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November 13, 1989
ParaNet   Information  Service  (Denver,  CO)  --   In   our continuing  coverage of the remarkable revelations coming out  of Las  Vegas, Nevada, here is the next installment to  the  program aired  on  November 13, 1989 by television  station  KLAS-TV  and
George Knapp. News Anchor persons, A  former  government scientist has alleged  that  the  U.S. military is flying recovered UFOs at a secret base in the  Nevada desert.  The allegations about the secret facility near the Groom Mountains  first  surfaced  on Eyewitness  News  on  last  Friday [November 10, 1989]. Scientist Bob Lazar says that there are at least nine of the flying  saucers  being  tested and that they were  not  built  on Earth.   George Knapp has more on the continuation of our  series on UFOs.
Lazar:   “Yeah.  It was obvious it came from somewhere else,  uh, other than Earth.”
Scientist Bob Lazar was convinced that the technology he saw being  tested at a secret base in the Nevada desert is  of  alien origin,  and for Lazar the proof is, at least, partially  in  the furniture.   One of the nine flying disks he says he saw  at  the base,  which  was  designated S-4, looks exactly  like  this  UFO photographed  in Europe [Photo of UFO shown].   Lazar  called  it the “sport model".
Lazar:  “I gave everything names—the top hat one and you  know the  jello  mold and, uh, the sport model  operated  without  any hitches  at  all.  I mean, it looked new.  If I knew what  a  new flying  saucer looked like.  One of them looked like it  was  hit with  some  sort  of a projectile.  It had a large  hole  in  the bottom  and a large hole in the top with the metal bent out  like some  sort  of,  you know, large caliber 4 or  5  inch  had  gone
through it. Even  before he saw the sport model operate, Lazar says,  he suspected   that  the  ship  came  from  somewhere   else.    The realization  slapped him in the face the first time  he  glimpsed the inside of the disk.
Lazar:  “I got to look inside and it had really small chairs.   I think  that  was the first confirmation I had.  That was  just  a shocking thing because everytime before that I was able to  label it.  This is just a little advance that a group of scientists had formed  and,  you know, they’re keeping it secret, and  yeah,  we could  have  built  a big disk like that,  and  yeah,  that’s  no problem, and, you know, we could have adapted the use(?) to  make
it fly, but why does it have little furniture inside?  [garbled]. And things began to click together just all too fast. A  few of the disks had been completely dismantled  to  find
out   how  they  worked,  Lazar  says,  but  others  were   fully operational.  A Japanese TV network created this animated version of  Lazar’s story after his first interview with us aired in  May [showing  video].  Lazar says the dramatization is similar  to  a test flight he witnessed.  Lazar:  “The bottom of it glowed blue and began to hiss like any, like  high  voltage does on a round sphere.  It’s  my  impression that the reason that they’re round and have no sharp edges is  to contain the high voltage like, uh, if you’ve seen a high  voltage
system’s insulators—things are round or else you get a  corona discharge.   In either case, it began to hiss as in high  voltage and it lifted off the ground quietly except for that little  hiss in  the background, and that stopped as soon as it reached  about 20 or 30 feet.
Lazar  says the test of the sport model was a short  one  -- that  it  made  only a few moves before setting  back  down.   He didn’t  see  who  was actually flying the  craft,  but  was  very impressed, nonetheless. Lazar:  “Well, there’s no action reaction system to it.   There’s no,  like  in a jet engine, exhaust gas being thrown  out  --  no propeller,  no noise.  It’s just, for all intents  and  purposes, magic.
To  Lazar’s knowledge, the flying disks are not being  used, for  say, any flights to Jupiter.  He said excessive caution  and intense  secrecy contributed to the plodding pace of the  program and were a main source of his disenchantment. Lazar:   “It’s just unfair, outright, not to put it in the  hands of the overall scientific community.  There are people much  more capable of dealing with this information, and by this time  would have  gotten a lot further along than this small select group  of people working out in the middle of the desert.  They don’t  even have  the facilities, really, to completely analyze what  they’re
dealing with. Gene  Huff:  “Well he was being quiet.  If he kept me abreast  of
anything,  he  kept me abreast of the security checks  --  they’d randomly  drop  by his house.  They’d threaten his  life;  they’d threaten  his wife’s life.  They had done all that so  we  really didn’t converse, I mean, he really was adhering to the program.
Gene  Huff is a Las Vegas real estate appraiser.  A  regular guy  who  just  happens to have a friend  in  the  flying  saucer business.  He learned about Lazar’s S-4 experiences only after  a long period.  Lazar is anxious for people to know that he  didn’t just  run  right out and spill the secrets of the  universe,  and that some things are properly kept confidential.
