22nd October 1811 - 31th July 1886

Liszt, Ferenc (Franz) (1811-86), Hungarian composer, conductor and virtuoso pianist, 6. Raiding in Hungary; studied under Czerny and Salieri in Vienna (1821-3), Paer (1823) and Reicha (1826) in Paris. By this time he had won considerable fame as a pianist in Vienna, Paris and London. During his sojourn in Paris in 1830-2 he came into touch with the romantics (Berlioz, Chopin, George Sand, etc.), and 2 years later he began his liaison with the Countess d;Agoult by whom he had 3 children, including Cosima, who became first Hans von Billow's and then Wagner's wife.

The next few years were spent travelling in Switzerland and Italy, recorded in the Album sun voyageur, L836, 1840; first pub. complete in 1842 (several of the pieces re-appeared in the first book of Annees de pelerinage, 1855). These pieces, the great B minor Sonata (1853) and the2 Concertos, are the finest of his innumerable contributions to pianoforte literature, which include transcriptions of songs and of symphonic works, formidable etudes fantasias on the operas of the day, Hungarian rhapsodies, etc.

His chief orchestral writings are connected with his Weimar career (1848-61), e.g. the 13 symphonic poems, the Dante and Faust symphonies, etc. During most of this period he was active as an opera conductor and gave the first performance of several contemporary works. In 1865 he took minor orders, becoming an abbe, and henceforward many of his works were of a sacred character: the Gran. 1855, and other masses, Christus, 1866, psalms and the Requiem for male voices and organ. His life, however, was divided to the last between religious devotion and amorous adventure. His association with the Polish Princess Sayn-Wittgenstein was the most lasting one. He also left about 70 songs.

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And now for the Music

My thanks go to Edward Gold, for the beautifully sequeced pieces that follows. Email (egld@inr.net">Edward Gold, and let him know what you think.

(2914)From the Cradle to the Grave (Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe.Liszt's last Symphonic Poem) 16 channels GM, another beautiful sequence by Edward Gold. This is a very large fileclick here for pkunzip

I like to thank Mark "Buzby" Beeton for sequencing & donating the piece, please email (buzbyb@hotmail.com"> MARK here.

(2074)"2nd Hungarian Rhapsody" Sequenced by Mark "Buzby" Beeton

(1556)"Bagatelle Without Tonality (1885)" Sequenced by Peter R. Wolfe

(1557)"Dante Sonata" Sequenced by N.H.Carter

(1558)Erlkonig - The Witch King by Franz Schubert - Oct. 1815, Piano Transcription by Franz Liszt. Sequenced by John Cowles

(1559)"Eroica" a lovely sequenced by Robert Finley

(1560)"Evening Harmonies in Db" Etude No.11. Sequenced by Tyler Singletary

(1561)"Transcendante Etude No. 10" Sequenced by Tyler Singletary

(1562)"Liebestraume No 3". Sequenced by Robert Finley

(1317)"2nd Hungarian Rhapsody"(kindly donated by Jason Clonts ) Sequenced by Don Buczynski

I like to thank Victor for the following musical files. Email (vicwal@mmind.net">Victor Waldo, and let him know what you think.

(679)"Mephisto Waltz" Mov.1. A beautful real time sequenced by Victor Waldo

(819)"Mephisto Waltz" Mov.2, A lovely real time sequenced by Victor Waldo

(820)"Mephisto Waltz" Mov.3, A real time sequenced by Victor Waldo

(37) Waldesrauschen Seq by N.H.Carter

(144) Benediction to god in solitude, beautifully seq by Robert Finley

(180) Canzone. Seq by Robert Finley

Schubert-Liszt Serenade (Info kindly supplied by Ed) (9) Seq by ?

Lamento (Info kindly supplied by Ed) (28) Seq by ?

(8) Valse Oubliee No.1 (Info kindly supplied by Gary K Allen) Seq by ?

Valse Oubliee No.2 (Info kindly supplied by Ed) (33) Seq by ?

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