April 1nd 1873 --- 1943

Rachmaninov, Sergei Vassilievich (1873 1943), Russian pianist and composer, born Oneg, Novgorod, of the old Russian landed gentry. From the age of 9 to 11 he studied in St Petersburg Conservatory, afterwards at Moscow Conservatory, where he was a pupil of Zverev, Yaneiev, Arensky and Siloti. After a few years he began to give music lessons for a living.

He composed an opera, Aleko, for his final examination and obtained the gold medal in 1892. He taught at the Maryinski Institute in Moscow, 1893-6, and conducted private opera in Moscow for Mamontov, 1897-8. The failure of his first Symphony in St Petersburg appears to have depressed him greatly, but in London in 1899 he recovered his spirits when he played and conducted works of his own with success. On his return to Moscow his old despondency returned until 1901, when he was cured by treatment. It was then that he wrote his second piano concerto, in C minor, the preludes for piano and some songs.

He conducted the Moscow opera from 1904 to 1906, and then spent 2 years in Dresden, with touring intervals. In Dresden he composed his second symphony, in E minor (1907), the first sonata for piano, the symphonic poem for orchestra, The Isle of the Dead, and the third concerto for piano and orchestra. After the Russian Revolution he settled in the U.S.A. here he worked as a pianist and conductor. His compositions include 2 symphonies, 4 piano concertos, 3 operas, several, choral works, piano pieces and songs. As a pianist Rachmaninov stood in the very first rank.

Rachmaninoff's died on the 28th March 1943.

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And now for the Music

My thanks go to Gary Goldberg for Sequencing and donating the following files, to email please click on ("">GARY and let him know your thoughts.

Piano Concerto No.1, 2nd mov Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

Piano Concerto, 3rd mov Large file, you will require winzip to unzip. Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

Symphony No.3, 1st mov click here for click here for pkunzip.exe. Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

Symphony No.3, 3rd mov (click here for click here for pkunzip.exe. Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

I like to thank Tony Matthews for donating & sequencing the following piece, TONY, email him to let him know what you think.

(2633)"Prelude in Eb minor Op23 No9", a lovely piece. Sequenced by Tony Matthews.

(2585)"Prelude Opus.32, No.11 in B", another lovely piece. Sequenced by Tony Matthews.

(2383)"Prelude in C, Opus.32 No 1", a lovely piece. Sequenced by Tony Matthews.

(2295)"Prelude in A minor Op32 No 8", beautifully done. Sequenced by Tony Matthews.

(854)"Barcarolle," Op. 10, No. 3.(Info kindley supplied by Allen Gary) Sequencer unknown

I like to thank Gary Goldberg for the sequencing the following music.

(325) Etude Tableau in D Major Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

(386)Paganini Variations No.18, this was sequence for a non G.M midi. Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

(844)Piano Concerto No.3, mov 2 (kindly donated by Akhil Shastri) Sequenced by ?

(16) Piano Concerto No.1. 3rd mov (info kindley supplied by Gary Goldberg)Large file please click here for pkunzip.exe Sequence by Robert Finley

(326) Another version of Piano Concerto No.1, Mov 1,2 Brilliantly Seq by Robert Finley

(381) Paganini Variations Seq by ?

(382)Paganini Variations No.1 Seq by ?

(383)Paganini Variations No.7 Seq by ?

(384)Paganini Variations No.8 Seq by ?

(385)Paganini Variations No.9. Large file please click here for pkunzip.exe Seq by ?

The file below was kindly donated by Fabio Scuderi

(517) Prelude in C sharp minor "Morceaux de fantasie". Sequenced by Nick Carter

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