Lazar:  “I did not believe that this should be a security matter. Some  of it, sure.  But, just the concept that  there’s  definite proof, and uh, we even have articles from another world,  another system, you just can’t not tell everyone.  A lot of people  don’t believe that.  But, I do. When he reached what he felt was his bursting point, he took Huff  and a few others to the edge of the Groom Mountains to  see the  flights  for themselves.  A total of five witnesses  on  two consecutive  weeks managed to dodge security patrols long  enough to see the strange glowing object lift above the mountain. Huff(?):   “Uh,  it came up above the same  mountain.   It  moved around.   It  did a step move—it actually went up in  the  air like  this  [showing  details with hands]  and  it  hovered  then dropped way down then it just floated around and cruised  around. It starts coming up the mountain range....” This home video tape was recorded during one of the trips to the   Groom   Mountains   [showing  video   tape.    A   lot   of talking....Object  in  sight....Mention  of  brightness  of   the object....]. Admittedly,  the tape proves very little by itself  because, with  the distance and darkness,  there are no  reference  points other than the alleged flying disk, but Lazar’s information about the  time and location of the test flight proves correct  --  not once  but  twice.  That, according to our  off-camera  interviews
with each of the other witnesses.  Gene Huff describes his second sighting: Huff:   “Through the telescope we could see an  elliptical-shaped light.   You  can only get so close even with a  telescope  to  a secure  facility.   Anyway, it came up by us  very  rapidly.   It glowed  and  glows  brighter like a star and we  almost  got  the feeling that it was going to explode, it glowed so brightly.   We backed  up behind the car then it went down and glowed back up  a little bit and then very softly glided back over, back where  the
mountains  where it came up, hovered for awhile, and then  that’s that....Just like you see in the movies.  Bob Lazar isn’t the only person to claim “inside  knowledge” of  the  flying  disks at the test site—he is  just  the  only person  to  say so publicly.  We have communicated  with  several people who say they know of the saucer program.  A technician  in a highly sensitive position told us it is “common knowledge among those  with high security clearances that recovered  alien  disks are  stored at the Nevada test site.”  A Las Vegas  professional, who  once  served in the military and was stationed at  the  test site,  said he saw a flying disk land outside the  boundaries  of Area  51 -- that it was quickly surrounded by security  personnel and  that he was taken away and debriefed for several  hours.   A man  who  once  worked  at Groom Lake as  a  technician,  at  our request, wrote this letter explaining how he inadvertently walked into  the  wrong  hangar  and saw what appeared  to  be  a  large metallic disk under a tarp.  It was being examined by men in  lab coats.   And,  an  airman  who  worked  at  Nellis  at  a   radar installation  says  he and his fellow servicemen watched  over  a period  of  five nights, unusual objects flying  over  the  Groom Mountains.  He says the radar images indicates the objects zoomed into range at speeds of 7,000 miles per hour and then would  stop on  a  dime, and that nothing we have is capable of  doing  that. The  airman says that when word of his sighting got out,  he  was ordered  to turn off his radar sensors for that area and told  to keep quiet about the matter because it did not happen. None  of  this means that the military  is  actually  flying alien  spacecraft in the Nevada desert.  It could all perhaps  be explained as some other secret program.  Lazar insists that’s not the case. We  put  the  matter to the U.S. Navy,  which  according  to Lazar, is running the saucer show.  Four different naval  offices were  contacted.   All  denied having any  information  in  their files.   The  Naval  Research Lab said it  conducted  a  thorough search  but found “zip.”  Naval Intelligence said much  the  same thing,  adding,  it is not required to create a  file  where  one doesn’t  exist.  A side note:  We also requested files on  a  UFO sighting over Tremonton, Utah in 1952.  The Navy spent more  than a thousand hours studying film of that sighting—a fact  that’s been  noted in several publications—but, for purposes  of  our
request, the Navy couldn’t find those files either.
       By:Philip J. Imbrogno
 In the past, the state of Connecticut has always been an area of few UFO reports, however this is no longer true. Since 1985 the counties of Fairfield and Litchfield and Hartford has seen a dramatic rise in the number of UFO reports. This UFO is described as being a semi circle or boomerang with multi-coloured lights. Even more incredible the size of this UFO has been reported to be the length of a football field!. This UFO that has been seen recently in Connecticut is without a doubt the Hudson valley UFO which is described in my book NIGHT SIEGE THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO SIGHTINGS (Ballantine Books 1987).
 For some reason unknown to this researcher the giant boomerang UFO has shifted it's activities from New York to Nearby Connecticut. The most recent sightings took place on May 26 of this year around interstate 84 one of the most heavily travelled highways in the north-east.  Between 9;30 and 10;15 PM more than 200 people phoned local and state
police to report a huge object with bright lights flying low over the highway near the towns of Newtown and Southbury in Connecticut. Those witnesses that called state police in Southbury were told that it was nothing more than a group of Ultralight aircraft from Candlewood airport flying in close formation and hanging coloured lanterns from the bottom of the plane. The police also told witnesses that the aircraft were painted black so that all that can be seen is the lights. Many of the witnesses to the phenomenon found it very hard to believe the official explanation.   One witnesses to the UFO was Mrs. Betty Proulx of Middlebury who said that the object hovered over her house without a sound for over two
minutes. There was no doubt in her mind that what she was looking at was one solid object. When Mr. Proulx heard about the explanation he could not accept it since he was in the air division of the Navy. "It was one craft and like no aircraft that I have ever seen in my life".  Another witnesses was Mr. Randy Etting a commercial airline pilot with over thirty years of experience. Mr. Etting said that the idea of the ultralight theory "is the prattling of idiots" Mr. Etting observed the lights from his home in Newtown Connecticut at about 9:45 p.m. He said that there were at least eight lights of different colours flying very close
together and without a sound. As the object passed his home he observed it in a pair of 7X35 binoculars. Mr. Etting told me that the UFO was one object and he saw some type of heat waves coming from the object which distorted the area around the lights. Mr. Etting watched the object with neighbours and his son for over ten minutes as it slowly drifted to the north west. All the witnesses agree that the UFO was one solid object and round in appearance.  The Etting party was observing the UFO while it was passing close to I-84. At this time over a dozen cars pulled over to view the UFO as it passed overhead. One witness a Charlie Tuperman described what happened that night.   "It was about 9:30 or so and I was driving East on 84 around the Southbury area when I noticed these lights ahead of me. They were low and it looked like a 747 was going to land on the highway. This thing had about ten lights in kind of a half circle and the lights were yellow, green, blue, white and red. This thing was going very slow and moving from the east to the west. All of a sudden every one on both sides of the road began slamming on their brakes and pulling over to the side. It was a dangerous thing to do since there were several trucks apparently trying the same thing. I pulled over and watched this thing pass directly over the west bound lanes. I saw a dark mass behind the lights and there was no sound. I saw the lights of a state trooper just ahead of me and I figured he was called to see what was going on. Then all of a sudden this thing gets real bright, I mean all the lights just got ten times brighter for about ten seconds or so, then they faded to where they were before and that is about
as bright as a planes wing lights. That really scared me. I wanted to get going because I thought there was some type of invasion or something, I just wanted to get home. Besides I was afraid of some trucker plodding into my car. I watched it head west and lost it . I turned on the radio for news, but didn't hear anything about any UFOs on any of the local stations".      Close Encounter in New Milford   At about 10:00 after the series of sightings in the I-84 area. The UFO was seen heading to the west. It was then seen in the New Milford Connecticut area by a Robert Nellis his friend Jeff and Mr. Nellis dog.
