Please note anything on this page which you may wish to try out you do so at your own risk. I will  feature on my page only magical working on the right hand path or so called white magic, whose benefit is for yourself or others, but under no circumstances to be use to harm anyone.
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Basic Magic
I.  Ethics
 A.  The Wiccan Rede
 B.  The Law or Return (sometimes called the "Threefold Law")
 C.  Perfect Love and Perfect Trust (among partners in magick)
II. The Witches' Pyramid
 A.  Faith in your abilities and powers.
 B.  Imagination to vividly create in your mind that which you desire to manifest.
 C.  Will to achieve your goal despite all obstacles.
 D.  Secrecy to keep your magickal intention concentrated and pure.
III. The four Qualities of the Mage
 A.  To know
 B.  To will
 C.  To dare
 D.  To keep silence
IV. Preparatory Skills (hatha and raja yoga are good aids to developing these)
 A.  Cleansing, clearing and stilling
 B.  Grounding
 C.  Centring
 d.  Concentrating ieving one-pointedness)
V. Defining the Goal:  Form vs. Essence
VI.  Working with the Power
 A.  Confining it (casting the Circle)
 B.  Raising it
 C.  Sending it (channelling it)... for immediate effect or into storage
 D.  Earthing the excess (grounding it)
VII.  Systems and Techniques
 A.  Spellcraft
 B.  Words of Power and affirmations, charms and incantations
 C.  Dance, postures and mudras
 D.  Meditation, trancework and hypnosis, fascination
 E.  Stone magick
 F.  Candle magick
 G.  Amulets and talismans;  power objects or "psychic batteries"
 H.  Healing
  1.  Psychic (visualisation, laying on of hands)
  2.  Herbal
  3.  Energy channelling with auras and chakras
  4.  Colour therapy
  5.  Other systems listed above
 I.  Divination
  1.  Scrying
  2.  Astrology
  3.  Tarot
  4.  Runesticks
  5.  Lithomancy (casting the stones)
  6.  I Ching
  7.  Other systems
  8.  Pendulum or radiesthesia
 J.  Astral travel
 K.  Thought forms;  wraths, fetches, artificial elementals
 L.  Extra-sensory perception
  1.  Clairsentience
  2.  Clairvoyance
  3.  Clairaudience
  4.  Precognition
  5.  Telepathy
  6.  Telempathy
  7.  Psychometry
  8.  Telekinesis
  9.  Teleportation
 M.  Sympathetic magic (poppets and such)
 N.  Runes
 O.  Mediumship, necromancy, and spirit guides
 P.  Philtres and Poteins
 Q.  Cleansing, purification, protection and blessing;  exorcism;  ligature, binding
 R.  Power animals, totems and familiars; shapeshifting
 S.  Tree magick
 T.  Dreamcraft
 U.  Ritual tool magick
 V.  Invocation, evocation and going into aspect
 W.  Symbols, sigils and images; Tattvic symbols; numerology
 X.  Conjuration or summoning;  banishing or exorcism
 Y.  Commemoration or linking
 Z.  Past life regression or recall
 AA. Pathworking on the Tree of Life
 BB. Ceremonial magic
VIII.  Timing
 A.  The lunar cycle
 B.  The Wheel of the Year
 C.  Astrological conjunctions
 D.  Planetary hours and days
 E.  Individual biorhythms
IX.  Creating your own reality, following your True Will
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                            The Golden Dawn
     (Taken from the Book "Secrets of a Witches Coven" by Morwyn)
     ...During the same time, ceremonial magic, which followed the patterns of ficino, Mirandola, the Roscrucians, and the Freemasons, was evolving.  Alphonse Louise Constant (1810-1875), better known by his nome de plume Eliphas Levi, was a magician who borrowed from treatises dating back to Paracelsus.  Trained as a priest but never ordained, he tempted to reconcile religion, science, and mysticism in his writings.  He proposed that the adept could receive spiritual teachings from a high plane by tapping into what he called the "astral light of divine power" by force of will.  He was also the first to connect the twenty-two trumps of the major Arcana of the tarot with the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  Levi's influence on end-of-the-century magicians was immense.  Some people believe that Aleister Crowly was his reincarnation, since Crowley was born shortly after Levi died.
