New Classical Style Composer's Biography and Music

I will begin to post to this page New composers that compose music in the Classical style, with a brief history (as much as I know).

So if you have composed any classical pieces, I would like to hear from you and if I considered them to be in the Classical stlye I will then list them to my site and let the world know via this page.

First requirement the music has to have a classical influence.

A brief history of yourself and attached your music to the email, I would be glad to add your Classical style music to my site.

As the page progresses you will begin hopefully to hear some wonderful classical style music on this site, please take time to check them out, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

All music on this site is copyrighted by the composer, and can not be use for any other reason, except to downloaded for your own personal listening enjoyment.

If you wish to use any music on this site for any other reason, you must contact the composer, thank you.

please email them to the classical music site with details to "classical   (@)" (written this way to stop spammers, just remove spaces and brackets for email address), thank you.

Just click on the name to go to the page

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