Worms 2 Preview

   Worms games introduction
   For those of you who have not played any worms game before I will give you a brief introduction. Worms is a multiplayer type game were you and your friends can battle it out on weird and wonderful landscapes. It may sound boring but it is not because you can spend hours playing the game also the is millions of options to fiddle with.

    Onto Worms2
I have got the full version of Worms2, I have managed to scrimp and scrape what I could find for this review e.g. form the game, text files, web pages etc. I think the best way to get across some the information about Worms 2 is to do it in a table of comparing Worms, Worms Reinforcements and Worms 2.

     Type                                 Worms              Worms Reinforcements   Worms 2
No worms playing at once         4         4          8
No of teams playing at one time         4         4          6
Challenge mode         NO        YES         YES
No of weapons         24         25          40+ 
Edit Sounds         NO        Partial (only swap)         YES
Graphics quality         Average        O.K.         Good (more animation)
Minimal Computer speed         486       486sx         P120
Terrain editor         No       Partial (only custom levels).         YES but no graphics designer
Amount of speech packs         4        12         18+ 

   All these new things on worms 2 means total mayhem I know what you are thinking why did they not make Worms 3D this because they wanted to be different then other games Team 17 wants it to be unique. The strange thing is that it does not seem to be as popular as Worms.
   The graphics in this game are much smoother and High resolution then Worms1, because of this I thought that they would have to cut down on playabilty. Now the Worms have there own personality and there is even more action. But with everything good comes something bad here is the things that are missing from the original game...

  :The ability to draw your own landscapes in full color
  :The ability to give your worms more then 200 Hit points

  Internet play
  Unlike most games the internet play is more reliable and user friendly just log on to your server then run the internet program in the game then Wella. On Internet play you can use your own Weapon and Scheme files which you can edit to your Hearts Content. If you have got Worms2 version 1.0 then this function would not work you will need to go to http://www.microprose.com  to get the patch of V 1.05

  Here comes the screen shots!
  Here are some pictures shots from Worms2 which I have acquired from Worms2 demo.
This weapon is a very large mini gun
To the left that could be a side of a nuclear explosion whatever it is it is big maybe a super banana bomb explosion.

  You cheater
  for those of you with too much Worms stress here's some cheats to get you buy. (type them exactly as they are including asterrix and press backspace after each code.
**supershopper**                                          Drops boxes with secret weapons in every second until
                                                                      every weapon has been dropped

**backflip**                                                  speaks for its self

**redblood**                                                 a bit more realistic with the blood

**godmode**                                                 makes your worms invincible but beware they can be still
                                                                     by killed by water.

**highjump**                                               Doubles your worms jumping height.

**sucidebomber**                                         Replaces Kamikaze with an exploding Worm.

Enter the next cheat on the land scape generator in caps.

OSSETT                                                      this will give you all the worms1 land scapes

That's all folks
  This preview page was created by Anthony Ritchie.
  Please E-mail me if you can help me to add on to my preview or have comments on my review/preivew pages.


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