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1st September 1653 --- 3rd March 1706

Johann Pachelbel(baptized 1653, Nürnberg--died 1706, Nürnberg), German composer known for his works for organ and one of the great organ masters of the generation before J.S. Bach.

Pachelbel studied voice at Altdorf and Stevenensburg and held posts as organist in Vienna, Stuttgart, and other cities. In 1695 he was appointed organist at the St. Sebalduskirche in Nürnberg, where he remained until his death. He also taught organ, and one of his pupils was Johann Christoph Bach, who in turn gave his younger brother Johann Sebastian Bach his first formal keyboard lessons.

All Pachelbel's work is in a contrapuntally simple style. His organ compositions show a knowledge of Italian forms derived from Frescobaldi through J.J. Froberger. Of special importance are his chorale preludes, which did much to establish the chorale melodies of Protestant northern Germany in the more lyrical musical atmosphere of the Catholic south. His popular Canon in D Major was written for three violins and continuo and was published with a gigue in the same key. His son, Wilhelm Hieronymous Pachelbel, was also an organist and composer.

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And now for the Music

I like to thank B.S. Lengton for sequencing and donating the following lovely pieces, to contact Email (">B.S. Lengton.

(2722) "Canon in D (from Canon and Gigue)". Donated and sequenced by B.S. Lengton.

I would like to thank Alessandro Gioele Simonetto for sequencing and donating the following music. To contact Alessandro please visit webpage his website here..

(2649)"Magnificat No.2, 08", done in Real time. Sequence by Alessandro G. Simonetto.

I like to thank Prof. Dr.Hans-Georg Uszkoreit for the following pieces, to contact him please email ("> Prof. Dr.Hans-Georg here.

(2485)"The Ciacona in f minor" (as a sister of the Ciacona in d) Sequenced by Prof. Dr.Hans-Georg Uszkoreit

(2487)"Chorale "vom Himmel hoch" (also the "little sister" of the other which already exists). Sequenced by Prof. Dr.Hans-Georg Uszkoreit

(1402)" Praeludium in d"(Placed an updated version on 20/04/2002) Sequenced by Prof. Dr.Hans-Georg Uszkoreit

I like to thank Haven C. Krueger for the following music, to contact Haven please ("> Click Here,

(1585)"Ciacona in D for pipe organ" Sequenced by Haven C. Krueger

(1399)"Chorale Prelude for Christmas" Sequenced by Andrew Ellis

(1401)"Fantasy?" Sequencer unknown

(1403)"Werde Munter Mein Gemute" Sequenced by S.W. Barr

(1139)"Gigue" (File kindly supplied by "Who else"?) Sequencer unknown

(145) Famous Canon in D (File kindly supplied by Troy Meredith) Seq by ?

(571) Another Version of the Famous Canon in D (File kindly supplied by John Spencer Yantiss) Seq by Joan Tan

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