitters and stay in the house.

It all started when I decided to remodel the house I was renting in Columbus, Mississippi. I bought some paint the landlord and I worked out a deal where he reimbursed me for all materials, so I got busy. I noticed that there were shadows moving out of the corner of my eye, mostly in my room, and when I would turn my head to try to catch them I was never quite fast enough.So I told myself it was my eyes, that maybe I was getting a migraine, but I never did.

Then it started talking to me, Whispering things in my ear,it actually told me I was to kill a friend of mine!
That was when I got scared.I invited my boss, who is very psychic, to come to my house and she would only stay inside for a second, she was too uncomfortable.So it seemed the more scared I became the more it would do, as I was walking to my bedroom one day it showed itself to me and I thought I would drop dead on the spot.

It was an electric ball of lightning(the only way to describe it) shooting sparks at me. The dread and the hate hung in the air I have never felt anything like it before or since and never want to.I screamed and ran down the hall, closed the door and was on my way out of the house when my boyfriend arrived.

He called the previos owner ( who was a widow) and told her of the trouble I had been having and she smiled at him and told him she would go take care of it because it was her husband.So she came out a few days later and told him to leave me alone and I never had a single problem after that in that house.
The house I am living in now....10 years and several houses later..... is another story.

I saw a Ghost

This next account is by Aaron.

Theres this house at the corner of my street where these two people were murdered last summer.

The father killed his son and then hung himself in his upstairs bedroom.
Well me and my friends have a small kind of club called "The Occult" and we were telling ghost stories on my neighbours lawn. When it was my turn I told the story about the house.

Then we started going over to the house (which was empty) and started knocking on the windows and looking into the living room and each one said they could see someone moving around. Then we stood at the corner just staring at the house.

I then looked up at the bedroom window which had curtains that were closed. Then one curtain opened as if someone was peering out at us. Then I saw a face of an old man.
We were so freaked.

So that's my story


Can anyone help

This next account is was sent in by Gail.

Four to five years ago my dad had a house burnt down beside us. I live with my husband and 2 children.
The couple that lived there for probably 50 years, had a daughter that died when she was about 4 or 5 years old from a childhood disease. That would of been in the 1920's. The man died about 20 years ago and the woman moved out about 9 years ago. After she moved out my dad waited several years and then had the fire department to practice by burning it down.

Not long after that occurred I was vaccuming and I felt a tug on my shirt and someone said "mom" I turned around and said "Natalie what do you want?"There was no one there. My daughter has seen her in her room when she would be sick or have a bad asthma attack. My daughter is now 17 years old. My son has seen her at night walk by his room. My son has recently moved out, he is 20 years old now. I believe she knows I have been upset lately because of his move.

The reason I'm writing you is because a friend was over tonight using my computer writing Sylvia Browne about some trouble she was having.I started to tell her about the experiences we have had with the little girl when all of a sudden we heard a faint knock in the next room.I felt her presents tonight. The little girls mother died about 3 years ago in a nursing home.My daughter can be in the bathroom or walking by sometimes and things will fly off the counter. Maybe because she never had a inside bathroom? I wish I knew her name and date of death.

My daughter's name is Natalie that's why I said Her name when I felt her touch me. I would for someone that deals with spirits to contact me about this.

Gail Daigler

Ghost Story

This Aimee Jones account in her own words.


My first storie actually happenned to my mum when she was 12. During the school holidays my mum went to her Nan's house of whom died a few weeks earlier.
Her Auntie was also staying in the house. My mum took her bags upstairs and asked her auntie were she was staying. When she told my mum that she was goin to stay in her dead nan's room she felt rather disturbed because no-one went into that room even when her nan was alive, but my mum slept in there anyway.
During the night she woke up suddenly after feeling a cold wind go past her. She looked over by the window to see her nan as clear as anything sittind on the chair next to the window. She ran out of the room to her dad in the next room, "Dad, nan's in her room!" He replied, "Don't be stupid she's dead!"
It was only last week my mum was talking to her dad about when he admitted to her that he knew about because he saw her nan go into the room when he was going to the toilet.

Another happenned to my stepdad. A few years before he met my mum his dad died when he was with his ex-wife. He came to live with us about four years ago. One morning, he woke up earlier than usuall to see his dad sitting at the end of the bed. He had a conversation with his dad about how happy he was with my mum and his dad told him that he made a good choice to leave his ex-wife. I heard every word of the conversation because the walls in the house were very thin and mine was next to their room.