They were all in Nellis car off a side road off Route 7 in the northern area of New Milford. They were driving home after a long day of boating upstate along the Connecticut river. The dog began to bark and cry and at that point Jeff looked over to the north-east to see a number of bright lights hovering over a stand of pine trees less than a quarter mile away. They stopped the car and at that time their car radio began to sound "funny" with all types of strange sounding static that interfered with the station that they were listening to.  They stopped the car and continued to watch the lights. At this moment the lights began to move slowly towards them. They were amazed at the size of the object, "larger than a football field". The dog continued to bark as the object passed over their car . Neil looked up and saw a very dark structure connecting the lights that extended toward the rear of the object. He said it was teardrop in shape and the lights in the front were in a half circle. The object was so large he said that" it covered the sky and blocked out everything overhead" The object he said was made of some type of "dark grey material with very little reflectability". There was no sound and they estimated that the giant UFO was no more than 500 feet above their car. The UFO then passed over their car and then shifted towards the
north. They both noticed some type of flashing lights under the object that gave the impression as if something was moving. They watched the UFO slowly move away. The total duration of the sighting was ten minutes, however both men arrived home forty minutes later. This is could be a case of missing time, or the witnesses observed the object longer than they thought. Neil would call me for several days after my interview with him since he felt "uneasy and upset" about his Close Encounter. My research team and I are still investigating this case and it seems that it may be another of the many missing time cases that are escalating in the area.
      Photographic Proof  This UFO was so bright and large that it was only a matter of time Before someone would come forward with a photograph. To our surprise we were contacted by a person of high standing in the Southbury area who took a picture of the object as it moved very slowly over I-84 at about 9:30 PM. The photographer wishes to remain anonymous since his position is very sensitive. He his a very highly trained college educated man who fears that the publicity surrounding the photograph could hurt his career. He gave  us full rights to the photograph and his sighting account providing we do
not use his real name. We will refer to him as David.  David was on I-84 on Official business when he saw the lights. The lights were in the north-west and heading east. As he watched, the object tilted and all the lights got much brighter. He was pulled off the road at the time and had his camera ready. The UFO was about 45 degrees above the horizon.
Due to traffic he had time to take only one picture. His camera was a 35mm with a 50mm lens at 1.8, the film type was Kodacolor asa 400 and the exposure was 1/60th of a second, or 1/125. He was not sure of the setting, but feels it was 1/60th of a second. The object then moved toward the east without a sound. During an interview with this researcher, David told me that the he was sure there was a solid object behind the lights. He also
said that when the object turned it looked like the lights on the sides were pulling out from the main mass, but he realised that this effect was due to the object changing position from his point of view.           What about the Photo:  Several photo-analysis experts are now looking at the photograph. Our initial study showed that the image is without a doubt hanging in the sky above the ground. Also the photograph was looked at by Dr. Willy Smith a scientists and UFO researcher of some repute. Dr. Smith's initial calculations show the object to be anywhere from 650-1600 across!    We believe that this photograph is one of the best nightime UFO pictures taken in the past twenty years. There were quite a few witnesses to the sighting over a twenty-five mile radius, all reporting the same thing. A
close examination of the original negative shows that the lights are reflecting off of some type of structure in the central part of the object. Also the lights are in a perfect half circle. There is no doubt that what ever the UFO photograph represents it is one solid object. We hope to get more data on the photograph and the sightings in the weeks to come. I have taken an add in the local papers asking for videos and photographs and
sighting accounts from that night.  
     A Rational Explanation?
 What about the theory that the UFO is nothing more than Ultralights from Candlewood airport. We questioned state police on this theory. An officer stated that they made a mistake about the airport, it wasn't Candlewood but Stormville airport. A flight instructor at Stormville later told us that there is only one Ultralight at Stormville and it only flies in the day since it is illegal for them to fly at night.  The UFO sightings in the Northeast continue. In the days to follow I received several calls from witnesses who saw formations of military helicopters in the sighting area. One witnesses took a picture of this formation. Is the government involved in the mysterious happenings over the Connecticut area? Many of the residents feel that the government is well aware of the UFO and is doing its best to play down the sightings by explaining them away. I called nearby Bradley international airport to find out if they had any information about the sightings. I was informed by air traffic control that no formations or large aircraft were tracked on radar at that location and time. I was also told that unless the "aircraft" have transponders (a device placed in aircraft that help identify them on radar) in them they would not be picked up at that location at an altitude of less than 2,000 feet. I have enough witnesses in different locations at the same
time observing the UFO to determine that the approximate altitude was  between 1,000 and 1300 feet. Based on this information my calculations indicate that the span of lights was at least 900 feet! Its apparent size in the sky was quite large, this is evident by the image on the 35mm frame that takes up almost half the negative. It is obvious from the photograph
and by the witnesses statements that something more than ultralight aircraft was in the sky over Connecticut that night.
