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24th October 1811 --- 10th May 1885

Ferdinand Hiller (born in 1811 at Frankfurt am Main--died 1885, Cologne), German conductor and composer whose memoirs, Aus dem Tonleben unserer Zeit (1867-76; "From the Musical Life of Our Time"), contain revealing sidelights on many famous contemporaries.

Hiller studied in Weimar under the celebrated pianist-composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel. From 1828 to 1835 he was in Paris, where his friends included Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Hector Berlioz.

He conducted the Gewandhaus concerts in Leipzig (1843-44), conducted at Dresden in 1845, and led the Düsseldorf Orchestra, 1847-50.
In 1850 he became conductor at Cologne, where he organized the conservatory and was its first director.

His compositions include operas and large instrumental works. His extensive writings on music include studies of Beethoven and a memoir of his friend Felix Mendelssohn.

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