I would like to kindly thank Mark A. Hurley, who has a B.S. in Teacher Education from Towson University in Maryland, who has sent me the following information on the above composer.

1908 --- 1992

Here is a except from the Email, I like the Olivier Messiaen "Vision of the Eternal Church." It's in my repetoire and I plan to use it for Easter Sunday. I have programs notes around somewhere about the composition. It MAY sound morbid, but it is a reflection on the Resurrection of Christ and His Eternal Church. It's typical of Messiaen. I heard him premiere one of his compositions in 1971, of which I can't remember. (I think it was La Nativite.) He performed on the Grand Gallery Organ at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. There are two organs, other being a smaller (but still lrage) transept organ. (The organs were built by M.P. Moller of Hagerstown, MD [closed in 1993]). However here's a thumbnail sketch of him:

Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) was a pupil of Marcel Dupre and Paul Dukas and the teacher of Boulez and Stockhausen. He was organist of Trinite Church in Paris and professor at the Paris Conservatoire from 1941 to 1976. Uniquely personal in sound, rhythmic complexity, source material and religious symbolism, his organ music (1927-86) is profoundly mystical, an extraordinary coming together of the meditative and the ecstatic, of time released and time contained, of centuries-old French organ style absorbed, transcended and reborn. It should be noted that the organ in Trinite was the same builder of Notre Dame, Sacre Couer and Ste. Clothide, Aristide Cavaille-Coll. He brought the French romantic organ to its zenith in the 19th century. It was on these grand organs that the organ symphonies of Widor, etc., were composed.

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By Steven and donated by Mark A. Hurley

And now for the Music

(1331)"Le Banquet Celeste" Sequenced by Serge Winitzki

(1332)"Part I" (of life on Earth, with all its fruitless agitation) Sequenced by Serge Winitzki

(1333)"Le Banquet Céleste."Not the same as the piece above Sequenced by DJ

(1334)"Stevenard de l'esprit de joie" from Vingt Stevenards sur l'enfant Jésus. Sequenced by DJ

(1335)Prelude for piano No. 2 "Chant 'extase dans un paysage triste". Sequenced by DJ

(1336)Unknown title Seqencer unknown

(90) Vision of the eternal church, a intense morbid piece Seq by Serge Winitzki

(525) "Diptyque" (1929)Essai sur la vie terrestre et l'éternité bienheureuse Seq by Serge Winitzki

(526)L'Ascension I. Majesté du Christ Seq by Andrea Amic

(527) La Nativite de Seigneur IV (Les Anges) Seq by Serge Winitzki

(528)L'Ascension IV. Prière du Christ Seq by Andrea Amic

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