PROJECT GRUDGE (long piece suggest download to read)

This report was prepared and written by John Lear

 A series of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUEBOOK reports have been related over the years in connection with the USAF's investigation into UFO's which was supposedly terminated with the release of the  Condon report in the late 1960's. Reports 1 through 12 of RUDGE/BLUE BOOK were generally innocuous and contained no Classified or truly sensitive material.  There was a final report, #14 which was widely circulated and about which an entire book was written: FLYING SAUCERS:AN ANALYSIS OF THE AIR FORCE PROJECT BLUE BOOK SPECIAL REPORT NO.14 by Leon Davidson;  the fifth edition was published in 1976 by Blue-Book Publishers; 64 Prospect st, White Plains, New York 10606.  Missing from public
view, however, was report #13.  Several years ago, Bill English, son of an Arizona state
legislator and former Captain in the Green Berets had been assigned to an RAF `listening Post' north of London as an information analyst. English was, in the course of his duties,
asked to prepare an analysis of the elusive GRUDGE 13 report. On his discharge from his work at the `listening Post' he returned to the United States and began to do a little UFO research on his own. English had been no stranger to the UFO phenomenon. In Viet
Nam he was member of a Special Forces investigative team that went in to retrieve a B-52 that was forced down by a UFO and all the occupants killed. Communications had been received from the B-52 before it went down to the effect that it was "....under
attack by a UFO....", a "....large light....". The plane was found intact, sitting in the jungle. There was no swath indicative of a crash landing. Only the bottom of the fuselage
showed any damage, there was no damage to the underside of the engine pods. Although the plane was completely intact the entire crew had been mutilated.  English, through contacts he still maintains has determined that the US government `most definitely' supports a `project dealing specifically with UFO's and captured aliens'. According to what
he has learned, the US government captured a trio of aliens, and that as of mid 1981, one of the beings was still alive in captivity. English also claims that "at one point in the early
1950's until the mid 1960's the Air Force maintained relocation and debriefing colonies for people that had experienced close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind. They were isolated for all intents and purposes for the rest of their lives. He doubts that
these colonies are still in existence.  English dictated 2 audio cassettes outlining what he remembered from the Grudge 13 report. These audio cassettes were transcribed
into hand written notes by another person. The information contained therein indicated what had been suspected all along,that the US Government was involved in the greatest
deception in the history of mankind and that not only did flying saucers exist but that the government had several in secret storage and had captured at least three live aliens.
The following is a summary of what Bill English remembers from what he read during that day in July of 1977 of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13.
In box, diplomatic pouch under lock and key system. Lock had been opened, pouch was easily accessed. Standard diplomatic couriers pouch marked American Embassy Couriers, contained pouch serial number jl327Delta. Inside a publication with red tape which indicated code red security precautions and an Air Force disposition form. Disposition form was standard white page copy, title was `Analysis Report'. Further down was `Analyse enclosed report under code red measures, give abstract breakdown and report on validity. Observe all code red measures. Analysis required immediately'. Underneath were a series of dashes then the letters NDF then another series of dashes. Below that, lower left hand corner were the initials WGB. Publication was withdrawn from pouch. It measured approx., 8" by 11" with grey cover. Heavily bound, paper back style similar to technical manuals. Across the centre front it read, "Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13". It was dated 1953-(1963). In the lower
right-hand corner was AFSN 2246-3. in upper left hand corner was the word `annotated'. Across the front upper right hand corner to lower left hand corner was red tape indicating code red security measures. Across the front was stamped in red ink `Top Secret
Need to Know Only Crypto Clearance 14 Required'. Inside front cover upper left hand corner were hand written notations in ink which were blacked out by black felt pen.  Inside cover sheet was basically the same information as the cover. Second page was a title page. Next page after that was an appendix with numerous notations made in it. Notations dealt with
inserts of what appeared to be photos and additional notes. At bottom of third page it read G/BV Page 1 of 624 pages. Title page was subject letter. Complete list of appendix not remember. Title. Some notes on the practical applications of the Worst Nemo
equations. Table of contents, Part 1. "On the design of generators to accomplish strain free molecular translation". Part 2, The generation of space time discontinuums, closed, opened and folded". Part 3, on the generation of temporary pseudo acceleration locas". Part 1, Chapter 1, "design criteria for a simple generator and control system referring to equation 17 appendix A". Part 2, Chapter 1,"Continuation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity to final conclusion". Part 3, Chapter 1, "Possible applications of Einstein's theory of relativity at conclusion". Part 1,Chapter 2, reports of UFO encounters, classifications "Close Encounters of the 1st Kind",subtitle sightings and witnesses. Part 2, chapter 2,"Close Encounters of the 2nd", subtitle UFO sightings witnessed within close proximity. Part 3, chapter 2 "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind", subtitle UFO encounters and extraterrestrial life forms witnessed and personal encounters. Subtitle,"Colonies, relocation thereof". Case histories. Chapter 3, Part 1,titled "military Encounters with UFO's". Part 2, Chapter 3, "Military Reports Concerning Sightings on Radar and Electronic Surveillance of UFO's". Subsection 2,
Analysis Report, J. Allen Hynek, Lt. Col. Friend. Appendix continued on for about 5 pages. Opening subject page consisted of a report of the findings as written by Lt. Col. Friend and his analysis. Must stress at this point that the version seen was annotated. There were inserts that were added to this copy after it had been initially printed.Sections remembered very vividly are the photographs and the reports concerning captive sights of various
UFO's to include Mexico, Sweden, United States and Canada. There were also what was then classified Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. It was made very clear that these people whom it was determined had genuine CE 3's were moved in the middle of the night by Air Force personnel and relocated to various sites in the Midwest and Northwest parts of the United States. In many cases these people experienced physical ailments from exposure to
