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1707 --- 25thAugust 1791

Pietro Domenico Paradisi Paradies (originally named Paradisi), Pietro Domenico, Italian composer and Harpsichordist born in Naples 1707, died Venice 1791.

He was a pupil of Porpora, in which time he brought out several operas in Italy. In 1747 went to London, where he earned a living mainly as a teacher of harpsichord playing, but also produced an opera "Fetonte" (January 17th 1747) and also published 12 sonate de gravicembalo (London, 1754).

Toward the end of his life he returned to Italy. Some of his MS works are preserved in the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge, his sonatas were brought out by G. Benvenuti and D. Cipollini in Milan (1920).

Supplied By David SM Knopf who has my grateful thanks.

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And now for the Music

(2161)"Toccata per clavicembalo" a version done for harps. Sequenced by Satoshi Orisaka.

My thanks go to Antonio Tului for the following sequenced music file he has sent, I hope you enjoy it.

(437) Toccata per clavicembalo, a nicely crafted Baroque piece. Donated and Sequence by Antonio Tului

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