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Camp Demon

From: (Peterson residence)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Re: Slumber Party Fun (story inc.)
Date: 4 Sep 94 22:26:57 -0500

Yup.. I did this once and it worked.. it was creepy, but the stuff that happened to me afterwards was even creepier *shivers remembering the incident* Anyway, this is what happened. When I was in eighth grade, I was spending the night at a Girl Scout camp (I think it was in the end of March, beginning of April). I was there with a bunch of other girls from the surrounding areas and we were all being train- ed to be Junior camp Counselors for the following summer. A little back- ground on the building we were staying in. It was brand new... built the fall before we were there and nothing bad happened during the construction of it. Okay...

We had some free time before we were supposed to be in bed so we all roamed the camp in the dark with a thunderstorm brewing up... it was kind of scary and very very dark. Lots of trees and clouded over so there was no moon- light. When we came back inside, we decided to play "Light as a Feather, Heavy as a Board". I had always been interested in the supernatural (being intune with it and all, the brief experiences that I had had with spirits were nothing to be frightened about, unlike what has happened to me since). I volunteered to be the person playing dead. After a couple of minutes of hushing up the giggling and getting the girls that were being obnoxious out of the room, we started. We turned out all the lights and had on a couple of flashlights, put under pillowcases to muffle the light a bit. Everyone started chanting the "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" and after a few tries they lifted me up with their little fingers. Everyone was excited afterwards and wanted to try it, but it wouldn't work with anyone else for some reason.

Okay, this wasn't so bad. After we were done playing, we all stayed awake for a while scaring each other with spook tales and Jokes. Finally one by one, we fell asleep. All that is for me, and a friend of mine that had her sleeping bag next to mine and that witnessed everything that was to happen to me that night...

By this time, the thunderstorm was raging on full force. Lots of heavy rain, noisy thunder and bright flashes of lightening and my sleeping bag was situated right underneath the window. As I lay there trying to get to sleep, I heard a voice calling to me. It sounded like my Grandfather that had died a couple of years earlier and to whom I was very close. I listened to him and as he got clearer, I pictured a image of him in my mind. It was comforting in a way.

Then it started to scare me. It was saying that it was beautiful where it was and that it wanted me to join him there. That I would love it with him and I would never have to worry about anything ever again. It kept calling "Sarah, come... step into the gardens" and I kept saying "no. I don't want to be in the gardens with you" and it replied "but Sarah, I love you, I want you to be with me. I am so lonely without anyone else here to love me" This made me suspicious since my grandmother had died about 8 years before he did and they had been very much in love. I asked it where Grandma was and it told me that she wasn't there. It got more persistent, promising me great things and great happiness. I kept saying no I didn't want to go on to the place where it was.

By this time, I could tell that it was getting mad and it demanded me to come with it. Finally I felt myself shouting "NO! I DON'T WANT TO GO! I WASN'T MEANT TO BE WITH YOU YET AND I WILL SEE YOU IN THE GARDEN WHEN MY TIME IS UP! I WANT TO BE WITH MY LIVING FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!" With this, all of a sudden there was a gigantic crack of thunder and a huge flash of lightening as the rain lightened up to a little over a sprinkle. I woke up to find my friend staring at me. She looked at me and I asked what was wrong (I had thought at the time that it was a bad dream).

She looked at me quizzically and told me that I had been muttering to some- thing and that I had been glowing with a light green light and that when she tried to reach out and touch me, she had received a small electrical shock.

Now that I have grown older and had some time to reflect on all that has happened to me. I firmly believe that whatever that was that night *was not* my grandfather, but rather something that had sensed my potential and had wanted to get rid of a future enemy. I have faced this demon a couple of times since that first encounter and every time it has tried trickery to convince me to come with him. I am certain that if I ever did, I would die. I don't know, but that is what I believe.

Note: I am a firm believer that there is a God. Be it a greater deity than we are or more then one, but I believe that there is something out there that is looking over us and trying hard to keep us all safe. Some people call it intuition, some call it a guardian angel and some call it God, but I believe that something is out there. Although I am not quite so certain ex- acutely what it is or who it is, it is keeping me safe and as long as I listen to what it has to offer me, I will be kept safe.

