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 I have decided to, link the name of the pictures same as I have done with the classical music page, (to which you can visit by going to the bottom of this page, if you are into good music try it) for the pictures and other works of art just click on the title to get to the pictures, saves a heck of a lot of time when loading in this page, I have (last updated 06/06/98) also put some views from mars.  

A Mars landscape in colour   

2/ View of Mars from the lander 

3/ View from Mars of the small Rover vehicle 

4/ Twin hills on Mars 

5/  A colour view of Mars landscape 

6/ The flute player 

7/ Treasure trove 

8/  Egyptian pottery 

9/  Statue of a sphinx 

10/  Beautiful cave paintings 

11/  A surreal knight in armour 

12/  Brooding forest scene by Cosgrove 

13/  Let their be Dragons 

14/  Floating fish in a fastasy setting 

15/  A Achemist scene dark & gloomy 

16/  Old German detailed woodcut of a knight 

17/  Actual stone Inca engraving 

18/   A late 19th century picture of everyday life 

19/   Leature to the young woman 

20/   19th Cent picnic with a nude? 

21/ Painting of the biblical Adam (1700's)

22/ Navy display (1900's)

23/ Famous painting of a rich merchants wedding (1500's)

24/ Very famous saloon bar scene (1890's)

25/ A romantic beach

26/ Roman Portrait of a couple

27/ Ancient Summerian tablet

28/ A Elegant Saloon Room

29/ A Magnificent piece of Furniture

30/ An unusual Vase

31/ Ancient Bronze of a early king

32/ Ancient Golden Egyptian Gods

33/ Medieval Golden Font

34/ A beautiful golden Antelope

35/ Ancient Assurian Art

36/ Cezanne Bard route

37/ Cezanne The Farm Bouffan

38/ An earlly example of tooth extraction

39/ Dali, Trees in the shape of human heads

40/ Dali, A unusual Avenue

41/ A painting in the Japanese style (Hirosh)

42/ This looks like the wheel of life

43/ Raphael, The vision of Angels

44/ Raphael, George and the Dragon

45/ Titian, The Maddonna

46/ Leonado de Vinci drawing of a Landscape

47/ Leonado De Vinci Fighting Horsemen

48/ Leonado de Vinci Drawing of a Beautiful Woman

49/ American Plains Landscape

50/ Moose in the Canadian mountains

51/ Two polar bears

52/ The tomb of Gregory XV in the church of St Ignatius, Rome

53/ Joachim Patinier Batism of Christ.

54/ Baccio Bandinelli, Nicodemus supporting the dead Christ.

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