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1741 --- May 1816

Johann Paul Aegidius Martini (1741 - 1816) German musician, sometimes also known as Martini Il Tedesco, he was born in Freistadt, Germany September 1st, 1741.

When he was only 10 he became an organist at the Jesuit seminary at Neustadt and at 17 held the same position at the Franciscan convert at Freiburg.

He soon determined to remove to France, however at first settled at Nancy. There he changed his family name, Schwartzendorf, to Martini, by which he was known thereafter, and entered the service of King Stanislaus I of Poland, then living in France.

After the king's death, Martini went to Paris, where he remained for the rest of his life.

He published his highly popular opera, L'Amoureux de quinze ans in 1771.

For a time he served as conductor of the Theatre Feydeau, and later became inspector of the Paris conservatory, following which he was made professor of composition there.
He was forced to retire in 1802, but when Louis XVIII came to power in 1814 he made Martini superintendent of court music.

Martini died in Paris in February 10th 1816. Besides his considerable output of music, both secular and religious, he wrote Melopee Moderne, a study of vocal music.

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