28th January 1952 --- A long time yet!

Before you start to read about me, let me just let you know why I started this site.

I found when surfing the net, that I could find sites with just midi music or just biographys but not a lot with both. I love nearly all types of classical music and I wanted to combine(with the help of the visitors to my site) the music with a biography and a picture of the composers to give a fuller picture and history to the pieces, I just hope you enjoy your visit to my site.

Well I thought it was about time to do a short bio on myself, I was born in England in 1952. My interest in music of any kind started when I was eleven years old when I use to attend a music class at school were the teacher just played various classical musical pieces during the lesson, I use to pretend that I was conducting the music. Well when I left school I bought myself a piano and spent the next five years taking lessons, I managed to get to the fifth grade, gaining as I went along a perfect score in musical theory but only obtaining merit in the practical (playing).

All this went by the board when the place I had work at closed down I then decide a change of lifestyle and joined the Royal Air Force, and eventually from there ended up to where I am now working with computers, installing and running various software packaging and even building some of the works computer systems, as well as production planning, creating speadsheets etc and various other jobs within my works.

I started a new job in January 2000, in designing and setting up a web shopping site, I have now got the store online, the name of the company was Active Pets & Aquatics. I have had to do the whole site from the ground up, do the design take all the 650 to 700 photo's of the products (there still about another 1200 to do), links and add it to the search engines.

The above site is no longer active, I left Active Pets in June 2000,(the guy ran out of money!).

My hobbies include Classical music, Brass Band Music, collecting old foreign coins and stamps from before the 1950's (if you have any old stamps or coins and you live in the U.K, maybe you be interested in swapping or selling, just drop me a email) and player piano rolls to play on my Duo Art Player Piano.

I also enjoy creating classical music in midi format, to translate it from the printed page to playing the classical musical piece via the computer, they are nothing special but I do enjoy creating them.
I have quite a number of interests just go to my home page to find out what. I love comedy programs such as "Red Dwarf", "Faulty Towers" and most Science fiction etc.

Oh by the way I like to known as Steven or Steve. :-)

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If your interest's match mine or you would like to send in your Classical style compositions in midi file format then please E-mail me at  

classicalmidi (@) gothere . uk . (com) please remove all spaces and brackets to get to my email address, fight against spam.

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