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1684 --- 1750       1686 --- 1739

Below you will find two small biographies, it seems that music produce by the brothers was sometimes hard to credit to the correct composer, so I will place any music I have on the brothers on this page.

Alessandro Marcello, born 1684 and died in 1750, all I have on him is that he produced about twelve solos for violin and several concertos, if anyone can throw any more light on this composer please email me.

Benedetto Marcello, born on 1686, he wrote some fine examples of all the main genres, both vocal and instrumental, among them a large number of concertos. One of which composed for the Oboe was transcribed by Bach for a harpsichord concerto.

Marcello father wanted his son to trained in law, but instead he became the pupil of Lotti and Gasparini.
In 1711 he was a member of the council of Forty, and in 1730 went to Pola as Provveditore. He retired after eight years to Brescia in capacity of Camerlengo, and died there on July 24th 1739.

Marcello is best remembered by his Estro poetico-armonica (Venice, 1724 - 1727), a musical setting for voices and strings of the first fifty Psalms, as paraphrased in Italian by G.Giustiniani, Charles Avison and John Garth brought out an edition with English words (London, 1757). His other works are chiefly cantatas.

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And now for the Music

I like to thank Bruce W. Leslie for donating & sequencing the following pieces, to contact please email ("> BRUCE.

(1961)"Oboe Concerto with guitar accompaniment, Mov.1 " Sequenced by Bruce W. Leslie.

(1962)"Oboe Concerto with guitar accompaniment, Mov.2 " Sequenced by Bruce W. Leslie.

(1963)"Oboe Concerto with guitar accompaniment, Mov.3 " Sequenced by Bruce W. Leslie.

My grateful thanks to Randy Reid for the following beauitful music, to contact Randy please ("> Click Here.

(1983)"Bassoon Sonata in F " Sequenced by Randy Reid.

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