various types of radiation. One case especially noted and remembered very vividly was
entitled "Darlington Farm Case" out of Ohio. Case apparently took place in October 1953. Man, wife and 13 year old son were sitting down at dinner table. As they sat there the lights in the farm house began to dim. Dogs and animals raised ruckus on outside. 13
year old boy got up from dinner table to see what was going on. Called his mother and father to come look at the funny light in the sky. Father and mother went out onto the porch. When they got out on the porch one of the dogs broke loose from leash beside
house and came running around front. Boy began chasing it into the open field. As mother and father watched the light comedown from the sky. They described it as a round ball of fire and it began to hover over the field where the boy and dog had run to. As they stood and watched, the mother and father heard the boy start screaming for help whereupon the father grabbed his shotgun which was right next to the door and began to run out into the
field with the mother following. When the father got to the field he saw his son being carried away by what looked like little men, into this huge fiery looking object. As it took off the father fired several rounds at the object, to no avail. They found the dog, it's head had been crushed but no sign of the boy or any other footprints of the little men who apparently carried him off. Father immediately called the Darlington police and they
immediately came out to investigate. The official report read that the boy had run off and was lost in the forest which bordered the farm. Within 48 hours the Air Force made the
determination that the family was to be relocated and the mother and father were picked up by Air Force Intelligence and all personal belonging and possessions were loaded into U.S. Air Force trucks and moved to a north-western relocation site.
The mother was in shock and had to go through a great deal of psychotherapy and deprogramming as did father. One interesting aspect about this case was classification under Air Force report which read it was a genuine CE 3 and that for the good of national security the mother and father had been relocated to relocation zones Z21-14. Not sure whether this indicated map grid co-ordinates or latitude longitude. According to the report there
were at least four relocation sites across the United States. Depending upon which type of encounter these people had, the report indicated that there were extensive medical facilities available at the relocation sites to deal with all medical emergencies up to and including radiation poisoning. The report mentioned a site located in the Utah-Nevada area, but no
indication of it's purpose or what it was for.  Report gave clear indication of reports of human mutilations, most notably was a case witnessed by Air Force personnel in which
an Air Force Sgt. E-6 by the name of Jonathan P. Lovette was observed being taken captive aboard what appeared to be a UFO at the WHITE sands Missile Test Range in New Mexico. This abduction took place in March of 1956 at about 0300 local and was witnessed
by Major William Cunningham of the United States Air Force Missile Command near Holloman Air Force Base.   Major Cunningham and Sgt. Lovette were out in a field downrange
from the launch sites looking for debris from a missile test when Sgt. Lovette went over the ridge of a small sand dune and was out of sight for a time. Major Cunningham heard Sgt. Lovette scream in what was described as terror or agony. The Major, thinking  Lovette had been bitten by a snake or something ran over the crest of the dune and saw Sgt. Lovette being dragged into what appeared to him and was described as being a silvery disk like
object which hovered in the air approximately 15 to 20 feet. Major Cunningham described what appeared to be a long snake-like object which was wrapped around the sergeant's legs and was dragging him to the craft. Major Cunningham admittedly froze as the sergeant was dragged inside the disc and observed the disc and observed the disc going up into the sky very quickly. Major Cunningham got on the jeep radio and reported the incident to Missile Control whereupon Missile Control confirmed a radar sighting. Search parties went into the desert looking for Sgt. Lovette. Major Cunningham's report was taken and he was admitted
to the White Sands Base Dispensary for observation.
The search for Sgt. Lovette continues for three days at the end of which his nude body was found approximately ten miles downrange. The body had been mutilated, the tongue had been removed from the lower portion of the jaw. An incision had been made just under the tip of the chin and extended all the way back to the oesophagus and larynx. He had been emasculated and his eyes had been removed. Also, his anus had been removed and there
were comments in the report on the apparent surgical skill of the removal of these items including the genitalia. The report commented that the anus and the genitalia had been removed `as though a plug' which in the case of the anus extended all the way to the colon. There was no sign of blood within the system. The initial autopsy report confirmed that the system had been completely drained of blood and that there was no vascular collapse due to death by bleeding. Sub-comment was added that this was unusual because in any body who dies of bleeding or in the case of a complete blood loss there is always vascular collapse.  Also noted was that when the body was found there were a number of dead predatory type birds within the area who apparently had died after trying to partake of the sergeant's
body. There were a number of extremely grisly black and white photographs. From all indications the body had been exposed to the elements for at least a day or two. The New Mexico sun in the desert is extremely hot and debilitating under normal circumstances.
In this section of the report it also indicated that there were numerous occasions in which a UFO was tracked along side a fired missile and on one occasion said missile was observed being taken aboard a UFO while in flight. The speeds indicated were absolutely phenomenal. (English's father had told him privately that on more than one occasion he had personally tracked what they termed as `Foo fighters'. English's father was an electronics engineer by profession and was fairly well versed on electronics engineering and design and on more than one occasion he was involved in telemetry programming of missiles. (English's father is currently a state legislator in Arizona.) The report also indicated that there were a number of recovery teams that were activated specifically for the purpose of recovering any and all evidence of UFO's and UFO sightings. Most notably recorded in publication was what they called Recovery Team Alpha. It was reported that Alpha had been extremely active in a number of areas and on certain occasions had travelled outside the United States. Alpha was based out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and was on the move constantly.
