23rd August 1854 --- 4th March 1925

Moritz Moszkowski(born 1854, Breslau, Prussia [now Wroclaw, Poland]--died 1925, Paris, France), German pianist and composer known for his Spanish dances.

Moszkowski studied piano at Dresden and Berlin, where he gave his first concert in 1873. In 1879 he settled in Paris. His two books of Spanische Tänze, Opus 12, were published in 1876 for piano duet and later in many different arrangements. They were long popular as examples of national music in a light style. Other attempts with national idioms were less successful. His opera Boabdil der Maurenkönig (1892; "Boabdil the Moor King") was known chiefly for its ballet. He also wrote concerti and chamber music.

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And now for the Music

I like to thank Emily Gray for sequencing and donating the following piece, to contact Email (">Emily Gray.

(2369)"Mazurka, Opus.10 No.3". Donated & Sequenced Emily Gray

(2370)"Melodie, Opus.18 No.1".Donated & Sequenced Emily Gray

(2371)"Serenade, Opus.15 No.1". Donated & Sequenced Emily Gray

I like to thank George Pollen for the following music, to contact George please ("> Click Here, or better still visit his Website here

(2350)"Hungarian Dances (From Foreign Lands op. 23)", another wonderful piece. Donated & Sequenced by George Pollen This a large file please click here for pkunzip

(2220)"Malaguena" from the opera : Baobdil, der letze Maurenkonig", a beautiful piece. Donated & Sequenced by George Pollen This a large file please click here for pkunzip

(1845)"Spanish Dances". Sequencer Unknown

(951)"Pres Du Berceau, Opus.58" A short extract from the piece. Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie

Moszowski,(19) Etude No.1 Seq by Philip De Walk

(503) Etude de virtuosite (Piano)Op.72 No.13 in Ab minor, sequence by David Binford

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