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PAGES LAST UPDATED ON THE 30th December 2005.

I want my web pages to be interactive i.e if people have done any classical midi files, or have had a paranormal experience to relate I will place their files on my web pages. Below are some links to my other pages on my various interests.

1/MY INTERESTS include collecting classical midi files from all over the world wide web,(last updated 30th December 2005)I have place a large selection of music with Composers biographys on these pages for your listening enjoyment, if you have created any good classical midi files or any music you have composed in the classical style I would be honoured to post them to my site, please email me with your pieces. I also enjoy collecting stamps and coins.

2/ TRUE ACCOUNTS this page is to be dedicated to the paranormal, ufo's, ghost, with true life accounts from peoples experience, you will find now a number of new accounts added (19th July 2003) which I have placed on these pages, I have also now added new UFO, Abductee,Ghosts, and Paranormal pages, please feel free to email me if you have had any Paranormal experience's and wish your account to appear on my web pages. Please note this part of the site will only be updated when someone sends me their accounts.

3/ NOW FOR THE LINKS YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR to my favourite web sites,last updated 11th December 2005.

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If your interest's match mine or you would like to send in your Classical style compositions in midi file format then please E-mail me at  

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