Robert has produced some wonderful classical style musical pieces as well as other pieces which I am sure you will enjoy, below you will find some of his excellent crafted Classical style music.

The following is a short bio on Robert below.
If you wish to contact Robert please email him at (tirando @ btinternet . com)Remove the brackets and spaces, or better still visit his WEBSITE.

Biography Books of music out numbered all others in my childhood household, my mother played the piano and the piano accordion and my father both made and played the Northumbrian Pipes. Both were involved in the early folk music revival during the nineteen fifties and sixties.

At the age of twelve there being no piano in the house and the piano accordion was far from being a cool instrument to play, he bought a second hand "Paragon" acoustic guitar made by Clifford Essex from a fellow pupil at school. Preferring to play the guitar with his fingers the plectrum was thrown away within the first fortnight after buying the guitar.
I did not follow music as a career but, became an apprentice electrical fitter and armature winder. At the end of my apprenticeship I had gained a HNC in Electronics and Physics.
With this qualification I became a development engineer mainly working upon the control of D.C. motors for electric vehicles using microprocessors. Now that I am retired I have plenty of time to devote to music, playing the Guitar and teaching myself orchestration and writing music using Sibelius.


A Border Ballad (Story)
The King's soldiers prepare a trap for a reiver to be sprung when he drives his stolen cattle down a pass. Once the capture is made, the reiver is taken to the local town for trial. The wife of the reiver pleads with her neighbours to mount a rescue for her husband. Appalled at the news, the neighbours agree to rescue the reiver and ride off to the local town. Upon reaching the town they find their neighbour is already on the scaffold, with a rope around his neck making his peace. The rescue attempt has failed

English Rhapsody I

Listening to the music Ralph Vaughan Williams and Frederick Delius inspired me to write this piece.


This piece is about a walk along a road near to my residence.
Intermezzo in A minor.
A idea for the music to be played during the interval of a play.

March (Bensham)

This is dedicated to the staff at a local hospital.

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And now for the Music

A Border Ballad, a beautiful piece Composed and Seq by Robert Ord

English Rhapsody I, you will love listening to this piece. Composed and Seq by Robert Ord

Fellside, a piece I am sure you will like.Composed and Seq by Robert Ord

Intermezzo in A minor. Composed and Seq by Robert Ord

March (Bensham).Composed and Seq by Robert Ord

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