This story happenned to me. When I was 7 I started to go horse riding. One day we were going out on a trek. As we left the farm the dog ran out across the road. We called it to come back and as he crossed the road again a van ran it over. I saw everything. I had nightmares for 5 years after that until one night I had a dream that I went to the spot were it got ran over and I said " I see you Bobby the dog die, I see you go to heaven." I felt that I had to act out my dream. So I did. It's been 2 years since I had that dream and I havn't had a nightmare since.

Yours Faithfully
Aimee Jones


This Jason Figgs account.

I am deeply curious about that haunted stately home outside Bangor, Co Down. Is the investigation still ongoing? What other experiences can you relate? I was wondering is there any chance of going with you at any point while you are investigating. I have a really good infra-red sensor on my SONY HANDYCAM with battery power of up to 5 hrs. It would be so amazing to experience manifestations of the kind outlined on your web-page.

I have been interested in the Supernatural since I was about 12 years old when I spent the night with my Dublin Scout troop in the haunted ruins of Lydican Castle, Gort, Co Galway. I experienced very strong auditory presences manifest as the sounds of screaming, fighting, doors being slammed and the vivid and chilling sensation of metal on metal. This is an experience I shall never forget and one which has spawned a deep interest in all things paranormal (especially ghosts).

There is an amazing palladian mansion called 'Woodlawn House' in Co Galway. It is one of the most terrifying places I have ever been. It has a 3 dimensional quality that is very oppressive and one feels quite trapped and alone when on the estate, which covers many acres. The previous owner, Derek Le Poer Trench shot himself in the head on the estate when he sold it in 1978. I wonder was it the spirits that drove him to it or, is it his tortured soul that wanders the ruins today.

My girlfriend and I have had a rather chilling experience here ourselves quite recently where we (while looking about inside - gilded mottled mirrors still adorn the faded walls) were chased out by the definite approaching footsteps of something quite sinister. The steps began evenly and at a normal walking pace but eventually took on the terrifying sound of running towards us faster and faster. We did not waste any time in vacating the mansion. I would love to hold a night vigil here at some point. Does it interest you?

A good friend of mine, Simon Marsden (the photographer - 'Haunted Realm', 'In Ruins', 'The Journal Of A Ghosthunter', etc.) has also expressed an interest to me of visiting the Bangor site as well as the Galway sites. Let me know what you think. Warm regards JASON FIGGIS


This Jason Witts account.

Hi my name is Jason Witts.

This is just one of a few stories (which are true to the best of my knowledge).
The Haunting On Yew Tree Terrace.(1979 ish)

This is where all my experiences started. In a three bedroom house in Croesycaileog, Cwmbran, South Wales I came face to face with an entity to the levels thought only possible in the movies.

I had just moved from another house on the same street (from mid terrace to end terrace) and the events started even before our belongings had been moved in. The house had been boarded up for a few years and the local council had decided that the house would now need re-plastering so the workmen set about their duties, only when trying to remove the plaster which should have been damp they found that the plaster was infact rock solid and machinery had to be used to remove it. The workmen found this very strange.

Then not long after we finally made the place our own things started to disappear and then reappear, and on one occasion an oil lamp literally shattered outwards, the lamp was not lit at the time and placed in the corner of the room in a shaded area.
The small box room that was my bedroom had always had a spooky unsettling feel to my mother but she ignored the feeling assuming that it was simply because it was our new home and she hadn't settle in yet. This started to change when small bumps were heard coming from the room even when we were all down stairs.

One night I awoke with the feeling of somebody sat on the bottom of my bed (note a difference to the norm of someone sitting on a persons feet or chest, a sign of feeling trapped or held back) and on later occasions I actually saw a tall man who was very tatty a seemed to have very little detail standing at the bottom of my bed.

At this time my Auntie was due to get married and her husband to be stayed at our house the night before the wedding. When he spoke in the morning he said of a strange feeling through the night and the air was cold and quite damp. He was not the only person to feel the presence in the room.

My encounters grew more severe and I started falling in to trances until it came to the point where I started to actually leap through the air thinking I was surrounded by fire. This was the last straw and my mother spoke to the vicar who actually got permission to have the have the house exercised.

The house was exercised and we moved not long after. By the time I was six it was all over.

The strange thing is the house still seems to have a similar problem today. My sister who used to work in a betting office once noticed an address and said to the lady " I used to live in that house". The women replied " oh! There's a coincidence". My sister asked, "Did you know it used to be haunted?" The women replied "Do you mean the box bedroom? My young son says he sees a man in the night".

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