Further information in the report consisted of such things as reported sightings and where Air Force planes had been destroyed or had combat encounters or had been attacked by UFO's. Also there were autopsy reports of various human mutilations. About midway through the report came a section which dealt specifically with photographs. Each photo was labelled and appendixed to certain reports. A number of photo's in there dealt with a recovery program of some type that took place in the south-western part of the United States. They did not give a location name but they did give grid co-ordinates for that area.  There is no clear indication to exactly where it was. The photos dealt with special teams that were called in to recover a crashed UFO. It also dealt with alien bodies and autopsy reports, autopsy type photographs, high quality, colour, 8 x 10, 5 x 7.
Photo number 1 showed an alien being on an autopsy table which is a metal table with runnels and traps underneath to trap fluid and faeces. Body appeared to be a little short of 4 feet. Table about 7 foot. No clothing on body, no genitalia, body completely heterous, head was a rounded cranium, slightly enlarged, eyes almond shaped, slits where nose would be, extremely small mouth, receding chin line, holes where ears would be. Photo was taken
at angle, side view, looking at body from 45 degree elevation, left hand was visible, head was facing to left, body was right to left (head on right, feet on left), eyes were closed appeared to be oriental-looking and almond shaped, left hand slightly longer than normal, wrist coming down just about 2 to 3 inches above the knees. Wrist appeared to be articulated in a fashion that allowed a double joint with 3 digit fingers. Wrist was very slender. There was no thumb. A palm was almost non-existent. The three fingers were direct extension from the wrist.  Colour of the skin was a bluish grey, dark bluish grey. At base of the body there was a darker colour, indicating body was dead for some time. Body fluids or blood had settled to base of body. This indicated that body had been examined before beginning autopsy. Pictures showed beginning stages of autopsy, following standard
procedure, body was slit from crouch to just under chin and green viscous liquid was in evidence. There were internal organs but these could not be identified. Photos thereafter concerned specific areas of internal organs of what appeared as small cluster of multi-valve heart or at least two hearts within the cadaver. No accurate description of autopsy report or what was found with corpse accompanying photos. Indications that there was no stomach or digestive tract per se. Later analysis showed that fluid within the body was chlorophyll based liquid which apparently dealt with photosynthesis or similar process. The report theorised that nourishment was taken in through mouth, however since there was no digestive tract or anything of this nature, the waste products were excreted through skin.
One section of the report did specify that cadavers were extremely odorous, but this could be accounted for by either deterioration or a number of things, but theory was that waste
was excreted through pores of skin. They could only theorise in report because there was no xenobiology.  A report by Dr. J. Allen Hynek was recalled vividly which
indicated that he had also studied the information provided by this particular case and that he felt that it was indeed a genuine UFO capture and subsequently the alien was part of UFO. Dr. Hynek was non-committal but did however sign the report. Also indicated in the report that he did not view the bodies personally, but viewed photographs and accompanying reports from autopsies.
Other photos dealt with a number of bodies which were vivisection in various ways. At one point, a head was removed from the body and photographed and autopsy was performed on head.  The cranium was opened and brain matter was photographed and evident. Interesting thing about photo was that there was a ridge bone or dividing partition-type bone running directly through centre of skull, from front to back, as though dividing two brains, one from the other. This seemed apparent from the picture. The skin was completely removed from the cranial structure and the skull was laid bare as much as possible.  At one point the skull was cut directly in half and photo showed under developed oesophagus and nasal cavities. No clear photo of eye orbs as we know them, just complete vivisection of skull
itself.  Numerous photos of flesh of the being starting with cutaneous and subcutaneous microphotographic plates. Appeared to be cellular studies done under microscopic and electronmicroscopic type photos. Extreme magnification of tissue samples.
This concluded Bill English's statement which was transcribed from 2 cassette tapes. I obtained this hand written memorandum in August of 1987 from Paul Bennewitz during my visit with him in Albuquerque. In September of 1988 I received a call from Bill English. I asked for a chance to meet him and discuss the Grudge 13 report. He said that this could be arranged but that the meeting would have to be on his terms for security reasons. He
explained that there had been several attempts on his life by persons unknown since he had made the cassette tapes about six years ago. We arranged a meeting at a small airport in Virginia on September 16. I was to sit in the lobby with my black flight bag and for identification purposes I told Bill what I would be wearing. I had no telephone number for Bill.  As I walked into the small airport lobby after about a three hour drive from Richmond, I immediately noticed 2 gentlemen who seemed `out of place' for this locale. Both were wearing pin striped 3 piece suits, both had on dark glasses. One was a black gentleman. One was stationed inside the lobby door looking out at the parking lot, one was leaning up against an airline counter. I sat down and after a few minutes was approached by a tall, bearded man in jeans and a heavy jacket. He asked if I wanted to have a drink. We walked outside and he introduced himself as Bill English. We drove in Bill's car into town to a local bar. About five minutes after we ordered and started to talk, the men I had
seen at the airport came into the bar and sat down. We left for Bill's house and never saw the men again for the next 2 days. During the next two days I stayed with Bill and his wife and two children in a small trailer in the middle of a field at his farm. I asked him endless questions concerning the Grudge 13 document, how he happened to see it, what happened to him after he saw it and literally thousands of questions about the content of the document. My impression of Bill English was that he was totally honest, that he stood behind his statements and recollection of the Grudge 13 papers, that he was a devoted husband and father to his wife's 2 children. That Bill English was ready to come forward and enter into any debate regarding the legitimacy of the document and his recollections thereof. Of Bills compassion for his father and his father's feelings concerning Bill and the reasons for their occasional disagreements. I have tremendous respect for Bill and what he has tried to do in getting this information out to the public. It has been at tremendous personal risk, not to mention the ridicule by sponsored agents such as Bill Moore, who has stated that the Grudge 13 papers were a fraud.
