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1860 --- 1940

Paderewski was one of Poland's most distinguished musician of his period, he is perhaps one of the most famous pianist who has ever lived, he began his studies at the Warsaw Conservatory when he was aged twelve, and was teacher of the piano there from 1878 to 1883.

He continued to study at other European centres, notably Berlin and Vienna.
After his first triumphant concert tour (1884 - 87) he was established as the leading pianist of his time, in 1909 he was appointed director of the Warsaw Conservatory, but four years later made another visit to the United States, where he had bought an estate.

After founding of an independent Polish state, following the Treaty of Versailles, Paderewski was first Polish ambassador in Washington and then in 1919 to 1920 , Polish president and foreign minister

Although he resigned from political office to devote himself to his concert career between the wars, he accepted nomination as president of the Polish Stevenime in exile after the German invasion in 1940.

Paderewski's just fame as an executant has obscured his achievements as a composer, but his works included the opera Manru (1901), a symphony, some remarkable songs, and many beautiful piano pieces.

He also published an edition of Chopin's works and a study of Chopin's music as well as his own memoirs.

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(1841)"Menuet l'antique, Opus.14, No.1". Sequenced by Emily Gray

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