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Hi hope you are doing ok

The case I would like to tell you about today has been an on going investigation for over two years. The account that I am about to relate happen at a late 18th century stately home situated on the outskirts of Bangor,  Co. Down, now for the past 20 to 30 years it has been used as a hospital for tuberculosis,  the upper floor was used as a mental asylum.

We were called in by the night watchman who told us that strange lights been seen flying around the old church house and also of doors slamming and voices heard, also the sense of being watched.

Although having two German Shepherds, both the watchman and dogs would not go through the oldest part of the building after dark,  we set up our equipment which consisted of night vision goggles a 35 mm camera loaded with infra red film on thr Upper Floor.

We sat in the church with no lights switch on,  we did this from nine P.M to around eleven P.M on a summer's night, all the windows were boarded up, we then became aware of a short figure which appeared at the bottom end of the room, I saw the apparition slowly walk up to where we were sitting,  it looked like a grey person with its eyes closed standing a yard away from us,  as I watched it the spirit slowly faded away. I had not spoken while this was happening but after it had faded, we all (including one of our team which left the group because of what happen this night)seen the same thing at the same time. Barry and Linda two members of the group which had been in the upper floor came down, because they had all the equipment including the night vision and the camera, we were unable to get any photos but what we saw was real.   I have had other similar cases which I will email you,   I know this sounds far fetched but believe me that I and the group have witness this as well as other things.

Warren Coates N.I.P.R.A.

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The following was sent to me by Drew, has anyone else experience similar phenomenon.

Hi, Thanks for your email and your interest. I did try to send you a email, but it was returned to me, so hopefully you will get this one.

My brother was still born, he has always been with me, I did not understand when I was young, but always there seemed someone looking out for me, bad things that happened to me, always seemed to work out ok, I was brought up in a children home, so no mum or dad to protect me but he always somehow did.

When I about 28 I went to a top medium in London, she was very nice, and told me all about my brother, but after that, she told me he did't like me being there and stopped her getting any more messages, she explained he was on a higher level and was strong enough to do this. She seemed a little perturbed and asked me to leave, as there was nothing more she could do.

He has a personalty all of his own, some people he likes others he does't, I always know this ,because when he is perturbed he will walk up and down the stairs or open doors, all of my family have heard him, and are quite used to him,I must admit it does tend to put visitors off, but we tell them not to worry, it is only Fred (my name for him). He can be very protective towards me, and in the past, it is not unknown for him to pay people a visit who have been hurting me emotionaly. One day my exwife phone and ask me to get him to stop, as he was driving her and the new boyfriend mad, she knew who was standing in their bedroom, the boyfriend did not and was very frightend by it all.

There are so many instances through my life , I am 53 now, I would be here all night, So I was hoping you could put me in touch with people who understand and have research such matters, maybe I could be of help to them or them to me. Over the years I have been asked to many a "haunted" house, and found a lower spirit lurking there, my brother is always with me, and I have never had any trouble from them. Sorry about long email. Looking forward to hearing from you Regards---Drew If anyone wishes to contact drew let me know Reg.

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This was sent to me by Sid, a very unusual experience.

My ghostly experience happened about three nights ago. I was walking down a country lane in England when I heard this scream from behind an old barn, I was really freaked out but decided to be brave so I made my way to the barn, near to the barn were the remains of an old castle that I hadn't seen before, all of a sudden there came the sounds of marching feet, I hid behind the barn door and peered around the corner, what I saw scared the living daylights out of me, there before my very eyes stood a group of Norman soldiers examining the ruins, I started to walk away round the barn, when I turned around both the soldiers and the castle had dissappeared.

It later transpired that the group of soldiers had all been killed when the castle was attacked by enemy troops.

Sid Jones

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This next one was sent to by someone calling themselves eight, I think from somewhere in Germany?

When we were first married we moved in a old apartment building. My husband and I had the top floor apartment. There was a old carpet lieing in the hallway, I ask the owner if I could have the rug . He said he didnt know where it came from it. It was in the hallway when he bought the building.

I put the rug on the floor in my living room and cleaned it the next day. I then invited my mother over for supper the next day. While we were eating the rug rose 6" off the floor, It stayed that way for a few minutes until I made it forced it back down.

We all saw this and we tried to make it do this again. But it only did this on Friday nights. So I rolled the rug up and put it back in hallway.

One day my sister inlaw saw the rug in the hallway and asked if she could have it . She took it home. A week later I went by her house and the rug was on the trash pile. I ask her why she threw the rug away and she said there was somethig wrong with that rug and she did not want to talk about it. I just laugh and told her I knew what she was talking about.

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