     Levi's works, which have been translated by A.E. Waite, reveal a highly imaginative interpretation of magic, so his claims should be taken with a grain of salt.  Among Levi's
     books are The Great Secret, This History of Magic, and The Book of Splendors.
  Another magician who contributed to the enrichment of the tarot was Gerard Encausse, better known as Papus.  Author of the celebrated book The Tarot of the Bohemians, he became chief of the order of the Rose-Croix, which was founded in France as an hermetic organisation.  Papus equated the Tarot with the Bible and posited that an entire system of
     metaphysical knowledge was contained within the cards that synthesised the teachings of many cultures. This view of the Tarot is still held widely today, and magicians and Witches.
     meditate upon the cards to tap this knowledge, as well as using tarot for divination. Papus influenced the works of  Oswald Wirth, a key occult figure of the twentieth century.
     Both Levi and Papus fired the imaginations of budding occultists all over Europe and America. Here their doctrines were disseminated by Albert Pike and EmmaHardinge-Britten.  Englishmen inspired by Levi and Papus include Francis Barret, whose book The Magus is a classic work in the field, and Kenneth Mackenzie. Mackenzie had a friend whom he had entrusted a cipher manuscript for safe keeping.  Mackenzie died, his friend died, and a clergyman friend of the friend discovered the manuscript.  The clergyman in turn, passed on the manuscript to Dr. Wynn Westcott, who, with the help of his friend, S.L.MacGregor Mathers, deciphered it.  On the basis of these papers and other researchers, the two men founded the Isis-Urania Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in March 1888.
     Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) was a London coroner and friend of Madame Helena P.Blavatsky, and the Christian mystic, Anna Kingsford.  He had also read extensively the works of Levi and the alchemists.  S.L. MacGregor Mathers (1854-1918), a London commercial clerk, was a friend of Westcott's and shared his absorption in the occult.  He studied Egyptology and other magical systems, including most of those touched upon in this brief history, and synthesised them with the Mackenzie manuscript into the basic tenets of their new occult fraternity.  For awhile the leaders claimed to have received their teachings and permission to found a new order from German Rosicurcian adept named Anna Sprengel.  But these allegations proved false.  The rites and rituals of the Golden Dawn owe their genesis to the geniuses of Westcott and Mathers.  Various  branches were established in London, Paris, and  Edinburgh.  However these organisations were plequed with internal disputes and the Order eventually dissolved.  Some believe that the disintegration occurred because the initiates did not take care to protect themselves sufficiently from the powerful influences they invoked. According to Gareth Knight, Gerald Yorke, an author who wrote a history of the order declared that the protective training that failed to be assimilated by the initiates was: the assumption that man has fallen from a condition of original grace which can only be remedied by a re-orientation of the will, in repentance and reconciliation, with God.  Although lip service was given to this in certain teachings of the Golden Dawn there was unfortunately, a general and stronger tacit assumption that members of the Order were somewhat superior to the rest of the human race, and by virtue of secret ceremonies, knowledge and practices could elevate themselves to be considerably more superior."
     The importance of the Golden Dawn, besides teaching by example this lesson in human nature, is that the Order inspired many twentieth century occultists and thus played a
     significant role in the magical evolution of the present occult revival.  Interest in the teachings of the Golden Dawn has never flagged.
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         1    One of the simplest of magical arts which comes under the heading of natural magic is candle burning.  It is simple because it employs little ritual and few ceremonial
         artefacts.  The theatrical props of candle magic can be purchased at any department store and its rituals can be practised in any sitting room or bedroom.
         2    Most of us have performed our first act of candle magic by the time we are two years old.  Blowing out the tiny candles on our first birthday cake and making a wish is pure magic.  This childhood custom is based on the three magical principals of concentration, will power and visualisation.  In simple terms, the child who wants his wish to come true has to concentrate (blow out the candles), visualise the end result (make a wish) and hope that it will come true( will power).
 3    The size and shape of the candles you use is important, although highly decorative, extra large, or unusually shaped candles will not be suitable as these may create distractions when the magician wants to concentrate on the important work in hand.  Most magicians prefer to use candles of standard or uniform size if possible.  Those which are sold in different colours for domestic use are ideal.
