1891 - 1953

Prokofiev, Sergei. Sergeievich (1891-1953); Russian composer, born Ekaterinoslav. He studied under Gliere and then at the St. Petersburg Conservatory under Liadov, Wihtol, Rimsky Korsakov and Anna Essipova. He won the Rubinstein prize for his first piano concerto. In 1918 he left Russia, living in Britain, France, Japan and the U.S.A before returning to Russia in 1927. The Soviet authorities insisted that he should popularise his music. In 1948, however, it was felt that he had not carried this far enough, and he was accused of showing an individualism intolerable to Soviet society.

His efforts at more popular and sympathetic music can be seen in such works as Peter and the Wolf, the cantata Toast for Stalin's Birthday, and the film music for Ivan the Terrible and Alexander Nevsky. His operas include The Love for Three Oranges, The Gambler (after Dostoievsky's novel) and War and Peace (after Tolstoy's novel). He also wrote music for ballet and films, 7 symphonies, 2 violin and 5 piano concertos, and many piano works. His music in his earlier years was distinguished by its hard brilliance, his later works showing a mellowing and maturity of style.

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(2810)"Dance of the knights - from Romeo & Juliet Ballet " A very beautiful piece sequenced by George Pollen.

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(2723) "First part Peter & the Wolf". Donated and sequenced by B.S. Lengton. Downlowad the narration in text format HERE,

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(2668)"Piano Sonata No.3 in A minor Op.28" A beautiful sequenced by Tony Matthews.

(2352)"Toccata Op.11"(Redone and improved Sept 2002) Nicely sequenced by Tony Matthews.

I like to thank Emily for the sequencing the following piece, to contact please email ("> EMILY.

(2002)"A short except from Peter & the Wolf" Sequenced by Emily Gray

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(1415)"Piano Concerto No.1, a really excellent piece donated & sequenced by Gary Goldberg

(407)"Tocccata for Piano" (Info kindly supplied by Gary Goldberg) Sequenced by Gary Goldberg

(408) Motagues and Capule Seq by ?

(409) Scherzo from the Fifth Symphony, a excellent crafted piece Seq by D.J

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