What follows is additional information about the Grudge 13 papers that I obtained from Bill during my visit. In addition to the following Bill painstakingly drew many sketches of the photos of different types of flying saucers, the equipment obtained from them including a sketch of the football sized nuclear generator and sketches of the autopsy photos.       From my notes taken during our 2 day meeting: Bill described a photo taken of 3 live aliens. Very clear photos, aliens standing against a white tile wall, looking confused as if they
had been shoved, were looking in different directions.       Report said that aliens had contacted a U.S. Intelligence Agency for initial 2 meetings, one at Holloman, one at Homestead.      U.S. Air Force relocation personnel (for persons involved in close encounters) were referred to as `Men in Black'.      Major Cunningham was initially accused of murdering Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette. Charges were later dropped.      Bill English's place of employment in England was Security Services Command, RAF Chicksands.     Entire Grudge 13 Report was written as if report was geared toward preparation of defences. Report told of ultrasonic weapons found in Germany at the end of WWII that could shatter 4" thick armour.  Report told of sensitive military and industrial areas at which personnel have experienced missing time. Report told about missing time experienced with personnel
associated with North American X-15 rocket plane project. Report stated that there were 17 different species accounted for up to the time of the report.
Extraterrestrial were referred to as A.L.F.'s. Alien Life forms in the report. Report referred to one UFO that was recovered and test flown. The UFO blew up as the two Air Force pilots aboard attempted to leave the atmosphere. English recalls the date as in
the mid 50's.  Report refers to flying saucer program as `Project Red Light' and that a secret installation had been constructed in the middle of the Atomic Energy Commission testing ground in Nevada.  At the time of the report 11 alien cadavers were being kept
at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  That additional alien cadavers were being stored at 4 to 5 other medical institutions. That 2 flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin had been
tested in the wind tunnel at langley, Va. That at the time of the report one disc was being stored at McDill Air Force Base, Florida. That at the time of the report, 1 damaged disc was at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. That at the time of the report that had been 2 UFO incidents at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  That at the time of the report a detachment of the Alpha
Recovery Team was based at Randolph Air Force Base. The report discussed civilian and military personnel who had been terminated `to eliminate potentially dangerous elements to
the national security'.  The General James Doolittle had been mentioned several times in the report with the notation that "his (Doolittle's) predictions might be correct". There was no indication of what those predictions might have been. A short segment containing the quotation. "By presidential order, certain aspects of research have been undertaken".

   A Dialogue  with a former member of the Intelligence Community
         This summer, while on vacation back to my families  residence, I encountered a family friend that I had not seen  since 1973. For obvious reasons I will not identify him, but  for this record will call him "Paul".  Paul is retired from  over 30 years of distinguished government service, is a  widower, and is one of the most closed mouthed men I have  ever known.  When I first came back from Viet Nam in 1972, I  saw Paul at a family get together, and even though he was  just back from South East Asia, he never mentioned it. I found  out through his brother.  When I went back east, I had taken a
 number of text files from my records, for my sister, who is  fascinated by the subject of UFO's.  It so happened that one  evening, my sister and I and wife and another friend, Bob, were  sitting outside my mothers house, and were discussing several  of the files that I had taken back.  Paul stopped out at the  house, as he was going to a function with his sister and my  mother.  He sat down on the patio with us, and as usual, did   not say much.  My sister was reading the file concerned with  the Majestic 12 papers and making some comments, that if this  file was for real, the implications of alien contact could be
 staggering for the world if verified.  At this point Paul   leaned forward and asked if he could see the papers.  My  sister passed several of the texts to him, and until he   left, he spent the remainder of his time reading them.   Just before he left, he got me off to the side, and asked  how I was involved with UFO's.  I told him that I was an  investigator for MUFON, and was involved with a computer  network system with Paranet.  This was the first of several  conversations I had with Paul, and I don't ask anyone to  believe it, because, frankly, I have problems with several  things he told me.  And you may wonder why Paul would tell me  anything, considering his government service, and the agency  he worked for.  To begin with, Paul is very ill, the last time  I spoke with him, he told me that he doesn't expect to be around  for more than 18 months, maximum.  Next, he told me that he never
 agreed with all the secrecy that surrounded the government and  the subject of UFO's.  And lastly, what he hinted at was actually  occurring seemed to haunt him.  As he said, there wasn't a hell of  a lot that even the government was able to do about the situation.
  I present the following, and you can make up your own mind about  whether to believe or not.   This summer past ( 1988 ) was the 20th reunion of my High School.   This was the reason that I travelled back, and besides, my wife  is in love with the east coast.  While back, I became ill, and  ended up spending almost two weeks in the hospital.  Paul came
 and visited me, and this is how we ended having the several  conversations that we had.
