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1837 --- 1916

Hamish Mac Cunn (1837 - 1916)Scottish musical composer, was born at Greenock, the son of a shipowner, and was educated at the Royal Collage of Music.

His first success was with the overture Land of the Mountain and Flood in 1887 at the Crystal Palace, and this was followed by other compositions, with a characteristic Scottish colouring.

From 1888 to 1894, he was a professor at the Royal Collage of Music. His opera Jeanie Deans was produced at Edinburgh in 1894.

He was for some years conductor to the Carl Rosa Opera company, and subsequently to other companies.
His opera Diarmid was produced at Convent Garden in 1897, and his other music includes canatas, overtures, part-songs, instrumental pieces and songs, all markedly Scottish in type.
He died in London in Aug 2nd 1916.
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(2613) "Hornpipe for piano solo". Sequenced by Eugene Dolan

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(1495) "The Land of the mountain and the flood." Opus.3 Sequenced by George Pollen

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