All these graphics which you are about to see are wall , floor and sprite textures which are included in my wad. The sprites below will come with sound effects.

Position Graphics

    This Graphic            This Graphic will be            This Graphic will be
will be found in an         found in power cores            found all over the
Aliens hide out.              or engines.                          space station.

Position Graphics

    This will be found outside the space station.       This Graphic is an
                                                                         Alien transformation of a wall.



   A common space station        A slimy end for however is stupid
ceiling.                                   enough to walk into it.




     Click on these above to here sound effect.

  These are just some of the graphics and sounds you will find in my ANTHONY RITCHIES DOOM2 STATION. There is also some good sprite details just one click away.  If you want to see the rest you are going to have to play it.

Click on the switch to see the toughness evaluation of my sprites
Click on the switch to see the making of sprites