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Unknown music, can you help. New composers in the Classical style, a must visit. Some information on who runs this site Visit some wonderful Classical Musical sites.

     WELCOME to my site, PLEASE renew your bookmarks to this site thank you. The Classical Composers MIDI site.

I have decided to update site with some more music on the 30th December 2005, Donated classical midi files always welcome, I have also gone through the whole site taking out old banners the only one left is the one who hosts this site, its well worth a look at if you are considering starting or moving your domain, site etc,please give it a quick check out.

     I hope you enjoy your time here, if you have any stamps or coins for sale, please drop me a line.

      If you done any Classical pieces of say for example, Delius, mozart, and so on etc, please email them to the classical music site with details to "classical   (@)" (written this way to stop spammers, just remove spaces and brackets for email address), thank you.


  1.     Added some more new music for Folk Tunes sequenced and donated by Scott P. Anderson.
  2.     Added some more new music for Rossini sequenced and donated by Dereck Riddell.

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