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1890 --- 1962 1

Jaques Ibert born in 1890, he was director of the Villa Medici, the school of Prix de Rome, he held this post for a number of years.

He wrote Divertissement for Orchestra in 1930, this piece processes all the qualities that make his music so outstanding.

His composition style is one of elegant and concise music with some unusual harmonies.

In his opera works notably Le Roi d'Yvetot he writes this piece in his own comic style, he applies the same witty brilliance characterises to his saxophone, flute and cello concertos, and also the Sinfonia Concertante for the oboe, Escales for orchestra and his piano pieces, Histories.

Ibert revels a more profound side of his work, for example in his string quartet and his Chevalier Errant which was an epic for large orchestra.

This is a very underrated composer who deserves more recognition of his musical mastery.

Ibert died in 1962.

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And now for the Music

(2219)"Tito", this is a lovey piece. Sequencer Unknown.

(2218)"Caprice". Sequencer Unknown.

(681)"Le Petit Ane Blanc" (The Little White Donkey) from his "Histoires" for piano (Info kindly supplied by Edward Gold). Seq by J.C.Wahlstrom

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