Picture from France my thanks to Jean-Pierre Bouye

1763 --- 1813

I do not have much on this composer, if anyone can help out I would appreciate it.

This about all I can find on this composer, that he introduce subjects of topical interest into the music of the time around the revolutionary period, but the romance he brought to his music was hardly suitable for development at this time, although he did produce some fine romantic pieces,which faded away, but was revived for a short time under the empire period.

He wrote a number of Operas that were very popular at the time, The principal of these were Joseph, Euphrosyne, Stratonice and L'Irato.

Excepts of these operas were still proformed in the 1860's, the only other of Mehuls work to still be proformed until the end of the 19th century was a overture to Le Jeune Henri, very few now have ever heard of this once very popular French composer.

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And now for the Music

(1654)"Les Aveugles De Tolede (Die Beiden Blinden)". Sequenced by Reginald Steven Ritchie

(1653)Unknown title. Sequencer Unknown

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