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1895 --- 19??

Carl was born in Munich in 1895. Besides his work as a composer, Orff has been an active teacher, holding a position at the Munich Academy of Music, being active in methods of musical education of children, as well as working as a conductor and as a editor of old music.

His work in this last field has coloured his own music, like the well known scenic cantata, Carmina Burana.

Its first performance was in Frankfurt in 1937, the music was accompanied by mimed action, and consists of settings of songs of wine and women from the 13th century manuscript found at the Benedikbeuren monastery in Bavaria.

The style of this like most of Orff's works, is clear and uncomplicated, using simple and effective melodic and rhythmic elements, building up to climaxes by repetition and avoiding contrapuntal procedures.

From the age of forty Orff has devoted himself exclusively to music for the theatre, from incidental music to operas such as Antigone 1949.

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And now for the Music

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(2673) "O Fortuna." from Carmina Burana. Nicely sequenced by Emily Gray. Large file please click here for pkunzip.exe Seq ?

(2620) "Dulcissime" and "Ave Formossissima" from Carmina Burana. Nicely sequenced by Emily Gray.

(2415) Ecce Gratum", or "Behold the Spring," from Carmina Burana. Nicely sequenced by Emily Gray.

(2378) "Dance" from Carmina Burana". A lovely sequenced by Emily Gray.

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