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Please let me know if you find any broken links thanks, I have removed old links now all should work as of 26/10/2009.
George Pollen has created his own website, which contain some wonderful classical musical pieces.
If you want to create your midi pieces there is no finer product then Note Worthy Composer from this site, well worth a visit.
For biographic information on Classical Composers, this is the site to visit.
Virtual Sheet Music - Classical Sheet Music Downloads, a great place for sheet music.
A Dutch organ site with music of Louis Bourgeois in order of St.John.
For a site with original classical style piano music then pay a visit to Hiromu Hidaka site.
Bach Cantatas Website, a well design Bach music page, with lots music & information.
Websites dedicated to Harpist for classical musicians .
The Classical MIDI Connection: Recent Additions a must for classical music lovers
Fred Jonny Berg has created his own compostions, well worth a visit.
MIDI Files at midiworld

Visit Ramons beautiful classical site

Visit Victor Reny site for free flamenco & Classic guitar scores & MP3.

Victor Reny site for loads of free sheet music scores

Arman Sabciyan has a lovely design paranormal site.

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