Paul at first ask if I realised what dangers were present in  the subject of UFO's.  I said "No", but I had heard rumours  that this could be the case.  He said you damned betcha it
 could.  "If you stumbled over the right information you could  end up among the missing, and Don, this sure as hell wouldn't  be the first time.  I asked him how he came to know so much about the subject, and  he said with the job he held, it was his business to know about  a lot of things.  I then said come on Paul, I had dealings with  spooks while in Viet Nam, so don't try that line on me.  He  told me then, that this was to his knowledge, still one of the  most highly classified subjects in the intelligence community.   That brought to mind the "Smith Memo" from the 50's, and I  relayed it to Paul.  I mentioned that Smith had stated that  the subject of UFO's had been rated higher than the H bomb,   and in perspective, was this still the case?  Pauls reply  follows, and for the purposes of this file, I have condensed  into one session our talks.  In the 40's, when the "flying saucer" scare started, the  military and government were concerned that it was possible  that the Soviets had made a breakthrough in technology with  their German scientists, that our German scientists had not   been able to duplicate.  It then became evident that this  technology was above and beyond what we were able to achieve, so the phenomenon had to come from outside.  For a while there  was a deadlock as to what to do, but then apparently the
 military was able to secure one of the craft.  I asked Paul  if he meant Roswell, and he  only smiled.  He said to read the  MJ 12 stuff again, that there were enough facts to get an idea  of what he was talking about.  After that, it was apparent that  the technology was well above what we were capable of.  There  were fears among certain people that this could be the prelude  to invasion, or possibly even worse.  Others saw this a  straight shot to technology that we couldn't even dream of,  and to exploit everything we could out of it.  Paul stated  that there was a genuine fear that if the Soviets could get  one of these, and exploit it, the United States would be in  deep excrement.  There was a "think tank" that was set up, and  the decision for secrecy was understandable in that scenario.
  Many of these craft were flying over nuclear installations,  and one thought at the time was that they could be after uranium  among other things, if they were, as believed then, coming from  a "dying" planet.  I asked if at that time, were they considered  to be benign, and Paul said yes, they were, but then several  things happened to change that idea.  He would not elaborate,  so I mentioned the Mantell incident, and he said that is the most
 well known case, but there were others, and some very bizarre.  The think tank that was set up in the 40's were concerned that  some of these cases would become public knowledge, and they  still remembered the "War of the Worlds" scare that Wells  threw into the public in 1938.  They did not want a panic  that could affect the nations security, commerce, industry,  finances and so forth.  The result was to debunk the whole  damn thing, and hope it would either go away, or they could  solve it in time before it did become public knowledge.  I asked Paul about several cases that I read about in "Clear  Intent", one of them being the Cuban Jet Incident.  Paul  said that he had heard about that, he wouldn't say much,  but this is not the only case where one of these objects  had shot down aircraft, "and it didn't all happen outside  the U. S. either".  "Look", he said, "if you were out in a very primitive area,  and were lost, or hungry, or what ever, and came across a
 primitive native tribe, and I mean compared to you, really  primitive, would you trade with them, or take what you  needed, food, women, whatever, IF YOU WERE VERY AMORAL?"
  "Look, if in this case, you regard these natives as less  than dirt, and the only thing they have in common is that  they have what you NEED."  You are familiar with the animal
 mutilations aren't you?  Many people think that this was a  government sponsored operation, testing chemicals or  something.  Well, it wasn't, and farm animals are not the  only thing that has been tested.  The guys I know that are  still active have said that right now, is one of the biggest  "UFO flaps" that they have ever heard of, and there is a lot  of concern as to how long it can be kept secret. I hated to break in on Paul when he was talking this freely,  but had to ask about the reported astronaut sightings.  Yes,  there were sightings on damn near all the "shots", and it  was always feared that the news services would pick up on  some of the reports.  We did a damn good job of damage
 control though.  "Well Paul, what about reports that these  things have been seen on the moon?" I asked.  "Yes" he said,  "they have been seen there, and some of this has come out, so  I don't think I am breaking any oaths, but , haven't you  asked yourself why after all the billions of dollars that we  had spent to get to the moon, after the early 70's No one,  us or the Russians,  have gone near the place."  Yes, I  admitted, I had wondered why, and then asked him if he knew  why.  Paul just smiled and then pointed to the file that  contained the Lear Text. "You know", he said, "this guy has  hit pretty close on several points, and I wonder if anyone  has approached him?"  I asked what he meant, and he looked  at me and said "Don, you know what I mean, and after all,  if a lot of the general public became aware of this, they  would scream like a mashed cat, and demand to know what the  hell the government is doing about it.  The problem is,  there are some that still think that they can control events  and keep a lid on this, and others that know we are way in  over our head and are looking for a way out."  Alright then,  what are these things, where do they come from, and what DO  they want?  I must have looked pretty exasperated  then,   and Paul looked at me and gave me kind of what I thought  was a sad smile.  "Don" he said, "I don't know where they  come from, as to what they are, they are very different,  and as to what they want, you are gonna sleep a lot better  if I just go."  And he did leave then.  I haven't talked to Paul since I got back home, and just  several days ago, I got word that he had a heart attack  and is in very poor condition.  I have wondered about a lot  of what he said, and have decided that in lieu of keeping the  whole thing to myself, I would put it on my word processor,  and then make a decision whether to release it or not. Paul had stated on several occasions that this subject had the potential to be  very dangerous, and to be careful of  pursuing it.  "With access to the right information, if it became known, people have disappeared."  I don't think  he was just trying to scare me, the guy had been a  professional intelligence agent for longer than I have been  alive, and I am sure he knew a hell of a lot more about  this, than I would even want to.  He had mentioned several  things, that even now I hesitate to put down, but the thing  that inclines me to accept what he said, was knowing  a bit  of what kind of man he was, he seemed haunted and scared. Well, in light of several things that have occurred recently,  with the "New and Improved" BlueBook, which I might add I distrust wholeheartedly, the meltdown within MUFON, the  continuing "flap" that doesn't show any signs of slowing  down, much less stopping, and the fragmented community of  UFO investigators, I discussed this with my better half,  and have decided to throw it out, and see where it landed.   Take it for what it is worth, and remember, I have just   relayed what I was told, and I did warn you up front that  this was almost beyond belief.


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