4  The candles you use for any type of magical use should  be virgin, that is unused.  Under no circumstances use a candle which has already adorned a dinner table or been used
         as a bedroom candle or night-light.  There is a very good occult reason for not using anything but virgin materials in magic.  Vibrations picked up by second-hand materials or equipment may disturb your workings and negate their effectiveness.
         5    Some magicians who are artistically inclined prefer to make their own candles for ritual and magical use.  This is a very practical exercise because not only does it impregnate the candle with your own personal vibrations, but the mere act of making your own candle is magically potent.  Specialist shops sell candle wax and moulds together with
         wicks, perfumes, and other equipment.
         6    The hot wax is heated until liquid and then poured into the mould through which a suitably sized wick has already been threaded.  The wax is then left to cool and once is this has occurred the mould is removed , leaving a perfectly formed candle.  Special oil-soluble dyes and perfumes can be added to the wax before the cooling process is complete to provide suitable colours and scents for a particular magical ritual. Craft shops which sell candle making supplies can also provide do-it-yourself books explaining the technicalities of the art to the beginner.
         7    Once you have purchased or made your ritual candle it has to be oiled or 'dressed' before burning.  The purpose of dressing the candle is to establish a psychic link between it and the magician through a primal sensory experience.  By physically touching the candle during the dressing procedure, you are charging it with our own personal
         vibrations and also concentrating the desire of your magical act into the wax.  The candle is becoming an extension of the magician's mental power and life energy.
         8    When you dress a candle for magical use, imagine that it is a psychic magnet with a North and a South pole.  Rub the oil into the candle beginning at the top or North end and  work downwards to the half-way point.  Always brush in the same direction downwards.  This process is then repeated by beginning at the bottom or south end and working up to the middle.
         9    The best type of oils to use for dressing candles are natural ones which can be obtained quite easily.  Some occult suppliers will provide candle magic oils with exotic names. If the magician does not want to use these, he can select suitable oils or perfumes from his own sources.  The oils soluble perfumes sold by craft shops for inclusion in candles can be recommended.
         10   the candles you use can be coloured in accordance with the following magical uses: white- spirituality and peace.
                                red- health,energy,strength,courage, sexual potency.
           pink- love affection and romance.
                          yellow- intellectualism, imagination, memory and
                             green- fertility, abundance, good luck and harmony
                        blue-inspiration, occult wisdom, protection and
                        purple Material wealth, higher psychic ability,
                         spiritual power and idealism
                            silver- clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and
                       orange- ambition. career matters and the law.
         11   If you wanted to use candle magic for healing, you would select a red candle to burn.  To pass an exam, burn a yellow candle, to gain esoteric knowledge burn a blue candle or for material gain, burn a purple one.  It is obvious these colours relate to the signs of the zodiac and the planetary forces.
12   The simples form of candle magic is to write down the objective of your ritual on a virgin piece of paper.  You can use colour paper which matches the candle.  Write your
         petition on the paper using a magical alphabet, such as the ban, enochian,malachain,etc.  As you write down what you want to accomplish through candle magic-- a new job, healing for a friend, a change of residence, a new love affair,
         etc.-- visualise your dream coming true.  Visualise the circumstances under which you might be offered a new job,imagine your employer telling you that your salary has been
         increased or conjure up a vision of your perfect love partner.
13   When you have completed writing down your petition, carefully fold up the paper in a deliberately slow fashion.  Place the end of the folded paper in the candle flame and set
         light to it.  As you do this concentrate once more on what you want from life.
         14   When you have completed your ritual, allow the candle to have completely burned away.  You do not need to stay with the candle after the ritual, but make sure that is  safe and that red-hot wax will not cause damage or fire.  Never re-use a candle which has been lit in any magical ritual.  IT should only be used in that ritual and then allowed to burn away or be disposed of afterwards.
         15   If you are conducting a magical ritual which involves two people (e.g. an absent healing for a person some distance away) then the  second person can be symbolically
         represented during the ritual by another candle.  /all you need to do is find out the subject's birth date and burn the appropriate candle for that zodiacal sign.  These are as
              ARIES                 red
                  TAURUS               green
                  GEMINI               yellow
                  CANCER               silver
                  LEO                   orange
                  VIRGO                 yellow
                LIBRA                 pink
                 SCORPIO               red
                     SAGITARIUS            purple
                   CAPRICORN             black
                        AQUARIUS              all colours
                  PISCES                mauve
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