Theo has submited the musical piece called Achumawi, orchestral variations on a Native Californian theme.

A self-taught guitarist, I have played the guitar since I was ten, and classical guitar for forty years. I am from San Bernardino, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and grew up in southern California.

As a painter who composes I am very much guided by a painter’s instinct for tone, nuance, balance and harmony, paralleling the identical concepts in music theory.
Going from the American folk music tradition to that of classical music involved the challenge of learning how to read and write musical notation, which was like Chinese for me in the beginning. However, the “inner necessity” of getting the music which was in me out into the world made the learning process go quickly.

Although influenced by decades of playing the music of the master guitarist/composers, I became more and more drawn to non-guitarist composers like Mahler, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Ravel and other moderns.

From compositions for solo guitar I proceeded to compositions combining guitar and other instruments in duos, a trio, quartets and a quintet. Recently I have composed a concerto for guitar and orchestra which is planned to be performed by Serbian guitarist Uroš Dojcinovic who lives in Belgrade. I have lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 40 years.

These orchestral variations are based on my piece for solo guitar Puberty Chant. The original notation for the Achumawi melody appears among the ”songz” gathered by Jaime de Angulo in the 1920s in his research into the music of northern Native California. Other solo, ensemble and orchestral works can be heard on my website below..

If you wish to contact Theo please email him at (theoradic @ yahoo . com)Remove the brackets and spaces, or better still visit his WEBSITE.

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And now for the Music

Orchestral variations on a Native Californian theme a piece Composed and Seq by Theo Radic

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