Another note on the person that asked about loved ones coming back to let people know that they are safe. My grandfather that I had mentioned above used to come into my room (after he died) and give me a goodnight kiss. I would feel this as a cool, soft breeze across my cheek and a warm feeling inside. This happened for a long time, sometimes in the middle of winter and others in the middle of summer. But it always seemed to be when I needed it. When I was feeling down or discouraged, it was his way to let me know that he loved me. It helped me a lot after he died

Sarah Peterson
DARKLADY/Windsong on IRC


CMU Haunting

Well since there are people posting about weird happenings about their domrooms, I guess its just right that I share mine.

My story is rather weird, as are all ghost stories, it took place in my freshman dormitory in Carnegie Mellon University, to be exact, Morewood Gardens, E-tower, 606.

My first encounter, I wasn't really sure if it was paranormal related, but as they progressed, I was rather sure of it. One day, when I was sitting at my desk, all the posters of my room just flopped on the floor at once. There were four of them in all, an all them were hung by thumb tacks. This gave me a major HMMM... then I just threw it in the back of my mind, a truck possibly passed by.. and shook the walls.... YEAH.. THATS IT!! Yeah...

Then one day, as I was sitting at my desk, my computer turned on by itself, monitor and all.. and if you know about PC power switches.. that's pretty hard to do with a power surge, you got to flip on a huge, imposing switch for it to turn on!!! This is no feather touch baby.. Then another day, and my TV turned on by itself... Now the story gets real freaky...

My room was like the floor headquarters for video entertainment, it had a Super Famecom (Japan's Nintendo) CD rom, Sega, TV, VCR the works, people on the floor would just come in and play the things, it was cool, they brought beer and chips and stuff. But one day, my next door neighbor Miguel, who WAS TOTALLY SOBER, was playing video games experienced a cold breeze, and then turned his head towards my bed and saw a dark shadow hovering over my bed. Then subsequently ran out of my room...

Then the next day my friend Steve was in my room trying to convince me that if I Ws strong in faith with God (He does this stuff.. its his way...) I would surpass these obstacles... but as he finished his last sentence.. t to very last second... my answering machine turned on...

Scott Safer

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Critter's Ghost

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
From: (Bob Myers)
Subject: Critter's Ghost
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 01:00:00 GMT

I have been reading ghost stories for a while now, and see that my little experience is nothing compared to some of those by others in the group. But I must say, this happening is one of the scariest I have ever had.

First, I have to say I have always been interested in the paranormal and unexplainable, but have always been skeptical. I have never had any strange experiences like this any place else. I have been up during late hours before and have spent a lot of time alone in other places and late nights at friend's homes. I have never seen or imagined seeing things in other places and I have never been scared or even been thinking of seeing ghosts. Nothing strange has ever happened until I moved into this house. But even to this day, I still wonder about what I have experienced and if there is a "real" explanation for the things I have seen.

This is a bit long, but please bare with me. I want to give you some background and go into some details. These are experiences I have truly had and relate them as I remember them.

Since I have moved into this house (about 8 years ago now), there have always been little things that I have wondered about. Frequently, while sitting in my basement and watching television, I would see things out of the corner of my eye. I used to have this ball light at the bottom of the stairway to my basement. Twice, I saw what looked like some kind of cloud, about the height of a figure, but wider, move from just under the light up the stairs. After I changed the light fixture, this never happened again.

Then, while sitting in the same place, I occasionally saw something move across the carpet in the room on my left. This happened on several occasions. I tried to explain it as light from a car or a reflection off my glasses, but there are no places for light to get into the basement on that side and since this only happened occasionally, it just wouldn't be practical for it to be a reflection off my glasses. I have been through 3 different televisions, so it could not be a reflection from that. Later, while sitting in another part of the room, with a house full of people, I saw this moving across the carpet again. This both interested me and spooked me at the same time, knowing I saw this from somewhere else this time. The movement has always been from the front of the house to the back, never the other way.

In my bedroom on the first floor, after I put in an overhead fan, at times I thought I could hear low voices, as if in a large room behind a closed door.

Well, I always put these things aside in my mind thinking I was just imagining them. My biggest scare came when a friend of mine was over late one night. We were into a long computer session, as I have frequently done with friends on the weekends. We had been talking about some weird things like backwards masking on records and the Beatle's mystery in the songs. I'm sure that didn't help matters. Anyway, a little after 4am, I went upstairs to the bathroom leaving my friend downstairs to play with the computer. I was thinking in my mind that when I went back down there, I'd ask him if he had any ghost experiences. Anyway, while I was washing my hands, I saw this arm beside me. (For some reason I remember all my thoughts as if imbedded in my mind.) I remember thinking, my buddy wants to try to scare me. I quickly turned around to startle him, but all I saw then was an empty bathroom with the door closed behind me. I quickly jerked my head back around, looking in the mirror over the sink. Looking in the mirror, I glanced over my right shoulder: nothing. I then looked at my own face, with my hair now in front of my eyes from the startled jerk of my head when I turned. There was nothing.

I quickly dried my hands, opened the door, and quickly headed downstairs. My friend could tell something was really wrong. I told him I saw -something- in the bathroom. I told him I saw an arm, a forearm. I remember it was beautifully colored, like the vivid color of an old Technicolor movie and the skin was smooth, like that of a beautiful young woman. I don't remember a had or a body, just seeing the forearm.

My friend and I talked for a while, and he was getting ready to go. We talked for about 15 minutes, and then he was leaving. I was still shaken, and it took all the courage in me to move through my kitchen toward the sink to open my garage door... it was getting too close to the bathroom down the hall for my comfort. We talked outside for about another 20 minutes. I did not want to go back into the house. When he left, I left too, driving around for about two hours until it was daylight. I then went home and went to sleep.

After this incident, I thought about these other things that I just considered imagination. I couldn't sleep with my bedroom door open after that (as if closing the door would really protect me from a spirit). I guess I just didn't want to accidentally see anything. And even though I had to be at work by 6am, I wouldn't get up until at least 5am. I felt safe during the day, and was persistent on having lights on in the house.

I told a number of friends about this. I had one come through saying they felt a presence in the house. Another one said the same thing. They both felt an unusual feeling in one particular room. Another friend said he also felt strange in that same room. I couple of girlfriends of his were over one time, and one of them related to him that she felt uncomfortable in my house. She knew nothing of what had happened. As an experiment, another of my buddy's friend, who knew nothing of any of this, was asked to walk though every room in my house. Afterwards, I asked him if he felt uncomfortable or strange in any room. He said not really, except for maybe in this one room... the same room that everyone else felt strange in.

Anyway, there is this one friend who says he can feel things. He has known this for a long time. When I first met him, he told me a story about knowing who his stepfather was before ever meeting him. I didn't think much of it at the time, but after he came to my house we talked about some of this. He sat down in a chair just beyond this one room. He let his mind wander and he could feel certain things. After talking about different things he sensed in the house and around it, he really seemed to be getting into a deep state. All of a sudden, his eyes started getting really red and watering up. He said that he sad, but he felt good about it. Then he said, "Don't tell anybody I told you about this." I replied, "What do you mean?" He again said, "Don't tell anybody I told you this." Again I questioned, "Don't tell anybody you told me about what?" He said, "I didn't say that." I told him he did. He said that he didn't. I insisted, "Yes you did. You said, 'Don't tell anybody I told you about this.'" My friend said that he DID say that, but he didn't mean to. He said -HE- did not say that.

This freaked me out and freaked him out as well. I told him get up out of that chair and we moved to the other side of the room and discussed more about what he said that he knows he said but didn't really say. Both of us were clearly shaken.

I told a few people of these happenings. Some believed and related their own experiences, while some thought I was just a little goofy. Nothing happened for about six or seven months, and I finally settled down, being able to sleep well at nights and with the bedroom door open. Then one evening, I saw this scurrying across the carpet in the room next to where I was watching television. But this was different than other times; I actually saw somewhat of a pressing down of the carpet and the movement was in the opposite direction this time, from the back of the house to the front.

A bit later, my friend who sensed things dropped by to visit. He asked if I had any more problems. I mentioned that I didn't. He said he couldn't feel anything in the house any longer and then I proceeded to tell him what I saw.

About a month ago, some friends were over and we were messing around in the computer room. While someone was showing me how to get around on Internet, I saw this somewhat glistening thing near the upper part of the room near the computer room. It looked like light reflecting off some crumpled aluminum foil. I just took it as seeing things. A couple hours later, one of my friends, the same one who was with me the night of my "sighting" looked in the same direction I saw the reflection, and appeared a bit startled. I asked him what was wrong. At first he said nothing, but then said he saw kind of a shadow up near the ceiling. It was in the same place I saw my glistening object. ?????

Bob Myers (Critter)


The Phantom Horseman of Columbia

Sometime in the Spring of 1914, a strange occurrence happened. On the corner of Bull and Blanding Street, a shadowy figure of a horseman appeared in the sky above the large oak trees. Observers described the image as a horse and rider of heroic size. The details of the figure were clearly visible down to the saddle and the reins. As the people looked on, the horse reared up and appeared to want to take off on some journey.

The next day the news of the citing spread. A crowd gathered on the corner that to stare at the treetops. They waited patiently for the horseman to show himself again. The crowd was not disappointed. Above the trees the figure appeared again. Many, in the crowd, were scared that the white horseman was one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse.(a biblical figure foretelling the end of the world) Others believed the image to be the ghost of stately General Wade Hampton, who was there to warn of the upcoming world war.

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The Swamp Girl

The tale of the swamp girl is a tragic story of a young woman trying to make her way to Columbia, South Carolina. A well dressed women was seen walking down a dark highway in the middle of dense swampland. A couple, seeing the girl, stopped to offer her a ride. The young girl accepted the ride explaining that she was on her way to Columbia to visit her sick mother.

The couple resumed driving and talking. The wife asked the young girl a question and when she received no response she turned around and discovered the young girl had vanished.

In hysterics, the couple drove the rest of the way to Columbia. The wife was so upset that her husband had to take her to the hospital. Remembering the address of the young girl's destination, the husband made his way to Pickens Street. The woman who answered the door knew immediately why he was there. He was one of three people to have picked up the woman in the swamp only to have her disappear. As it turns out, the girl from the swamp and the woman on Pickens Street were sisters. The disappearing girl was killed in an auto accident. On the anniversary of her death, she appears on the swamp road where she lost her life.



The new House Hauntings

This is a true account that was donated to my page by Dale Chumley
An Experience Never To Forget

I had always felt a presents in my new house, and had always seen shadows that were not supose to move or even be there for that matter, but one night what ever it was decided to make sure I knew it was there!

After seeing all of the shadows, and feeling everything I decided to take all of the mirrors out of my room and always have my curtens closed so no reflection could shine through the window. I felt safe. Finally for once in my life I felt safe!!! Untill one night my parents went to bed really late and I decided to stay up even later. I guess it was about 11:30 pm and i had just turned out my bed room light and everything was black, when I saw it. I have a bed for my cat which is 4 ft away from my bed. It is about one meter long and eighteen inches wide and when I had climbed into bed this figure appered around a meter over top of it! My cat was in his bed and imedeatly got up and ran out of my room. I remember the few seconds i saw it . It was about 3-4 feet tall and lay at a slant facing my bed, as if suspended by something. It was a skellital figure. It just hung there doing nothing, And then I screemed ! My mom quickly came in and turned on the light, then nothing was there anymore. My mom said it was probebly a bad dream, but how could it be if I was not asleep?? Or could it have been just something that I thought I saw??? I dont know but if so how could I remember something so vivedly??? I know what I saw that night and i can say that it was not something in my head!

From : Tanya

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